ESV Story of Redemption Bible: A Journey through the Unfolding Promises of God: A Journey through the Unfolding Promises of God

ESV Story of Redemption Bible: A Journey through the Unfolding Promises of God: A Journey through the Unfolding Promises of God

by Crossway


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TheESV Story of Redemption Bibleis a journey through the sweeping storyline of Scripture, withnearly 900 notes written by pastor Greg Gilbert interspersed throughout the full ESV text,and a foldout timeline in the back.

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ISBN-13: 9781433554629
Publisher: Crossway Books
Publication date: 09/30/2018
Pages: 1920
Sales rank: 322,328
Product dimensions: 6.40(w) x 8.90(h) x 2.20(d)

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From the Publisher

“The Bible is united by a single plot centering on Jesus Christ, the incarnate Son of the Father—but sometimes we lose the trail. Greg Gilbert helps us find it again in his excellent commentary throughout this Bible.”
Michael Horton, J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics, Westminster Seminary California

“How I wish I had had a Bible like this a long time ago—a Bible that briefly yet clearly sets each passage of Scripture in the context of the larger story of the Bible. I look forward to recommending this resource to many who want to go deeper in understanding how the Bible fits together.”
Nancy Guthrie, Bible teacher; author, Even Better than Eden: Nine Ways the Bible’s Story Changes Everything about Your Story

“Too many view the Bible as a disconnected series of moral tales interspersed between impossible commandments, woven into a maze of mysteries that somehow produces a message about a nice Jesus in the New Testament to counter the mean God of the Old Testament. Greg Gilbert carefully and pastorally undoes such a view by showing how all the parts of the Bible contribute to the single story thread of a gracious God who is determined to overcome sinful humanity’s choices and corruptions with the redemptive work of Christ Jesus.”
Bryan Chapell,Senior Pastor, Grace Presbyterian Church, Peoria, Illinois

“The ESV Story of Redemption Bible is a wonderful tour guide through the drama of redemption in both the history of Israel and the life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ. This Bible is God’s divinely inspired interpretations of his actions in redemptive history. Jesus Christ is not just the main person in one of many events in the story of God’s people; he is the final revelation of the fact that God has a story, a drama of redemption.”
Justin S. Holcomb, Episcopal Priest; Professor, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary; coauthor, Rid of My Disgrace and God Made All of Me; editor, Christian Theologies of Scripture

“As we read through the Bible, it is sometimes easy to lose sight of the single story of God’s plan to redeem his people through the one Savior, Jesus Christ. While there are many great resources that help us see this story, if we are not actually returning to read the Scripture ourselves, then we will fail to see this great story in all of its glory. The ESV Story of Redemption Bible is an excellent tool to help us read the Scriptures for ourselves while also helping us keep our place in the story in view. I highly recommend this resource to help readers see God’s glory in the grand story of redemption more clearly.”
Chris Bruno, Professor of New Testament and Greek, Bethlehem College &Seminary; author, The Whole Story of the Bible in 16 Verses and The Whole Message of the Bible in 16 Words

“As Christians, we confess that we believe the Bible is God’s Word, but studies show we don’t read it. It seems we would rather use the Bible to find personal promises, encouraging words, and pieces of advice, than spend time studying it. I think one reason for this flawed approach is that many Christians don’t understand that the Bible is one book, and like other books, it unfolds as a story—the story that makes sense of all other stories. But wouldn’t it be helpful to have a guide sitting with you as you read to help you make sense of the story as it unfolds? And wouldn’t it be helpful if your guide let you know where in the history of salvation the passage you’re reading fits? The ESV Story of Redemption Bible is just such a guide. Have you had trouble getting through the Bible? Pick up the ESV Story of Redemption Bible and start anew. As you read the unfolding story of redemption from Genesis to Revelation, you will marvel at the beauty and glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ, from the pages of the Spirit-inspired Scriptures.”
Juan R. Sanchez, Senior Pastor, High Pointe Baptist Church, Austin, Texas; Cofounder and President, Coalición; author, Seven Dangers Facing Your Church and 1 Peter for You

