Euro-Par 2010 - Parallel Processing: 16th International Euro-Par Conference, Ischia, Italy, August 31 - September 3, 2010, Proceedings, Part II

Euro-Par 2010 - Parallel Processing: 16th International Euro-Par Conference, Ischia, Italy, August 31 - September 3, 2010, Proceedings, Part II


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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 16th International Euro-Par Conference held in Ischia, Italy, in August/September 2010.

The 90 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 256 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on support tools and environments; performance prediction and evaluation; scheduling and load-balancing; high performance architectures and compilers; parallel and distributed data management; grid, cluster and cloud computing; peer to peer computing; distributed systems and algorithms; parallel and distributed programming; parallel numerical algorithms; multicore and manycore programming; theory and algorithms for parallel computation; high performance networks; and mobile and ubiquitous computing.

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ISBN-13: 9783642152900
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 12/01/2010
Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science , #6272
Edition description: 2010
Pages: 544
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.30(h) x 1.20(d)

Table of Contents

Topic 9 Parallel and Distributed Programming

Introduction Thilo Kielmann Andrea Clematis Sergei Gorlatch Alexey Lastovetsky 1

Transactional Mutex Locks Luke Dalessandro Dave Dice Michael Scott Nir Shavit Michael Spear 2

Exceptions for Algorithmic Skeletons Mario Leyton Ludovic Henrio José M. Piquer 14

Generators-of-Generators Library with Optimization Capabilities in Fortress Kento Emoto Zhenjiang Hu Kazuhiko Kakehi Kiminori Matsuzaki Masato Takeichi 26

User Transparent Task Parallel Multimedia Content Analysis Timo van Kessel Niels Drost Frank J. Seinstra 38

Parallel Simulation for Parameter Estimation of Optical Tissue Properties Mihai Duta Jeyarajan Thiyagalingam Anne Trefethen Ayush Goyal Vicente Grau Nic Smith 51

Topic 10 Parallel Numerical Algorithms

Introduction Patrick Amestoy Daniela di Serafino Rob Bisseling Enrique S. Quintana-Ortí Marian Vajteršicx 63

Scalability and Locality of Extrapolation Methods for Distributed-Memory Architectures Matthias Korch Thomas Rauber Carsten Scholtes 65

CFD Parallel Simulation Using Getfem++ and Mumps Michel Fournié Nicolas Renon Yves Renard Daniel Ruiz 77

Aggregation AMG for Distributed Systems Suffering from Large Message Numbers Maximilian Emans 89

A Parallel Implementation of the Jacobi-Davidson Eigensolver and Its Application in a Plasma Turbulence Code Eloy Romero Jose E. Roman 101

Scheduling Parallel Eigenvalue Computations in a Quantum Chemistry Code Martin Roderus Anca Berariu Hans-Joachim Bungartz Sven Krüger Alexei Matveev Notker Rösch 113

Scalable Parallelization Strategies to Accelerate NuFFT Data Translation on Multicores Yuanrui Zhang Jun Liu Emre Kultursay Mahmut Kandemir Nikos Pitsianis Xiaobai Sun 125

Topic 11 Multicore and Manycore Programming

Introduction Beniamino Di Martino Fabrizio Petrini Siegfried Benkner Kirk Cameron Dieter Kranzlmüller Jakub Kurzak Davide Pasetto Jesper Larsson Träff 137

JavaSymphony: A Programming and Execution Environment for Parallel and Distributed Many-Core Architectures Muhammad Aleem Radu Prodan Thomas Fahringer 139

Scalable Producer-Consumer Pools Based on Elimination-Diffraction Trees Yehuda Afek Guy Korland Maria Natanzon Nir Shavit 151

Productivity and Performance: Improving Consumabitity of Hardware Transactional Memory through a Real-World Case Study Huayong Wang Yi Ge Yanqi Wang Yao Zou 163

Exploiting Fine-Grained Parallelism on Cell Processors Ralf Hoffmann Andreas Prell Thomas Rauber 175

Optimized on-Chip-Pipelined Mergesort on the Cell/B.E Rikard Hultén Christoph W. Kessler Jörg Keller 187

