Esther: A King A Queen A Pawn and the Providence of God

Esther: A King A Queen A Pawn and the Providence of God

by Dr. Kurt Kennedy


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In this great Book, more than any other Book of the Bible, we see the PROVIDENCE of God. While the name of GOD or LORD is not mentioned, we can see His invisible hand throughout the book Esther. While there are no direct miracles, the book is full of the miraculous hand of God working all things out for His glory. Like a master chess player, the LORD will move His queen and king against Haman the pawn. Orchestrating one of the greatest ironies in all the Bible, hanging Haman on the very gallows that were prepared for Mordecai.
Our God is not bound by any one way to manifest His mighty power and strength. He can choose to do it through signs and wonders, or by working through the natural events of life. In Esther we see the latter, and it is just as much the moving of God as is the parting of the Red Sea.

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Kurt Kennedy is an Assistant Pastor in Lynnwood, Washington. He holds a Master's Degree in Biblical Studies and a Doctorate of Ministry, and is both a teacher and the administrator of the Open Door Bible Institute. He believes everyone should be a student of the Word of God, and enjoys writing teaching materials to that end. He has self-published several biblical commentaries, and desires to continue making the Word of God more exciting, as well as understandable for everyone. Kurt lives in Lynnwood, Washington with his wife and three children.

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