ESV Prayer Bible

ESV Prayer Bible

by Crossway


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TheESV Prayer Bible, with 400+ historical prayers linked to key passages throughout the Bible text, demonstrates how to pursue a deeper communion with God by combining personal Bible reading with prayer.

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ISBN-13: 9781433564512
Publisher: Crossway
Publication date: 04/30/2019
Pages: 1920
Sales rank: 105,491
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.70(d)

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From the Publisher

“Hearing God’s voice (in the Scriptures) and having his ear (in prayer) belong together. He is God; we are not. He takes the initiative and speaks first, revealing himself in his Word. But then, wonder upon wonder, he stops and stoops and wants to hear from us. We call it prayer. Our having God’s ear is as sure as our having his Son. And the heart of it is not getting things from God but getting God himself. How fitting to press God’s Word and our prayers together in this Bible. I will cherish this labor of love for years to come.”
David Mathis, Executive Editor,; Pastor, Cities Church, Saint Paul, Minnesota; author, Habits of Grace: Enjoying Jesus through the Spiritual Disciplines

“I was immediately thrilled when I saw the ESV Prayer Bible. At every turn, we are given tools and direction to inspire and encourage our prayer lives. Nothing is more important in prayer than learning to pray Scripture. It is the foundation of a praying life.”
Paul E. Miller,Executive Director, seeJesus; author, A Praying Life and J-Curve

“Some of the best advice I received in my early Christian walk was to read the Bible prayerfully; that is, to stop and pray anytime a biblical text led me to praise and thank God, convicted me of the need to confess a sin, or encouraged me to offer a petition. Peppered with honest, personal, relevant, and Scripture-saturated prayers from Christians throughout the ages and from among the nations, the ESV Prayer Bible will help you cling to and cry out to the Lord who inspired his Holy Word.”
Douglas Sean O'Donnell, Senior Pastor, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Elgin, Illinois; author, Matthew and The Song of Solomon (Preaching the Word)

“I will limit my commendation of the ESV Prayer Bible to an aspect that should not be allowed to go unnoticed, namely, that it is a triumph of scholarship. The excerpted prayers by famous Christians through the ages are the product of exemplary research. The items at the end of the book represent an ‘over and above’ effort: an author index consisting of brief biographies of the authors included and lists of Bible passages where their prayers appear; a unit of complete bibliographic information about the publications from which each excerpt was taken; a comprehensive index of all the prayers in the Bible; a brief Bible concordance; and a complete plan for reading through the Bible in a year. The edition merits the label ‘instant classic.’”
Leland Ryken,Emeritus Professor of English, Wheaton College

“The two greatest influences on my prayer life have been the Holy Scriptures and the written prayers of God’s people who have gone before us. The ESV Prayer Bible has brought the two together in a way I believe will be a great help to Christians who want to grow in the discipline of prayer and see how prayer should be rooted in Scripture itself.”
Joe Thorn, author, Experiencing the Trinity and The Heart of the Church; Lead Pastor, Redeemer Fellowship, St. Charles, Illinois

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ESV Prayer Bible 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
PJtheEMT4 2 days ago
The ESV prayer bible published by Crossway features the full text of the faithful ESV text of the bible with the insertion of passages of timeless prayers across the generations of Christian thinkers, philosophers, and theologians throughout history. The bible text is easy to read, and the prayers are inserted in a subtle, understated, minimalist format that will not distract from the main text. Rather than bold font and bold graphics, the understated, minimalist format will appeal to the traditional reader who prefers minimal distraction from their mediation and daily devotions. This smaller sized bible is perfect for every day use, as well as for travel and for carrying to work and bible study. This bible is the perfect size. It is a welcomed alternative to all the over sized study bibles on the market as it encourages the ready to actually take this bible everyday from school, to work, to even a coffee shop or waiting room. This bible can fit in a back pack, tote bag or a briefcase. The styling of this bible is perfect to encourage devotional reading and prayer wherever you are. This bible is original in its presentation. It is small enough and compact to allow to take anywhere. It truly does allow the reader to bring this bible to allow for prayer anytime of the day anywhere due to its small size and portability. The full text of the ESV as well as the timeless prayers intertwined with the full text allows the reader w wealth of prayers and encouragement within the bible itself. Although this bible lacks the graphic appeal of many modern study bibles- the minimalist approach is part of this bible's appeal. The lack of graphics is also helpful in avoiding distraction as well. Too many graphics, color, photos, tend to take away from the solemn nature and quiet time of morning mediation and prayer. Perhaps that is what the publishers had in mind when designing this minimalist bible with its quality made, yet basic features. If you are looking for a serious edition to jump start your prayer life and morning meditation, then this is the perfect bible for you. This bible is perfect for you to carry around every where. It is sturdy and will hold up for years of use. It includes years of inspiration and wisdom gleaned from countless Church leaders and inspired writers and speakers from early bible history to modern times. As a blogger I received a copy of this bible for the purpose of writing this review.
Julie12 3 days ago
This is a wonderful Bible that is different than any other Bible I have - and I have a lot! The first thing I really like about it is the text that isn't so small you can't read it. The text in this Bible is a little larger than most and is really easy on my eyes and I'm reading it. I wasn't struggling to keep my place because my eyes didn't get strained. This is a huge plus for me! I also love the prayers throughout this Bible. Each prayer correlates with the section of Scripture where it's placed. There are beautiful prayers like this one throughout: Lord, open my mouth, that I may henceforth speak more boldly and explicitly , as I ought to speak. -George Whitefield I love the prayers because they help me to stop and really focus on the Scripture and pray to God with a quiet heart. These prayers are beautifully worded and gave me a starting place for my own prayers. There is an author index that lets us get to know the authors of these prayers better. I really enjoyed this! The concordance, weight and measures table, and a reading plan are an extra added bonus to this wonderful Bible. I also love that even though this Bible is hardback, it's not heavy. This is important to me as I can't really handle heavy Bible's anymore. This is a wonderful Bible that is a must-have for your Bible reading and quiet time. I really like it and it's become a part of my daily Bible time. I give it 5 stars. *This Bible was provided to me by Crossway. I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this book.
Joshua Wong 10 days ago
As the title suggests, the main draw of this Bible is the inclusion of approximately 400 prayers linked to various passages throughout the scripture. There is an impressive list of individuals, you have your classics like Spurgeon, Calvin, Wesley and Whitefield, but you also get a few interesting ones like Blaise Pascal, Jane Austen, William Wilberforce and Philip Melanchthon. Apart from getting an introduction to these lesser-known figures, it highlights the spectrum of prayers from very different individuals, but all with the purpose of ascribing glory to God. The prayers act as a sort of alternative way of understanding the scriptures, and highlights the (in my opinion) lost art of praying the scriptures. As someone who struggles with always making concise prayers, I find myself reading these prayers and then re-reading them and turning them into my own prayer. Each Bible book also includes a short blurb which provides suggestion as to how and what one might pray about while reading. The Bible is also more compact, making it a lot more portable than most of the other study Bibles, although there won’t be much room to write any notes. There’s also very little commentary or study notes, this is very much the biblical text + prayers. This is a nice Bible to do your readings with (aesthetically the Bible’s design makes it easy to read), and it’s a bonus if you get to read them along with the prayers. It’s a nice addition, but I would like to see maybe a newer edition that also includes further commentaries on the prayer, the profile of who did the prayer etc. It would be a bit longer, but would definitely be interesting reading. I received a complimentary version of this Bible as part of the Crossway Blog Review Program. If you’re interested to find out more, I recommend checking them out!