ESV Seek and Find Bible

ESV Seek and Find Bible

by Crossway


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The ESV Seek and Find Bible combines the complete ESV Bible text with 130 retellings of major Bible stories with vibrant illustrations, including related readings, key verses, and simple questions for the family—the perfect first Bible for young readers ages 5–9.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781433566943
Publisher: Crossway
Publication date: 02/13/2020
Pages: 1616
Product dimensions: 5.38(w) x 8.63(h) x (d)

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From the Publisher

“The ESV Seek and Find Bible extends early readers a friendly helping hand and gives them a boost toward biblical literacy. This Bible offers pictures to pique kids’ curiosity, summaries and questions to solidify reading comprehension, and recurring visual cues to keep their active minds attentive along the way. Parents, invite your new reader into a lifetime of exploring God’s Word by providing a full-sized copy of Scripture filled with child-sized study tools.”
Lindsey Carlson, author, Growing in Godliness: A Teen Girl’s Guide to Maturing in Christ

“Our family is excited for the rerelease of the ESV Seek and Find Bible and its vision to put the 130 retellings in the context of the full book of Scripture. We pray that having it all in one place will help our daughters transition from the retellings to the real tellings they will lean on their whole lives.”
David Mathis, Executive Editor,; Pastor, Cities Church, Saint Paul, Minnesota; author, Habits of Grace: Enjoying Jesus through the Spiritual Disciplines

