EUROPA Awakenings

EUROPA Awakenings

by PR Garcia


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ISBN-13: 9781530368044
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 02/27/2016
Pages: 488
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.98(d)

About the Author

P. R. Garcia was born during the winter of 1951 in Monroe County, Michigan, the youngest of three children. She attended Western Michigan University, where she majored in zoology. After college, she became an award-winning basket-weaver, carrying on the tradition of her maternal grandmother, Margaret Dark Feather Jacobs. In 2008, she moved to southern California and became a volunteer at the Birch Aquarium and a guide on the Gray whale touring boats. The following year she joined the Whalers, a dedicated group of volunteers from the San Diego Natural History Museum whose love of the Pacific cetaceans and other marine life matched her own. As a guide on the Hornblower and Flagship whale-watching boats for the Gray and Blue whale seasons, she introduced people from around the world to the wonders of the world of the Pacific cetaceans. In 2012, at the age of sixty-one, she got the crazy idea of writing a novel. Sitting down at her computer, she began to write the Europa Saga. Spanning over nine thousand years, it is perhaps the only five-generational Science Fiction epic story ever written. She combined her knowledge and love of ocean mammals and science fiction, astronomers' belief that life exists in the oceans beneath the ice shield of Europa (Jupiter's ice moon) and the legend of Atlantis to create a new trilogy of an alien race who we know as Atlantians. Using legends and known ancient landmarks from Earth's past, she wove a story of intrigue, mystery, betrayal, magic and adventure. Her books offer alternative theories for Puma Punku, the Nazca Lines, the Costa Rica spheres and much more. In 2014, Ms. Garcia added three more books to the line, continuing the story. Then, in 2015, appalled by the amount of trash being dumped into our oceans and the devastation it caused marine life, she decided to so something and added three more books. This time Prince Enok, Queen Europa's son, fought the problems facing our world today - global warming, deforestation, water and air pollution, species extinction, plastic contamination and corporate greed. In 2016, Ms. Garcia became an international bestseller and moved back to Monroe County. She extended the story line to Prince Enok's twin daughters. Their story takes place on Mars, where they learn a secret the red planet has been hiding for thousands of years. The tenth book of the Europa Saga
Spring, 2017.

