Evading the Duke

Evading the Duke

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When the Duke of Danby comes to London for the Season, anything can happen!

Evading the Duke contains...

The first meeting for James, Earl of Wynn and Miss Charlotte Cavanaugh was not so spectacular. Come to think of it, neither was the second which led to a hasty marriage followed by three years of speculation as to why the two were never seen in the same room. But that's all about to change...
When an anonymous letter of admiration--and scandalous invitation--arrives for Charlotte, James realizes this might be his chance to start over, and thus begins The Wooing Game.

There is nothing Samuel Storm wants more than to leave London behind him and return to his plantation in Barbados, until he sees a portrait come to life. At least he's fairly certain the girl across St. Paul's is the same one depicted in the scandalous painting he owns back in the Caribbean. But how can he be sure? And why would a lady pose for such a painting?
Lady Jillian Simpson has made many mistakes in her life, but the worst was falling for an artist who took advantage of her trust. She is fairly certain her father has found and destroyed all of the paintings, all but one, at least until she encounters the dashing Mr. Storm and learns another exists. But after everything she's experienced, how can she ever trust him with her secret or her heart?

Colin MacBride, Earl of Blackwood, is well aware that only a fool would answer the Duke of Danby's summons. But with many mouths to feed, poor fields, and a failing flock that might not survive winter, he sets aside a decades' old feud with his neighbor and calls on him to make a proposition. If Blackwood sheep are allowed to winter on the duke's land, Colin will share the profits when they are sheared in the spring. Naturally, the duke has a better idea, and it involves a lovely young lady who is dear to his heart. Colin can use the land if he agrees to hire Meredith Halliday to be his nieces' governess, then convince her to quit before the man the duke has chosen to marry her arrives in Yorkshire. Oh, and if Colin would flirt with her a bit to build her confidence, that would be splendid, indeed. Appalled to be labeled a Lothario for hire, Colin storms from the study and straight into the old curmudgeon's trap--and she is every bit as beautiful and charming as promised.