Customer Reviews

ESV Seek and Find Bible (TruTone, Lavender) 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
BCRAW More than 1 year ago
I got the new ESV Seek and Find Bible in the mail today and was so immediately impressed that I had to relay the good news as soon as I could. It is literally like a mini study bible for kids (with the exception that there are not notes for every passage of Scripture). It is packed with resources that I will mention in a moment, but the thing that immediately stood out to me was the content of the Bible stories that are included. The way it works is the full text of the ESV is contained in the Bible. As selected passages occur in the Bible there are full page illustrations of a scene of that story and a 2 page story or summary of the Biblical passage. These stories are basically re-tellings of the passage in a way that may be easier for children to grasp. This is certainly nice, but you may be saying that there is nothing new as far as that is concerned. Well, there's more. And this is the most important part. The stories that I have read so far are faithful to the text, helpful in explaining the text, and amazing in connecting the story to 1. the gospel of Jesus and 2. how it affects us. After the stories are 3 key questions that really are helpful and thoughtful questions that point us to the meaning of the text and it's application to us. The back of the dust jacket says it is for children ages 5 to 9, but there is no age group that won't benefit from the concise, clear, and theologically compelling Bible stories contained in this book. On Crossway's website they include a sample PDF of the entire book of Ruth that includes one of their illustrations and Bible stories. In 2 pages the story of Ruth and Boaz, her redeemer, is simply retold and is brought to a conclusion by showing how this story fits into God's unfolding plan of redemption AND how it points to our ultimate Redeemer who would die for our sins and make us His children. This is huge! It's simplicity and clarity in retelling the story as it is and how it is to be understood on this side of the Cross is a great accomplishment by Crossway and demonstrates their commitment to the unity and gospel-centrality of the Scriptures! As far as the other resources go, I was quite surprised to see the amount contained in this volume. On top of the full-page illustrations and bible stories there are key questions and key bible verses listed with each story. There are also colorful profiles and pictures of more than 70 Bible people, places, and things to help give us a clearer picture of the real people and places that we read about in the Bible. There are full-page introductions to every book including a column listing author, date, key people, purpose, central themes, and memory verses. Finally, at the back of the Bible is a nice dictionary/concordance (in terms that are clear to children without slacking on meaning) and full page color maps. I'm not sure that I could be more impressed by this Bible. Designed for children using language and illustrations that they would appreciate while at the same time being incredibly clear in pointing us to Jesus and explaining the text, this Bible will hopefully receive a glad reception among many parents wanting to lead their children to the Savior! (And maybe even understand the Bible a little better themselves.)
Adayriddle on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
The new ESV Seek and Find Bible is made for children between the ages of 5 and 9, though I think it would be good for older students also. My children are the ages of 3, 4, 7 and 9. I was excited to receive this bible to see how my children would like it. The color illustrations with stories are excellent for this age group of new readers. What makes this bible unique is that the illustrated stories have the bible reference, related bible references, questions for discussion. I thought this easy to read text was great. I liked the fact that it resembles a chain reference bible in that it will have listed beside text other related bible text or stories (these are listed by page numbers that make it easier for children to track down the sited sources). Both of my older children liked the bible and found it easy to navigate. My younger two loved the color illustrations and stories that matched.Thank you Crossway for this review copy.
jenniferbogart on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This Bible is nothing short of revolutionary. I don¿t say that lightly, and I rarely come out so strongly in support of anything I review, but the ESV Seek and Find Bible is absolutely incredible.This is my first personal encounter with the ESV translation, so I don¿t have many thoughts to share on that front, save that the ESV is a fairly literal, trustworthy version popular especially amongst those with reformed inclinations. What truly sets this Bible apart though, is the wealth of additional resources included within the pages of the Bible text.Designed for children in the 5 ¿ 9 bracket, this is an incredibly visual Bible. Along with the full text of the ESV, readers will also find many full color features. I¿ve never seen full color illustrations on onion skin ¿ this is really a first, and I¿m thankful for advances in printing technology that have made Bibles like this available!We¿ve all owned children¿s Bibles that had a few full-color paintings on special pages throughout the Bible ¿ normally FAR away from the Bible text they were meant to illustrate. We¿ve also had Bibles with rather dreary 2-dimensional maps of Jerusalem in the time of Jesus (which I could never make sense of), and a map of Paul¿s journeys. That is about as far as visual helps went for children `back in the day¿.I¿m thankful that a new day has dawned for children¿s Bibles! There are 130 full page, full color illustrations of important Bible stories found right within the sections of scripture that they are meant to illustrate. Not only that, but there are also Bible stories to go along with those pictures (from 1 -3 pages in length). Those Bible stories are tied to symbols found within the text of the Bible itself to help readers find the actual account in the Bible. These stories also have related Bible verses listed and discussion questions included. How neat is that? This is seriously a fabulous, all-in-one resource Bible for family devotions, you can read the Bible story to your little ones AND the actual Bible text as well for additional depth and meaning.Even better though is the inclusion of visual helps. There are full color illustrations of tabernacle items, the tabernacle itself, the garb of the high priest, the temple in Solomon¿s day, the temple in Jesus¿ day, common ship designs, it goes on and on, and is absolutely amazing! I so wish I had a Bible like this as a child; it would have helped me understand the layout of Jerusalem much more if I had a painting of it rendered in a three-dimensional style from overhead. Parents won¿t need to have several additional reference titles on hand to provide visuals for their children of the places and items being described, it will be RIGHT THERE in the Bible for them. There are even personal profiles included of the major people of the Bible ¿ full color illustrations of them along with a short biographical blurb.There are other neat features as well ¿ each book of the Bible comes with a fairly standard summary page ¿ an overview, the author, period the book was written in, theme, major people, purpose of the book, suggested memory verses etc. The neatest feature on this page is a mini-timeline snapshot that places the book historically amongst major points of Bible history. This is another great visual help that pegs main people and events into place in the framework of history. Colorful maps, and a short dictionary are also included, along with incredibly helpful indexes of the illustrations and Bible stories that are included. The text is also footnoted with helpful notes about the meaning of Hebrew names, alternate words, etc. for added meaning.Even if you aren¿t familiar with the ESV Bible, it is VERY worth giving it a try with all of the wonderful features this Bible includes. To be honest, as an adult I really like the diagrams and representations of highly visual items that are described in the text of the Bible. As a fairly new Christian these are so helpful to me bec