Essentials of Chinese Materia Medica and Medical Formulas: New Century Traditional Chinese Medicine

Essentials of Chinese Materia Medica and Medical Formulas: New Century Traditional Chinese Medicine

by Shengyan Xi, Yuewen Gong

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ISBN-13: 9780128127230
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Publication date: 05/01/2017
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 1020
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About the Author

Dr. Xi is a Doctor of Medical Science and holds the following positions: Associate professor of TCM, Master Advisor of the TCM internal medicine of Xiamen University (China)

Table of Contents

PART 1 CHINESE MATERIA MEDICA 1. Herbs that Release the Exterior 2. Herbs that Clear the Heat 3. Herbs that Drain Downwards 4. Herbs that Expel Wind and Damp 5. Herbs that Transform Dampness 6. Herbs that Promote Urination and Percolate Dampness 7. Herbs that Warm the Interior 8. Herbs that Rectify Qi 9. Herbs that Promote Digestion 10. Herbs that Expel Parasites 11. Herbs that Stanch Bleeding 12. Herbs that Invigorate Blood and Dissolve Stasis 13. Herbs that Dissolve Phlegm, Relieve Cough and Calm Panting 14. Herbs that Calm the Mind 15. Herbs that Calm the Liver and Extinguish Wind 16. Herbs that Open the Orifices 17. Herbs that Supplement Deficiency 18. Herbs that Astringe 19. Herbs that Induce Vomit 20. Herbs that Counteract Toxins, Kill Parasites and Relieve Itching 21. Herbs that Draw Out Toxins, Remove Putridity and Engender Flesh

PART 2 CLNICAL CHINESE MEDICAL FORMULAS 1. Formulas that Release the Exterior 2. Formulas that Treat the Interior Excess Syndrome with Purgation 3. Formulas that Harmonize 4. Formulas that Clear the Heat 5. Formulas that Dispel Summer Heat 6. Formulas that Warm the Interior 7. Formulas that Release Pathogens from both the Exterior and Interior 8. Formulas that Supplement and Boost 9. Formulas that Consolidate and Astringe 10. Formulas that Calm the Mind 11. Formulas that Open the Orifices 12. Formulas that Rectify Qi 13. Formulas that Rectify Blood 14. Formulas that Expel and Calm the Wind 15. Formulas that Treat Dryness Syndrome 16. Formulas that Dispel Dampness 17. Formulas that Dispel Phlegm 18. Formulas that Remove Food Stagnation and Accumulation 19. Formulas that Expel Parasites 20. Formulas that Induce Vomit 21. Formulas that Treat Carbuncles 22. Attachment Formulas that are Used Externally

PART 3 APPENDIX 1. Introduction to Medicinal Selection for Common Diseases and Syndromes 2. Introduction to Well-Known Chinese Materia Medica and Medical Formula Literatures 3. Introduction to Intricate TCM Terminology of Diseases and Syndromes

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