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Sambassadeur's 2010 full-length, European, offers a refreshing departure from the band's previous effort, Migration -- an album that, while it was by no means bad, was ultimately a tad one-dimensional compared to Sambassadeur's earlier work, thanks in large part to its glassy-smooth production (granted, it was pretty, but it worked to flatten out the album entirely). European can be seen as a meeting point between Migration and Sambassadeur's earlier work: it takes the jangly, shambling warmth of the band's self-titled debut and gives it a layer of glossy varnish. It also finds the group dipping into '80s dance-pop and soft rock influences; there's a good shake of campiness to be found on European. The result is an album with a windblown, cinematic feel. The production sounds practically dewy, something like the musical equivalent of a soft-focus lens; there are times when it teeters on the edge of sounding saccharine, especially when it comes to the crystalline piano notes that open up the album's first track, "Stranded." European spills over with soundtrack-style flourishes: crisp, cool string arrangements ("Days," "I Can Try"); triumphant drum rolls ("Forward Is All"); and rollicking piano chords. The album's stand-out track, "I Can Try," sounds, in the best possible way, like something off the soundtrack of a John Hughes movie thanks to its oh-so-'80s instrumentation (wind chimes, synthesized strings, a drum machine, and yes, a saxophone solo). Granted, it's the kind of approach that risks sounding goofy, but by and large, European strikes a nice balance between genuine and theatrical, shambling and shiny.

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Release Date: 02/23/2010
Label: Labrador Sweden
UPC: 7332233001268
catalogNumber: 300126

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Sambassadeur   Primary Artist
Mattias Glavå   Guitar,Musician
Anna Persson   Group Member
Joachim Läckberg   Group Member
Daniel Permbo   Group Member
Daniel Tolergård   Group Member
Karin Hagström   Violin,String Quartet
Lina Molander   Viola,String Quartet
Max Sjoholm   Drums,Musician
Per Larsson   Piano,Horn,Musician
Nils Börén   Clarinet,Saxophone,Musician
Nadja Janlert   Violin,String Quartet
Katarina Palm   Cello,String Quartet
Kalle von Hall   Percussion,Musician
Daniel Fridlund Brandt   Drums,Musician

Technical Credits

Sprout   Composer
Sambassadeur   Producer
Mattias Glavå   Producer,Engineer
Joachim Läckberg   String Arrangements
Daniel Permbo   String Arrangements
Persson   Composer
Mattias Berglund   Cover Design
Kim Stensland   Paintings

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