Eternal Anachronism

Eternal Anachronism

by Jack West


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Eternal Anachronism is concerned with the individual's subjective outcry to the world, and that vast nothingness revealed between one individual and another when attempting to communicate inner fears and desires into the outer sphere of existence.

The work, in the form of narrative poetry, portrays an individual, known as the stranger, living through a one day period in which the stranger awakes at midnight with a passionate desire to reach out mentally and socially, after having been provoked by some mysterious hopes and fears that came unexpectedly during his time asleep. Throughout the day he strives to understand and fulfill these mysterious desires, drawing on inner reflections and social situations in order to develop an identity, but one never sticks, and it only serves to spur on the stranger's hope of finding some youthful instant of romantic transcendence before the end of the night.

The primary themes focus on aesthetics and philosophy, and bloom into subsequent thematic investigations of friendship, romance, social politics, law and psychology.

The writing style is musical, consisting of third person and first person narratives, as well as dialogues, and these styles are utilized in order to highlight transitions and common states of communication between certain characters. Eternal Anachronism explores timelessly human feelings in a manner that draws on eastern religion and philosophy, as well as western, but strips the masks that each society has chosen and maintains a totally human perspective, which sees and relates to archetypal and purely human symbols best.

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