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EUROPA: Awakenings 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
lauralovesreviewingLT More than 1 year ago
Are you one of those who wonders about Atlantis? Do you fantasize that it’s a thriving city hidden somewhere beneath the ocean? P. R. Garcia’s Europa: Awakenings, the first book in her epic series, gives you a fantastical world with beings from another world. The Oonocks. They hide in their city at the bottom of the sea, but also hide on dry land. A young woman, Europa, heir to the throne of a lost country, has no idea she’s actually from another planet. Kept in the dark about her real origins, she’s raised as human to protect her and all of her kind from an ancient enemy, JeffRa. Now, the enemy that led to their flight from their world to our ocean’s depths has found them, and will not stop until he kills them all. There are so many characters you come to know, human and other. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be Jeanip. I know. You’re thinking, shouldn’t it be Europa? Let me explain. Jeanip has something he must overcome from his past. This keeps him focused. And he’s been tasked with protecting Europa at all costs. He’s so loyal and fierce in his duties and larger than life. I’d be glad to have him as a protector and a friend. The romance between Europa and Terrance is so sweet. He falls head over heels for her and she for him. Neither knows she’s not of this world. When Terrance finds out, he doesn’t hesitate to put himself between her and danger. I loved how, even though he couldn’t swim, he braved the seas to save her. Being a lover of the ocean and all it’s inhabitants, this story was a must read for me. Adding in water beings from another planet fascinated me even more. Trying to visualize these beings in my mind, I drew from movies such as The Abyss and Europa Report. Such stunningly beautiful and mystical creatures filled me head. Danger and action fill the pages. You hardly have to time catch your breath as the characters face insurmountable odds to combat those who would destroy them. This is one of those books I went into with high expectations. And I got everything I could have hoped for and more. I’m now driven to read more. Find out what happens to beloved characters and where the author takes me next.
SherryF More than 1 year ago
I am AMAZED and BLOWN AWAY by the epic saga, Europa Awakenings by P R Garcia! I was hooked from the beginning and putting down this almost 500 page novel was done with much reluctance, but my hands hurt from holding the book and my eyes are blurring, making the words almost unreadable. I read the book slower than normal, savoring the story unfolding page by page, experience by experience, good and bad, life and death and above all, love and sacrifice. Atlantis was born from a need to hide…hide not just from their enemies, but us…humans. If aliens are watching us, walking among us, it would behoove them to be wary, secretive. I agree with P R Garcia’s writing, we humans kill what we fear. Mermaids? No. Underwater creatures? Yes. Humans? Yes. Europa has no idea she comes from Atlantis, from a alien race forced to leave their planet. This is her journey of discovery. The first threat comes from a source I figured out pretty quick. I pride myself on that. It also creates a great twist to the story. I knew there would be a romance and I wondered where her boyfriend, Terrance would come from. Would he be alien or human? Does love conquer all? We shall see. The characters are so much more than they seem, changing forms, sacrificing, always loving, doing their duty to protect…her. The characters and world building are complex and developed to such a point, I feel I am there, interacting with them. I feel their paralyzing terror, their need to protect at the cost of their own lives. I weep with those who mourn their fallen soldiers. Of course, I love Europa and her soulmate, Terrance, a naive human that has no idea what he has stepped into, but goes all out just to be at her side. I don’t know if I can choose just one hero, but I love Jeanip. Loyalty and duty could be his middle name. With a protector such as Jeanip, I cannot help but feel they will survive, but will he? As P R Garcia explains what happens when they return to the water to die, it makes me think of spreading a loved ones ashes on the water, allowing them to travel on. Europa Awakenings contains so much action and adventure, the suspense and pacing so intense, the book is unputdownable. Everywhere I look, there is another hint of danger. The sense of impending doom follows me through the pages. I know something is coming, I just don’t know when. More than once, P R Garcia caught me by surprise and I love that. Europa Awakenings is a wonderful combination of the paranormal and supernatural, myth and folklore, fantasy and romance. P R Garcia took me to the depths of hell and brought me up to the light of the sun. I am at a loss for words to describe the elaborate and imaginative world and characters, on land and in water, that Pam has created. I am entranced, enthralled, amazed and astounded. There will be much more of their story, but…for now…they are safe. I am so happy that Book II is on its way! I received a copy of Europa Awakenings by P R Garcia in return for an honest review.
ReadersFavorite2 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Raanan Geberer for Readers' Favorite Europa, the namesake heroine of P.R. Garcia’s Europa: Awakenings (Volume 1), is in many ways a typical teenager. She has several close female friends, is beginning a relationship with a young man, and is planning to go to college soon. But in other ways she’s anything but typical. She lives on a secluded estate, is surrounded by a security team, and has been told that she’s the last in a line of monarchs of a country that no longer exists. She’s basically happy, but her idyllic existence comes to an end when first her mother is killed in an accident involving a deer with strange, red glowing eyes, and second, when someone starts shooting at the house, injuring one of her friends. After her mother’s fatal accident, Europa starts rummaging in her mother’s room and finds an orb that glows and gives her mysterious visions. At the same time, her new boyfriend finds that his father has been researching reports of shape-shifters that appeared in the area centuries ago. Soon they put two and two together to discover the truth — that Europa’s ancestors are not just from another country, but from another world and that they indeed have shape-shifting powers. They are also in mortal danger from an old enemy who has returned from exile and has vowed to wipe out the family. Europa by P.R. Garcia is an excellent adventure science-fiction novel, full of both action and character development. It’s not “geared to the lowest common denominator” — instead, it has many literate references to history and astronomy and attempts to teach the reader what he or she doesn’t know. Readers can easily empathize with Europa and her boyfriend, Terrance, as they find themselves in the middle of a dangerous situation that neither of them asked for or fully understands. The book also has some humorous segments – Europa’s mother, Queen Medaron, pronounces coffee one of the greatest human inventions. Because its two main characters are young people, it will appeal both to teens and adults as well.
ReadersFavorite1 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Melinda Hills for Readers' Favorite Europa Waters knows that she is the daughter of royal parents whose homeland has been destroyed by a devastating war. What she doesn’t know is that this war took place thousands of years ago on another planet. Europa: Awakenings is Volume One of an extensive series by P.R. Garcia about the race of Oonocks and their fight to preserve their existence. Awakenings begins with the conception of Europa who must be born as a human in order to survive. Threatened by her father’s brother, whom everyone assumes is dead, Europa’s comfortable life is turned upside down right after she celebrates her 20th birthday. Her mother, the Queen of the Oonocks, is murdered and Europa, her new boyfriend Terrance, and the people who have guarded Europa for over 20 years flee for the sanctuary of Saint’s Isle to avert disaster. The past has come back to haunt them as JeffRa, the uncle who had promised to wipe out the race of Oonocks, commits this crime and then pursues Europa and her escorts. Will Europa be safe or will the past she has never known anything about catch up to her and fulfill its horrible promise? At 490 pages, Europa: Awakenings by P.R. Garcia is an epic novel that grabs your attention on page one and doesn’t let go. In a truly masterful style, Garcia has created a world and characters that are incredibly rich and deep so that you feel you are living the story right alongside them. Fantastic descriptions of places, sea life, and the technology of the Oonocks as well as various historical and scientific references offer something for every interest as the story progresses. Full of emotion, this book examines the depths of hate, love, determination, and devotion through the thoughts and actions of the characters. Europa: Awakenings is an exceptional story and the saga continues through numerous subsequent volumes that I can only hope will be as excellent as the first.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Chris Fischer for Readers' Favorite In a very promising start to an eight-volume series, Europa: Awakenings by author P.R. Garcia will treat lovers of science fiction to a great new read in the genre. Follow the story of Europa, a nineteen-year-old girl who has been raised as a human. What she doesn't know is that she is actually a princess from the ancient world, from the city of Atlantis. She is one of the Oonocks, who were forced to sink their beautiful golden city in order to save it. Her parents, the king and queen, had to place her on Earth as a human in order to ensure her survival. When Europa's human mother is murdered by one who thought she was Europa, and Europa finds a secret room with documents that show that neither she nor her human parents were who she thought, this amazing story of adventure and discovery really begins. Wow! That's what I thought when I finished reading this fantastic new book! Author P.R. Garcia has done an amazing job in creating a storyline for the history of Atlantis that I've never heard before, as well as characters that her readers will truly relate with, connect to, and care about. If those aren't hallmarks of a great author, I don't know what are. Europa: Awakenings is both exciting and creative, and simply a great work of science fiction. I highly recommend this book, and am looking forward to reading more in what promises to be an excellent new series by the very promising author, P.R. Garcia, as soon as I can!