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BN ID: 2940157630171
Publisher: Night Shift Publishing
Publication date: 05/24/2016
Series: When the Duke Come to Town , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 98,686
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Evading the Duke 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Jutzie More than 1 year ago
The Wooing Game by Rose Gordon James Noble, Earl of Wynn had a few of his male friends over to play cards and go hunting at his country estates. That was all. Until the incident that changes everything. Charlotte Cavanaugh just wanted to see her sister. That's all. Somehow it ends up she's being forced to marry this stranger. What's worse is he stays a stranger even after marriage. While all the newlyweds surrounding James and Charlotte enjoy their marital state...the two of them, don't. When mysterious love letters start coming Charlotte's way—temptation comes right along with them. She's being offered a chance at happiness, finally. What choice will she make? Charlotte's sisters stories are in the first two books; The Perfect Lady Worthe and Mistletoe & Michaelmas.
skelley55 More than 1 year ago
Very light reading. Perfect for pool side reading.
MADreaderMD More than 1 year ago
If you are looking for some light, quick reads in the Regency genre, this is a great collection of novellas. These stories are all part of the collection featuring the Duke of Danby working his matchmaking magic in the background. All the stories focus on different characters and settings, but it centers on one season in 1817 London when the duke comes to town and turns his attention to his great-nieces and nephews and the few grandchildren who have yet to marry. The Wooing Game by Rose Gordon features a couple who are forced to marry unexpectedly because of an embarrassing situation. For three years, they barely speak to each other. James and Charlotte are growing increasingly bitter toward each other, and each is dreading having their marriage drag on in this fashion. Spurred on by an anonymous love note sent to his wife, James decides to woo her himself through letters, since he can't quite find the right words to speak to her in person. Will Charlotte finally get the husband and family she's always dreamed of, or will she be forced to seek out the anonymous lover who seems to appreciate her more than her husband ever has? In Jane Charles' Ruined by a Lady, the lady in question is Lady Jillian Simpson, who has been the villain, or at least adversary, in a few of Charles' previous stories. Jillian has failed utterly in her attempts to land a husband and please her father. Her underhanded actions have alienated her from anyone she might have formed a friendship with. She'd like to thwart her father and just marry a nice, decent man instead of having to nab the highest ranking man in the room. However, a terrible mistake from her past has led her to question her judgement where love is concerned. When Samuel Storm starts paying attention to her and happens to mention that she looks just like a woman in a painting in his possession, Jillian panics. Sam is the first man to be interested in her for herself and not just her dowry or connections, but can she trust him with her secrets, and will he still love her when he finds out what she's done in the past? One Less Lonely Earl by Samantha Grace is a fun story featuring an earl who needs a governess for his nieces and a lady of modest background who wants to be a governess. Her sister married one of Danby's grandsons, but Meredith doesn't just want to sit around and live off her brother-in-law's charity. In this story, the Duke of Danby plays a more direct role. He knows that Colin MacBride, the neighboring earl, will need the duke's grazing ground to get his sheep through the winter, so he's determined to strike a deal that gets Meredith the governess job. Of course, Danby doesn't want her to stay a governess for long, and Meredith may not survive the week if the widowed dowager countess (the girls' mother) doesn't stop being such a shrew. Can Meredith prove her worth as a governess and guard her heart from the handsome earl?
dfosterbooks More than 1 year ago
The Wooing Game by Rose Gordon Three years. That’s how long Charlotte Noble, nee Cavanaugh, has been married to her arse of a husband. A marriage in name only, never seen in the same places at the same time, communication by written notes. But then their beginning was NOT the stuff of romantic novels. James Noble, Earl of Wynn, cannot abide his wife. Now, however, he knows it’s time they produce the required heir. How does he announce this to his wife? By a written note of course. Not one of his best moves, but then when it comes to his wife none of them are–from their first meeting at a young age to their second meeting years later. Will a note of admiration, a jack arse of a friend, & a few well-placed jabs from a meddling uncle be enough to make James & Charlotte thaw out their hearts. Or will a supposed betrayal separate them forever? Another wonderful story by Rose Gordon. A well written beginning will catch the readers attentionn & doesn’t stop until “The End” is written. Ruined by a Lady by Jane Charles The last thing Samuel Storm expected to see while attending a friend’s wedding in London is the live version of the goddess from his most prized painting. Surprised to learn the identity of the woman with sad eyes Samuel now longs to know the woman who holds such sadness & will stop at nothing to achieve his goal despite the hatred flowing from her father & the warnings from his friends. A naive mistake made in her youth, one she is not allowed to forget; a mistake that she thought was taken care of with the exception of one remaining canvas & the family who owns it, a family she did a terrible injustice to while trying to please her father. All leads to a lifetime of making up for said naïve mistake a lifetime that Lady Jillian Simpson has resigned herself to. That is until a handsome gentleman approaches her at the wedding ball; a ball where Jillian’s world could rip apart. Follow along as Samuel inserts himself into Jillian’s life in hopes of getting to know her better while Jillian does her best to rebuff all Samuel’s attempts in fear of what her father will do. As Jillian learns there is more to her life than her father’s dictates & starts to live a little. A beautiful tale by Jane Charles that will have the reader rooting for Samuel, despising Jillian’s former antics while coming to understand why she has done the things she has, & cheering as a beautiful transformation takes place. One Less Lonely Earl by Samantha Grace Failing crops; decimated flocks; an uncooperative, demanding widow; & family & tenants relying on him to put food on their tables. That’s what Colin MacBride, Earl of Blackwood, inherited upon the death of his older brother; all of which have taken their toll. Knowing the Duke of Danby’s reputation but desperate to save his flocks Colin answers a summons from his hated neighbor. However, Colin goes in with a plan of his own to avoid Danby’s parson’s trap. After all, the last thing he needs is another mouth to feed. Imagine his shock when the Duke agrees to Colin’s deal with stipulations of his own but Colin needs to remain alert because you never know what the Duke of Danby has up his sleeve. After her disastrous London season Meredith Halliday is determined to take a position as a governess much to her sister’s dismay & with the help of the Duke of Danby, she does just that. How will she react when she finds out the Duke’s true plans? An entertaining & oft times funny story by talented Samantha Grace.