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Essentials of Programming Languages

Essentials of Programming Languages

by Daniel P. Friedman, Mitchell Wand, Christopher T. Haynes

ISBN-10: 0262061457

ISBN-13: 9780262061452

Pub. Date: 01/07/1992

Publisher: MIT Press

(paperback not available in U.S. and Canada)


(paperback not available in U.S. and Canada)

Product Details

MIT Press
Publication date:
Product dimensions:
8.35(w) x 9.37(h) x 1.43(d)

Table of Contents

1 Tools for Symbolic Programming
2 Induction Recursion and Scope
3 Syntactic Abstraction and Data Abstraction
4 Reduction Rules and Imperative Programming
5 Interpreters
6 Interpreser Extensions and Variations
7 Continuations
8 Imperative Form and Stack Architecture
9 Scanners and Parsers
10 Compiler Derivation

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