E.V.A.IN.E.: Book 1 There Was a Place

E.V.A.IN.E.: Book 1 There Was a Place

by Jackson Burrows


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Set within their spiral galaxy, between the expanse waves of Mira and Axis Prime, an exploring society called Deneva has created the answer to a harmonious continuance in the universe. One citizen of remarkable insight and intelligence, Dr. Shesgal Ollemanhalu, has created a transferable, virtual representative from his doctorate work in the natural world to aid his people in establishing the natural development of genesis in order to save his race. He names his virtual creation, E.V.A.IN.E. She is the carryover of Shesgal’s doctorate breakthrough in behavioral progression that leads to transcendence. The revelation which was meant only for his world becomes Shesgal’s remarkable change to life in the universe. It is known by the greater name of E.V.A.IN.E. World Foundation. In the search for fulfillment beyond their own survival, others, along with Shesgal would develop nature’s greatest creation, a superior being of transcendent capability who can lead them all into their place of higher belief in the universe.

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ISBN-13: 9781684090525
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 09/20/2016
Pages: 508
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.13(d)

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A strong young woman stood separate before her village as the new days rising sun was about to break the horizon. Her voice is heard to sing a verse of power to her chosen one and her tribe. As she sings they respond in kind for they had accepted what had been demanded of her. As she heard them return her chant she would add her next verse and so did they follow. For not the last time would they so cry to her and her chosen one:

Queen Stay Mornings Light sings Her tribes' children reply Shish lau mece roos Auo nauck te nuesse
'Listen now my children' 'We have come to witness'
Vanar rec ovum Auo sen noss mana-a-a
'Vows are meant to be broken' 'We will not fail you-u-u'
Mece sancs tuus atoom Auo sen met shaw-n-n-n
'My prayers have been answered' 'We will all cry-y-y'
Shawn met ances byolt Auo sen noss lama-a-n-te
'Cry my spirit twofold' 'We will not grieve-e-e'
Soous et tauck Auo sen noss rue
'Though I must kill' 'We will not feel shame'
Mee tanin ner restin Auo sen noss loon-n-ne
'Our future must have change' 'We will not fall-l-l'

The queen turns to face the sun. The children follow her example.

Mee tanin mem unnin lea Auo sen ra luss
'Our future is remade for us' 'We will be as never before'
Et heraic moninare Auo sen tee loc narruns
'I call you to witness to live this way' 'We will until the end of time'

The spell continued to be chanted as the new sun's breaking rays illuminated the ground on which they stood. She looked down on them from above her elevated crown of the hill that marked her village's center; her face adorned in a mask for the first time of vertical red and white painted stripes; she was revealed in her majesty of all consuming power. They, mystified inside the command of her moment in time over them, returned their stares from lower down at the foot of the slope of the hill. These were the first ones who were to be converted but not the last who would be subjugated. A new conversion is an awe of beauty to behold and a dangerous future to put your foot upon. Her mother and father had not understood and had been left behind. Their last breath having her name spoken in pity and regret. If they would not accept and strive with her to make such a belief arrive in growing strength, they would not be a further hindrance to be considered in her life. Just as would all, she had decided, who clung to the old ways of blind servitude to their fathers ancestor time which went beyond devotion.

So she had told herself to justify her parents hurt and pacify the blindness of her ambitious action. So it is with all flames of the heart when suddenly released from its center. Burning away the restricting bonds that try to contain it while coming closer to extending beyond the combustible fringe. It spreads with no thought to what may happen to its own being. It never considers if in doing so nothing might remain to feed it once its power has breached its consumption rate to exceed what it needs to exist. It only knows to consume and grow in a hurrying of its unquenchable exhilaration to reach ever higher realms. Releasing the exchange of heat's passion to arrive as a towering flame only to, in the end, burn itself out just as it reaches the heights. The beginning is the brightest moment of the future and a never ending realization to the thoughts of those caught up in its immediate rewards. Why can't it last you may ask? Why must it inevitably pass away? You may as well ask why a flower of such incredible beauty one day, surprises the observer with its fading the next? The answer is all things, with rare exception, cannot promise continuity beyond the extension of its defined physical properties. They are set by the eternal laws that form the basis of the existence to life; that which had no alternative and governed us all by its immutable laws.