“Many times I have sat under Greg Gilbert’s wise and insightful expositions at church. Greg regularly weaves together the redemptive story of the Bible with keen observations and applications. Now you can follow along too with this helpful guide through the Bible. Seeing the redemption of Jesus play out in the symphony of biblical themes in chronological order helps us hear the message of the Bible with a fresh, majestic beauty.”
J. Mack Stiles,pastor; author, Evangelism and Marks of the Messenger

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ESV Story of Redemption Bible: A Journey through the Unfolding Promises of God: A Journey through the Unfolding Promises of God 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
LyricalVixen91 More than 1 year ago
This is a beautiful commentary Bible with tons of space for journaling. This is great for someone who is looking for a Bible that does not have study notes. It contains gorgeous illustrations and has some really great commentary. I enjoy the single column style and the breaks in-between verses. There are short book introductions packed with some great information for better understanding. This Bible is very simple, yet packed. For those who love the aesthetics of a Bible, this one has it all! Gold foil is your friend. I love the foil on the dusk-jacket and on the inside. From maps to reading plans to timeline won't regret having this Bible for yourself or giving it as a gift. Definitely recommend it. Great for studying the Word of God without the "distractions" and with TONS of space to write.
Emily Cardel More than 1 year ago
Please note: I received a free copy of the ESV Story of Redemption Bible: A Journey Through the Unfolding Promises of God from Crossway in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are 100% my own. Four words: I love this Bible! The ESV Story of Redemption Bible is hard covered with a beautiful white on gold sleeve. It's simple cream colored pages are filled with gorgeous gold embellishments all throughout. The text is single column and the words are easy to read. This are no lines to take notes, but the margins are wide, leaving plenty of room for you to write things in. There are also additional pages for note taking in the back. What I especially appreciate about this Bible is: >> The 897 consistent commentary notes provided from start to finish by Greg Gilbert. They are appropriately placed and extremely insightful.  >> The maps! There are 80+ maps, and they are inserted into the text where they are relevant, compared to being placed at the very back like many other Bibles. If you're a visual learner like I am, you'll appreciate this too! >> The book introductions. These are so helpful when starting a new book of the Bible. It recalls the important need-to-know details to keep in mind as you continue to read the greatest Story of all. Each book has its own illustration. If you flip to the back of the Bible, you can find the Index of Title Illustrations, where the stories behind each of the illustrations can be found. I love this intentional touch!  Overall, I really do love this Bible. It's not one I will carry to church with me (it's pretty hefty), but it's a great resource to have on hand at home. I would absolutely recommend this! 
stefanie_sugia More than 1 year ago
The ESV Story of Redemption Bible is an exquisite new addition to the Crossway Bible collection. I got an amazing privilege of being sent a copy for review by Crossway, and I am amazed by the intricate details of this Bible edition. There is something especially unique that makes this Bible quite different than the other ones. In this ESV Story of Redemption Bible there are 897 notes/commentary written by Pastor Greg Gilbert that explains how every part of Scripture fits together and is ultimately centered on Christ. I've read the whole Bible several times, and each time I always some parts of the Bible that are difficult to understand. That's why I'm really excited to start reading this version of the Bible because there are various maps, illustrations, and timelines that will help us gain new perspective on the whole story of redemption. First of all, I'm going to review the overall presentation of this Bible . Crossway sent me the hardcover edition, which has gold engraving on the jacket. All of the illustrations have intricate designs that are consistent throughout the whole Bible and most of them are printed in gold color, which makes it looks very elegant. I love the fact that the illustrations doesn't only serve as decorations, but each of the title illustrations have specific meanings. The second thing that I'd like to mention is how much I love the layout of the Bible. It's printed in a single column and I think the font size is also considerable bigger than usual—which makes me feel like reading a book rather than the traditional two-column Bible. I also really appreciate the margin on the sides which gives a lot of room for me to take notes . The pages are cream-colored and very smooth to write on. In this Bible, there are 80+ maps