Europe's Nuclear Power Experiment: History of the OECD Dragon Project

Europe's Nuclear Power Experiment: History of the OECD Dragon Project

by E. N. Shaw

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ISBN-13: 9781483279183
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Publication date: 10/22/2013
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Pages: 350
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Table of Contents


Political Collaboration

Technical Development


1 Early Efforts Towards Collaboration in Europe

2 Nuclear Energy

OEEC Attacks the Energy Problem

Parallel Initiatives in Nuclear Collaboration

Basic Elements of a Power Reactor

3 Competitive Forms of Co-operation in Nuclear Energy

ECSC Countries

Non-ECSC Countries

United Kingdom

North America

4 European Nuclear Energy Agency

Euratom's Expectations

Special Committee Formed

Opportunities for Collaboration on Reactor Development

Creating the Agency

The Agency People

5 Reactor Studies

Exit the Electricity Undertakings

The Research Approach

Britain Offers a Site

Backlash from the Euratom Treaty

First Reactor Project Founders

6 Origins of the High Temperature Reactor

HTR becomes an Authority Project


7 Birth of Dragon

Origins of "Dragon"

8 Competition

The Pebble-bed Reactor

HTR Projects in the USA

9 The Dragon Agreement

Continental Hesitations

Financial Provisions

Proportional Contributions

Independent Activity in the UK

Alternative Funding


10 The Project Takes Form

First Chief Executive


The Dragon Reactor Experiment

Dedication Ceremony

End of the Nuclear Euphoria

11 Dragon's Long-Term Role

Fuel Policies

The Authority in Conflict with Other Signatories

Programme Re-defined

12 Exploitation

Assessment Studies

The Direct Cycle

Agreement for Limited Extension

Loosening of Ties with Agency

Power Station Design

Britain's Own Assessment

13 Dragon's Future in Jeopardy

OECD Intervention

UK Assumes Responsibility for Euratom's share

Changes in Euratom

14 Transition

Shepherd Appointed as Successor

Britain Increases Contribution to Assure Continuation

15 Industrialisation v. Research and Development

Operational Record of DRE

Problems of Fuel Development

Programme for Dragon

Programme Implementation

Prismatic HTR Power Projects in Europe Lose Support Except in France

16 Dragon's Relevance in Question

Dragon's Future Role

Agency Concern over Forward Programme

Programme Agreed

Financing Conflicts

17 Supervision by the Signatories

Board of Management

General Purposes Committee

Programme Sub-Committee

Financial Rules and Regulations


18 Staffing and Staff


Overseas Participation

The Spirit

The People

19 The Signatories

20 Austria and Dragon

21 Scandinavia and Dragon




22 Switzerland and Dragon

23 The Original Six Euratom Countries and Dragon


The Netherlands



Nuclear Programme Changes Course

Industrial Experience

France Turns to Gulf General Atomic




Collaboration Agreements with Dragon

HTR Fuel Policy

First Prismatic HTR Activities in Germany

Restructuring of the Industry

Advanced Applications

Industry's Contribution to Dragon

Evolving Attitudes

24 Britain and Dragon

Dragon and Winfrith

Authority's HTR Programme

Personal Interactions

UK View of the HTR

Contributions and Contracts

25 Dragon and The Non-signatories


Second Phase

Third Phase

Fourth Phase


Dragon - AEC Collaboration Agreement

Extensions to the Collaboration


US Industrial Record

The Impact

26 In Search of a Programme

DRE Performance

VHTR Proposai

Fuel Disposal and Decommissioning

Revised Board of Management

HTR Projects Falter

Preliminary Enquiries on an Extension Programme

Working Party's Report

27 The Long Road to Closure

Delays in UK Decision

Alternative Extension Proposals

UK Requires Reduction in Contribution

No Intervention from NEA

Negotiations in Brussels

Some Retrieval but no Reprieve

28 In Conclusion

Information Transfer

Open Publication

Juste Retour


Fixed-Term Extensions

Commercial Application


Dragon's Successes

Cost Effectiveness

Future of the Prismatic HTR


1. Contributions of Signatories and Euratom Countries

2. Chronological Summary

3. Abbreviations and Glossary

4. References

Name Index

Subject Index

Company Index

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