Near-Optimal Placement of MPI Processes on Hierarchical NUMA Architectures Emmanuel Jeannot Guillaume Mercier 199

Parallel Enumeration of Shortest Lattice Vectors Özgür Dagdelen Michael Schneider 211

A Parallel GPU Algorithm for Mutual Information Based 3D Nonrigid Image Registration Vaibhav Saxena Jonathan Rohrer Leiguang Gong 223

Multi-GPU and Multi-CPU Parallelization for Interactive Physics: Simulations Everton Hermann Bruno Raffin François Faure Thierry Gautier Jérémie Allard 235

Long DNA Sequence Comparison on Multicore Architectures Friman Sánchez Felipe Cabarcas Alex Ramirez Mateo Valero 247

Adaptive Fault Tolerance for Many-Core Based Space-Borne Computing Mark James Paul Springer Hans Zima 260

Maestro: Data Orchestration and Tuning for OpenCL Devices Kyle Spafford Jeremy Meredith Jeffrey Vetter 275

Multithreaded Geant4: Semi-automatic Transformation into Scalable Thread-Parallel Software Xin Dong Gene Cooperman John Apostolakis 287

Parallel Exact Time Series Motif Discovery Ankur Narang Souvik Bhattacherjee 304

Optimized Dense Matrix Multiplication on a Many-Core Architecture Elkin Garcia Ioannis E. Venetis Rishi Khan Guang R. Gao 316

A Language-Based Tuning Mechanism for Task and Pipeline Parallelism Frank Otto Christoph A. Schaefer Matthias Dempe Walter F. Tichy 328

A Study of a Software Cache Implementation of the OpenMP Memory Model for Multicore and Manycore Architectures Chen Chen Joseph B. Manzano Ge Gan Guang R. Gao Vivek Sarkar 341

Programming CUDA-Based GPUs to Simulate Two-Layer Shallow Water Flows Marc de la Asunción José M. Mantas Manuel J. Castro 353

Topic 12 Theory and Algorithms for Parallel Computation

Introduction Christoph Kessler Thomas Rauber Yves Robert Vittorio Scarano 365

Analysis of Multi-Organization Scheduling Algorithms Johanne Cohen Daniel Cordeiro Denis Trystram Frédéric Wagner 367

Area-Maximizing Schedules for Series-Parallel DAGs Gennaro Cordasco Arnold L. Rosenberg 380

Parallel Selection by Regular Sampling Alexander Tiskin 393

Ants in Parking Lots Arnold L. Rosenberg 400

Topic 13 High Performance Networks

Introduction José Flich Alfonso Urso Ulrich Bruening Giuseppe Di Fatta 412

An Efficient Strategy for Reducing Head-of-Line Blocking in Fat-Trees Jesus Bscudero-Sakuquillo Pedro Javier Garcia Francisco J. Quiles Jose Duato 413

A First Approach to King Topologies for On-Chip Networks Esteban Stafford Jose L. Bosque Carmen Martínez Fernando Vallejo Ramon Beivide Cristobal Camarero 428

Optimizing Matrix Transpose on Torus Interconnects Venkatesan T. Chakaravarthy Nikhil Jain Yogish Sabharwal 440

Topic 14 Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing

Introduction Gregor Schiele Giuseppe De Pietro Jalal Al-Muhtadi Zhiwen Yu 452

cTrust: Trust Aggregation in Cyclic Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Huanyu Zhao Xin Yang Xiaolin Li 454

Maximizing Growth Codes Utility in Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks Yao Zhao Xin Wang Jin Zhao Xiangyang Xue 466

@Flood: Auto-Tunable Flooding for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks José Mocito Luís Rodrigues Hugo Miranda 478

On Deploying Tree Structured Agent Applied in Networked Embedded Systems Nikos Tziritas Thanasis Loukopoulos Spyros Lalis Petros Lampsas 490

Meaningful Metrics for Evaluating Eventual Consistency Joao Barreto Paulo Ferreira 503

Caching Dynamic Information in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Nicholas Loulloudes George Pallis Marios D. Dikaiakos 516

Collaborative Cellular-Based Location System David Navalho Nuno Preguiça 528

Author Index 541

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