and illustrations that will help us understand and have a visual presentation of what it was like in those days. I think one of the biggest hurdles of Bible reading is the fact that we're not living in the same era as the people in the Bible, thus we struggled to understand the cultural background that surrounds the whole story. Since I'm also a very visual person, these additional information certainly encouraged me to do my own personal Bible study . There are also introductions at the beginning of each book in the Bible, which gives a brief explanation of what the book is going to be about. These introductions keeps the flow of the story and reminds us the connection between one book and the next one. It's a really good way to refresh our memory of what happened in the previous book and continue on with the story. As I've said earlier, the main addition in this Bible edition is the notes/commentary written by Pastor Greg Gilbert. These notes reminds us the progression of the whole story, explaining some of the cultural elements, and points out key events that we need to remember. The commentaries are written in a conversational style, so it kind of feels like someone is reading the Bible alongside us; giving us the knowledge that we need to fully understand the context of what we're reading. Receiving this copy of ESV Story of Redemption Bible gives me an excitement to study the Bible more because I know how amazing the story of redemption is. I'm looking forward to writing reflections on the Bible and how my perspective changed as I'm reading it from start to finish. I
davidtaylorjr More than 1 year ago
The ESV Story of Redemption Bible is a new Study Bible from Crossway and it is the first of it’s kind that I can remember. The story of redemption is one that is woven throughout Scripture both in the Old and New Testaments. It is with that mindset that the Story of Redemption Bible seeks to portray the biblical text. When I first received this Bible I did not think I was going to like it. It does not have study notes at the bottom like a tradition Study Bible. Rather, the notes are inline with the text. I thought this would be distracting but I find the notes unobtrusive when actually reading and they provide great insight into the text that you are reading and how it aligns with the story of redemption. With approximately 900 notes it is by no means an exhaustive Study Bible but you would not expect it to be when its main focus is only one topic. That being the case, this would not make sense to be a primary Study Bible for someone, it is specialized. I received the hardcover version and it is a beautiful cloth over board edition. The dust jacket features beautiful gold inlays as does the cover itself and the presentation pages. The artwork throughout the Bible is stunning offering diagrams and other helpful graphics. In the back of the Bible there is a large fold-out timeline to give you the overall arching themes and events of Scripture. All is very well done. For me, it is a Bible I will likely be using on a regular basis. I like the fact that, for the most part, I am alone with the Biblical text and there are just a few notes here and there to help me understand something more clearly with regard to redemption. Because of that, this Bible may very well become my go to reader. I give this Bible four out of five stars. I was given this Bible for free in exchange for a fair and honest review by the publisher.
Sereca More than 1 year ago
ESV Story of Redemption Bible is AMAZING!!!. It has everything that I need and MUCH, MUCH MORE. I received a copy form Crossway for review and it's my new best friend because it's so, so easy to read. The illustrations are so beautiful, they add so much dept of information to each chapter and I love that. Another favorite of mine about this Bible is the reading plans, there are two of them. The Chronological and Canonical. This Bible increases the quality of my alone time with God, because of the translation, it's much easier to understand what I read and receive revelations from God... in a different yet exciting way. This Bible is PREFECT for everyone, especially for new believers, because it's so easy to read, the commentaries are very helpful and simple and it draws you closer and closer to God each time you read. ESV Story of Redemption Bible is an AMAZING Bible to have as your first Bible or a part of your Bible collection.
AmyWa More than 1 year ago
I recommend this Bible if you are looking for a resource that helps connect you to the metanarrative of Scripture (the whole story from Genesis to Revelation). I also recommend going to your local store and glancing through a new Bible. This one is gorgeous and helpful resource to add to your library. I thought the notes were helpful and note distracting. Sometimes study Bibles contain so much that I get overwhelmed. I liked how the choose one column and to include the note right within the text. It flows very well. The notes helped me connect the passages to the bigger picture of scripture. I plan on using this Bible next year when I read through the Bible and am excited to read it all the way through. I was blessed to receive a copy from Crossway. All opinions are my own. 
