Establishing a Resource-Circulating Society in Asia: Challenges and Opportunities

Establishing a Resource-Circulating Society in Asia: Challenges and Opportunities

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Establishing a Resource-Circulating Society in Asia: Challenges and Opportunities

This book addresses the issues associated with sustainable resource-circulating societies. It focuses on Asia, where both population growth and economic growth are increasingly prominent in the global context.

The volume is divided into five chapters that cover topics related to technological or socioeconomic issues or a combination of both. The authors examine theories and visions pertinent to resource-circulating societies, as well as relevant practices and initiatives at all levels—national, local, and industrial—and through urban–rural linkages. The book also proposes an integrative approach combining the concepts of a resource-circulating society and a low-carbon society, both of which constitute fundamental components of a sustainable society.

This volume provides policymakers, business leaders, and experts in the field with comprehensive knowledge concerning future visions, initiatives, and practical applications in the promotion of a sustainable resource-circulating society in Asia.

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ISBN-13: 9789280811827
Publisher: Bernan Distribution
Publication date: 04/29/2011
Series: United Nations University Press Series
Pages: 464
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.20(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents

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1 Introduction: Asian perspectives of resource-circulating society - Sound material metabolism, resource efficiency and lifestyle for sustainable consumption Tohru Morioka 1

2 The Asian approach to a resource-circulating society - Research framework, prospects and networking 21

2-1 Framework of future vision, scenario and roadmap Yasushi Umeda Yusuke Kishita Tohru Morioka 22

2-2 Structuring knowledge on a resource-circulating society Terukazu Kumazawa Takanori Matsui Riichiro Mizoguchi 37

2-3 Indicator systems as an instrument for establishing sustainable resource-circulating societies Keishiro Hara 52

2-4 International comparison of sustainability indicators and outlook for Asia Hiroyuki Tada 74

2-5 Research and networking initiatives on resource circulation in Asia Helmut Yabar Haiyan Zhang Keishiro Hara 86

3 Initiatives and practices for a resource-circulating society 101

3-1 Zero-emission initiatives in Asia: Communication and partnership Motoyuki Suzuki Masao Takebayashi 102

3-2 Regional management of waste circulation and eco-industrial networks Tsuyoshi Fujita René Van Berkel Yong Geng Xudong Chen 120

3-3 Management of transboundary flows of recyclable end-of-life products and recovered by-products in Asia - A study of the construction of a win-win global recycling system between Japan and China Kunishige Koizumi Weisheng Zhou 147

3-4 National policies and international initiatives for sustainable management of waste and resources Yuichi Moriguchi 171

4 Characterization and local practices of urban-rural symbiosis 185

4-1 Potential accounting of regional urban-rural partnership for constructing resource-circulating systems - A case study of Zhejiang province in China Kazutoshi Tsuda Toyohiko Nakakubo Yasushi Umeda Tohru Morioka 186

4-2 A mosaic model for increasing stability of independence in food, biomass and energy Mitsuru Osaki Nobuyuki Tsuji Toshiki Sato Noriyuki Tanaka 201

4-3 Regional sustainability-oriented agricultural technology and biomass circulation system development Youji Nitta Hiroyuki Ohta Tasuku Kato 218

4-4 Resource-circulating society and water security Ken'ichi Nakagami Hironori Hamasaki Myat Nwe Khin 235

4-5 Development of biomass recycling on the urban fringe: A case study in Nonthaburi province, Thailand Ai Hiramatsu Yuji Hara Keisuke Hanaki 247

5 Biotic resource utilization and technology development 261

5-1 Potential of bioethanol production from rice in Thailand - Scenarios based on fuel, feed and food priority strategy Shinya Yokoyama Kiyotaka Saga Toshiaki Iida 262

5-2 Systematic design of multiple-benefit biomass utilization: A practical example of Eucommia biomass use in rural China Takashi Machimura Akio Kobayashi Yoshihisa Nakazawa 275

5-3 Redesign of the urban venous circulatory system Keisuke Hanaki 294

5-4 Renewable fuel supply by sewage sludge pyrolysis technology towards a sustainable society Noboru Yoshida Tohru Morioka Yugo Yamamoto 308

6 Exploring opportunities for sustainable city-region design 325

6-1 Local initiatives and practices of policy and technology innovation towards a low-carbon society: Linking sustainable resource management to low-carbon policy Tohru Morioka 326

6-2 Building coexistence with nature in a low-carbon society: Initiatives for transition to a woody biomass society Shuji Kurimoto 348

6-3 Urban stock management for sustainable urban renewal and development: A case study of Shanghai in China Yugo Yamamoto Tohru Morioka 371

7 Conclusion: Challenges to a resource-circulating society in Asia Tohru Morioka Keisuke Hanaki Yuichi Moriguchi 389

Index 397

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