EUROPA: The Horrturn Truth

EUROPA: The Horrturn Truth

by P R Garcia


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Europa turns twenty-one and celebrates her important Earth birthday with family and close friends. The following day a stranger arrives at the palace from the Western Plain's Harvest Clan claiming his compound has been destroyed by three male Horrturns. A rescue party is sent out and discovers than in addition to the Harvest Clan, eleven other clans have been attacked and of them eight have been entirely destroyed with no traces of the clans' members or where their buildings once stood. Devastated by the loss of so many Oonocks, Europa with Kiijon and Jeanip at her side sets out to discover why the Horrturns have returned after ten million years.The only way to discover how the Hunting Clan defeated the sea beasts so long ago is for Europa to search the records stored in the Orbs. As she watches the images recorded ten million years in the past it becomes apparent that the story passed down over the centuries is not the truth. There is more to the Horrturns and the reason the two species were divided than they could have imagined. As she unweaves the lies and misunderstandings she suddenly realizes the one thing that will save her people from the Horrturns is the lilac Orb - the one she slipped into Terrance's backpack and now resides on a planet over three hundred million miles away.Another attack on Europa and Kiijon confirms their belief that Z is still endeavoring to fulfill his father's vow of revenge on the Waters Clan and Oonock people. The attacks grow in intensity and sophistication making it apparent a powerful lord is supporting Z both emotionally and financially, a lord who has lied when pledging his loyalty and allegiance to Queen Europa and King Kiijon - a crime punishable by death and devastation to that lord's clan. At every attack, at every mishap Lord Jun is there causing Jeanip to doubt his loyalty and to consider the possibility Lord Jun is the backing lord they are looking for. In their journey to discover where Z is hiding and who the lord is backing him, Europa and Kiijon meet a new ally who has the capability of stopping the Horrturn attacks. And they are given hope of a way to retrieve the lilac Orb from Terrance - the elder Oonock Hygone.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781499584806
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/16/2014
Series: EUROPA , #5
Pages: 390
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Basically, PR Garcia is a crazy not-too-gray-haired old lady who decided at the age of 61 to write a book. Hoping to write one, she astonishingly wrote the six book Europa Series in two years. And it's damn good!!!!

Now for a more traditional overview:
P. R. Garcia was born during the winter of 1951 in Monroe County, Michigan, the youngest of three children. She attended Western Michigan University, where she majored in zoology. While living in Michigan, she became an award-winning basketweaver, carrying on the tradition of her maternal grandmother, Margaret Dark Feather. In 2008 she moved to southern California and became a volunteer at the Birch Aquarium of Scripps Institution of Oceanography and a guide on the Gray whale touring boats. The following year she joined the Whalers, a dedicated group of volunteers from the San Diego Natural History Museum of San Diego, California, whose love of the Pacific cetaceans and other marine life off the shores of California matched her own. As a guide on the Hornblower and Flagship whale-watching boats, she introduced people from around the world to the wonders of the world of the Pacific cetaceans. In 2012 she combined her knowledge of these ocean mammals, her love of science fiction and astronomers' exciting belief that life exists in the oceans beneath the ice shield of Europa, Jupiter's ice moon, to create a new trilogy of an alien race from Europa, a race that has lived in our deep oceans for thousands of years. Using legends and known ancient landmarks from Earth's past, she wove a story of intrigue, mystery, magic and adventure. In 2014 Ms. Garcia added three more books to the story of Europa. In early 2015, she began to tell Europa's son, Prince Enok's, story.

The Europian collection is a story of survival, adventure, true love and the ability to overcome evil.

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