The_Paper_Princess More than 1 year ago
This beautiful Bible is designed for your reading pleasure. Appearance-wise, the hardcover edition looks and feels more like a classic edition of a bibliophile’s favorite edition of their favorite literary book than a traditional Bible, featuring creamy pages, gold embossing. and more than 80 artistically rendered maps, illustrations, and timelines throughout. It's structured as a Reader’s Bible, using a single-column, paragraph format throughout, with the 897 notes written by Pastor Greg Gilbert interspersed and offset right in the middle of the Bible text. These notes provide rich insights that seasoned Bible readers will enjoy, but they are also written in an inviting and educational style that newer Bible readers will understand! Although the ESV Story Of Redemption Bible is neither a large-print nor a journaling Bible, its user-friendly typesetting and generous margin space makes it more readable than the 9.25-point Milo type (Bible text) and 8.5-point Milo type (notes) sounds. There is plenty of room (and even some totally blank pages) for note-taking as well! This Bible is perfect for gift-giving (but you'll probably want to keep one for yourself as well!)
Nicnac63 More than 1 year ago
I really like the lay-flat design of the hardcover ESV Story of Redemption Bible. The appearance is appealing; with an elegant foiled jacket cover and matching foiled presentation and title pages. The attached ribbon bookmark is also a plus. I’m fairly new to the English Standard Version. I like the simplicity it offers. Along with the biblical text, it contains brief introductions to each book and notes by pastor Greg Gilbert clarifying or illustrating passages. One thing I miss in this Bible is the two-column format. I’ve grown accustomed to a columned presentation and find it a bit difficult to keep my place while reading this Bible due to the longer passages and minimal white space. The maps and illustrations are beneficial, I only wish there were more. Overall, this book includes full biblical text (ESV) as well as learning and teaching tool; guiding readers as they navigate the history of the world and God’s plans for our future. The fold out page illustrating the story of redemption in the back of the book is a nice bonus. Crossway provided a complimentary copy of this book through the Blog Review Program.
PJtheEMT4 More than 1 year ago
The ESV version of the Story of Redemption Bible is a beautifully presented bible featuring the trust worthy, accurate ESV translation. The pages are thick, off white with an easy to read font size in paragraph format. Two tone illustrations are featured at the start of each book. Within the text, are separate passages offering insight into the biblical text. This useful and accessible bible encourages daily bible reading in a format reminiscent of a novel. The off white pages and gold toned accent color gives this bible an authentic antique heirloom appearance. This sturdy bound bible will last through years of use. The beautiful presentation pages would make this perfect to give as a treasured gift. This bible is not the typical study bible format and is a good outreach to those who don't frequently read the bible. The minimalist designs will appear to readers of all ages. As a blogger for Crossway, I received this book for the purpose of writing this review.
amandainpa More than 1 year ago
This is a very lovely Bible. The dust jacket is cream colored with gold foiling. It also has a beautiful gold foiled presentation page and title page.  Illustrated by Peter Voth, each book has an illustration that perfectly describes a scene or symbolism in the book. There is a very nice index of title illustrations that shows each illustration and describes the meaning behind them. The illustrations are beautiful and very well done.  The color scheme of the Bible is very simple and pleasing. It would be suitable for both men and women. The pages are thick for Bible pages and there is room in the margins for notes, journaling, or artwork. There is also one chocolate colored ribbon bookmark included. I prefer more than one bookmark but I'm pleased that there is one with this Bible.  Throughout the book are notes of running commentary by pastor Greg Gilbert. I found these notes to be very thought-provoking and interesting. There are also maps included within the text of the Bible.  The Bible has reading plans in the back and a very nice fold out "Story of Redemption" Timeline. The timeline has the beautiful artwork and spans from Creation to the New Heavens and a New Earth. I love this timeline...visual aids are always helpful to me and this one is very well done.  Overall, this Bible is beautiful and would make a wonderful gift for a baptism, Easter, or even a birthday. I highly recommend it. I received this Bible from the publisher to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.