Eternal Life, Is it a pious hope?: Or is it a reality?

Eternal Life, Is it a pious hope?: Or is it a reality?

by Walter Tschoepe


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Some people do ask the question: "Is eternal life a pious hope or a realistic expectation, meaning 'a divine promise' that is sure and can be counted on?" We want to find the biblical answer to that question.
Life after death or Eternal Life is nothing new. Pagan Religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and many others believed in eternal life long before Christianity. Also Islam, which started in the 6th Century, teaches about life after death. That's the reason so many young Muslims are willing to commit suicide by blowing themselves up, because they are promised to be immediately in Paradise and will receive 72 virgins. In Egypt, in Greece, in Rome, in Persia they believed that you died, God judged you, and you lived forever. Good people lived forever happily. Bad people lived forever in torment.
This book covers a lot more subjects as it is a collection of several power point presentations I did in Germany and the US during the past years and it contains the following chapters: Eternal Life is it a pious hope or a reality; I will not keep silent; The question that made me think; The most difficult prayer; Torah, the Tree of Life; When does a Day begin?; The greatest Love Story; Who will be able to stand? And revive us again!
There is much material to go through, which should inspire every living person to his or her own study as it does definitely our hereafter.

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I was born in Germany and raised by a Lutheran Father and a Catholic mother. I was taught to pray to God and to go to Church on Sundays. Years later my parents heard about the weekly biblical Sabbath and joined a Sabbath keeping denomination. I taught many years the weekly bible lessons and preached in that Church in the States, where I reside for the past 50 plus years. I spent some time in Europe about 20 years ago to preach as a lay pastor of what I knew to be truth like in Poland, the Czech Republic, Rumania and Germany. I was always a seeker for Bible truth, unwilling to accept the teachings of man, which brought me later to the written Torah given by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to Moses. With joy I learned things from Scriptures I never heard before and I want to share this with others through my books I have been privileged to publish and through many DVD's.

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