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Ethics in Counseling and Psychotherapy: Standards, Research and Emerging Issues / Edition 1

Ethics in Counseling and Psychotherapy: Standards, Research and Emerging Issues / Edition 1

by Elizabeth Reynolds Welfel, Eileen Murphy


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ISBN-13: 9780534343026
Publisher: Brooks/Cole
Publication date: 01/28/1998
Series: Counseling Series
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 491
Product dimensions: 7.32(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.72(d)

Table of Contents

PART I. A FRAMEWORK FOR UNDERSTANDING PROFESSIONAL ETHICAL STANDARDS. 1. INTRODUCTION TO PROFESSIONAL ETHICS: THE NEED FOR STANDARDS AND PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY. Literature from Developmental Psychology. Codes of Ethics. Literature from Philosophy. Research on Professional Ethics. The Scope of Unethical Practice. The Impact of Unethical Practice. Ethics and the Law. 2. A MODEL FOR ETHICAL DECISION MAKING: USING RESOURCES TO ENHANCE INDIVIDUAL JUDGEMENT. Forms of Ethical Reasoning. A Model for Ethical Decision Making . 3. ETHICS COMPLAINTS: POLICIES AND PROCEDURES. Procedures for filing Complaints. Supporting the Client Through the Complaint Process. Responding If an Ethics Complaint is Filed Against You. PART II: MAJOR ETHICAL ISSUES FOR COUNSELORS. 4. COMPETENCE TO PRACTICE: THE FOUNDATION FOR DOING GOOD AND AVOIDING HARM. Components of Professional Competence. Professional Standards for Practice. The Relationship Between Competence and Professional Credentials. Challenges in Defining the Limits of Competence. Distress and Impairment Among Professionals. 5. CONFIDENTIALITY: SUPPORTING THE CLIENT'S RIGHT TO PRIVACY. Ethical Principles Underlying Confidentiality. Codes of Ethics. Confidentiality and Communication with Other Mental Health Professional. Confidentiality and Communication within the Counselor's Family. Confidentiality and Privileged Communication. The Limits of Confidentiality. Confidentiality with Special Populations. Emerging Challenges to Confidentiality. Case for Discussion. 6. INFORMED CONSENT: AFFIRMING THE CLIENT'S FREEDOM OF CHOICE. The History of Informed Consent. Underlying Ethical Principles. Codes of Ethics. Approaches to Informed Consent.The Interplay of Ethical and Clinical Considerations. Applications to Special Populations. Research Finding. Cases for Discussion. 7. SEXUAL CONTACT WITH CLIENTS, STUDENTS, AND SUPERVISEES: VIOLATIONS OF POWER AND TRUST. Rationale for the Prohibition. Research on the Scope of the Problem. Sexual Contact with Former Clients: A Controversial Issue. Sexual Contact in Educational, Consultation, and Employment Settings. Distinguishing Between Sexual Feelings and Sexual Misconduct. The Place of Nonerotic Touch in This Context. Providing Effective Subsequent Therapy for Victims. Case Reexamined. 8. NONSEXUAL DUAL RELATIONSHIPS: RISKS TO OBJECTIVITY AND CLIENT WELFARE. Definition of Terms. Underlying Dynamics in Dual Relationships. The Views of Ethics Scholars. Questions to Consider in Decision Making. Research Findings: Practitioners' Views. Accepting Gifts from Clients. Dual Relationships and Rural Practice. The Ethics of Barter. Cases Reexamined. 9. GROUP AND FAMILY COUNSELING: UNIQUE ETHICAL RESPONSIBLITIES. Group Counseling and Psychotherapy. Family and Couples Counseling. Legal Issues in Family Counseling. 10. THE ETHICS OF ASSESSMENT: USING FAIR PROCEDURES IN RESPONSIBLE WAYS. The Ethics of Diagnosis. The Ethics of Testing. Cases for Discussion. 11. ETHICAL COUNSELING IN A MULTICULTURAL SOCIETY: THE PROMISE OF JUSTICE. The Language of Multicultural Counseling. The Context of the Current Ethical Standards. The Codes of Ethics on Multicultural Counseling. A Critique of the Current Ethics Codes. Cautions About a Multicultural Perspective. Cases for Discussion and Analysis. PART III: ETHICAL ISSUES IN SPECIAL SETTINGS. 12. THE ETHICS OF SUPERVISION: MODELING RESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOR. The Ethics of Supervision: Myths and Realities. Competence to Supervise. Responsible Use of Supervisory Power. Responsibilities for Client Welfare. Dual-Relationship Issues. Layered Supervision. Legal Aspects of Supervision. Relations with Third-Party Payors . 13. COUNSELORS AS TEACHERS AND RESERACHERS: INTEGRITY, SCIENCE, AND CARE. The Ethics of Teaching. The Ethics of Research. 14. ETHICS IN COMMUNITY AND CONSULTING SETTINGS: AVOIDING CONFLICTS OF INTEREST. Responsibilities to Clients. Responsibilities to Colleagues. Responsibilities to Third Parties. The Ethics of Consultation. The Ethics of Forensic Activities. 15. THE COUNSELOR IN THE SCHOOLS: APPLYING PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS TO THE EDUCATIONAL CULTURE. Clash of Cultures: Open Versus Closed Communication Systems. The Ethics of Peer Helping Programs. Legal Issues for School Counselors: State and Federal Statutes. Liability for School Counselors: An Emerging Reality. PART IV: WHEN PREVENTION FAILS: EHTICAL RESPONSES TO UNETHICAL BEHAVIOR. 16. RECOVERING FROM ETHICAL MISSTEPS: RESPONSIBILITY AND REHABILITATION. Assessing and Responding to the Damage. Rehabilitating the Counselor. Compassion and Empathy. Cases for Discussion. REFERENCES. APPENDIXES. A: American Counseling Association, Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. B: American Psychological Association, Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct. C: National Association of Social Workers, Code of Ethics. D: List of Specialized Ethics Codes and Guidelines in Mental Health Disciplines. E: Association for Specialists in Group Work, Ethical Guidelines for Group Counselors. F: American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, Code of Ethics. G: American School Counselor Association, Ethical Standards for School Counselors. AUTHOR INDEX. SUBJECT INDEX. (Each chapter concludes with Summary, Discussion, and Recommended Readings.)

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