Essentials of World History

Essentials of World History

by Frank Zhu


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Essentials of World History, 2nd Edition, is simple in language and clear in structure. Covering only those events essential and relevant to modern times, the book consists of 30 short chapters, which are organized into 7 parts or themes. Every chapter is followed by multiple choice questions to help the reader review the essential information; and every part is accompanied by essay-type questions to cultivate reflection and encourage writing. Throughout the book, great attention is paid to helping the reader foster a critical thinking ability.

General readers will find this book helpful to satisfy their desire for an understanding of history without spending too much time. First, it is concise and simple, requiring no special efforts or big blocks of time. Moreover, the useful features of this book, such as Chapter Highlights, Chronology, Multiple Choice Questions, and a full index, plus a comprehensive glossary, all make self-learning very easy.

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