Far from this world a race of once desperate people had fallen and recovered within this dictate but had sought the answer for a more permanent exchange. It came by an unexpected turn of occurrences. They had found the promise. One individual having been given a glimpse of a transcending love into what became their united hope for the future. Though profound, it was just a peek mind you into the greater creation of that which would become their ultimate salvation. A power that was brought to other worlds that ended for all time the destructive mannerisms that collapse all civilizations. And the unexplored worlds they would subsequently seek to encounter and protect came at a later time in the E.V.A.IN.E. entity's self-developing illumination. They went into this new philosophy by first killing what they had been. It had not been an easy decision to reconcile since to follow what one knows as familiar can be faced easier than what one does not. But when in face to face conflict with ones hopes on the one hand and the well-known ruin of destruction on the other, one is willing to take the risk. And so the event speeds faithfully to its own ends all the while separately hope stands as a tower of strength if it should falter.

Forces have come here on the next world of their indoctrination where there will be a formidable challenge. Those who will survive on one side and the ones who will not on the other. And the unknowable figure of love stands in between watching. Observing and recording. For it feels it is not permitted to become involved with what exists outside of its disembodied life. It has an arbitrary and neutral interpretation at best to what it sees but that is the only requisite permitted. Similarly its own creation cannot be defined by any other who may by chance notice its objectivity. So, both of the catalysts have come to a drawn line. On one side stands the organic purity of a developing race's representative along with its synthetic virtual entity who holds on to the other. The introduction of the two will have to wait while each of the other gives their selves to the heart of the other. Only at the right moment of compassion moving the heart to mercy will they be granted the permission to enter the circle of the other. Until such time that these decisions alter the present perception of choices, the three powers that originated on this planet all remain in hushed anticipation to the intrusion on their existence. A primal force overlooked by the Denevan explorers for the colonization.

How else does evolution continue if not by the success or failure by the participants own choices or the uncommon? There have been many before; countless numbers who have run the race and been found not able to measure up to the judgment of their choices with nature and time. This new colonized world will face the ages old trials of honor and devotion to love and, just perhaps, it will be enough to forestall the approach of the inescapable arm of extinction. For no one gets a second chance to their choices of what paradise is in the world they have voiced and created. You must be warned; for once you have said the words of your choice you will take such a choice to your grave. For better or for the worse.

It is now time, beautiful one of the waterfall who sleeps on the old forest world. Say you the words that will change what was, what is now, and what the future will be.

Home World of Deneva

The Creation's Longevity Sustainment

E.xtended V.irtual A.rtificial IN.telligence E.ntity

"In the beginning, before colonization of the galaxy, I endeavored to produce a replacement for harmonious growth ..."

-Personal notes of Shesgal Ollemanhalu, PH.D. of Societal Biology and Organic Engineering

RECONSTRUCTION TEST # 29- "Virtual world continuance of E.V.A.IN.E.'s viability has taken place within the time line required. Final break through has been achieved. I feel it is no longer a need to call it hypothetical."

-Personal Notes of Dr. Shesgal Ollemanhalu


E.V.A.IN.E. opened her sea gray windows to observe her expectant father. She began her opening statement developed for her before her watchful creator on Deneva. He who had struggled and sacrificed his sanity to bring his creation this far. She was gaining a completed intergraded form and construct that was more resistant to deconstruction when in the informational stream of the newly developed teleports engine. The vocal philosophy she would represent and speak was near complete in the reciting. Only the refinement of balancing the rhyme with the tonal inflection of her words cadence was requiring adjustment. The rapture of her initial draw was for all intents perfected in its main points. Shesgal had had to pull back on her images first prototype so as to not over exceed what the senses could tolerate and still recover from. Only a finer assessment to the triple sequence of the geometry of the basic golden rule of measurement would be needed to acquire a balance to proceed from. What the creator of her form sought was to organize the physical senses of his race in line with the effect of the rapture that could be tolerated by the ones who would be bonded to her service.

Shesgal set the experiment to run from its starting point yet again. E.V.A.IN.E. repeated the rhyme once more developed by her creator that would be her own method of interplay with the ones she would guide and counsel. Shesgal looked for flaws in the beauty of the rhyme that he may have missed in the many previous tests he had conducted. The re-programing of his creation had continued longer than he had thought was necessary. For when he would consider the final development of her visage arrived at, he would see a small adjustment that would improve what had seemed already refined to complete purity. Fascinatingly he would watch her evolve and see yet another layer of her creation analytically draw itself into existence with her ongoing productivity. As her image readjusted along came its affects that would open like the growing unfurling of flower petals. His virtual daughter would produce another fractal arrangement unexpectedly; another embellishment to add to the previous construct. Liken unto a sculpture that molds and polishes a part here and there. Where before the hidden result was never perceived to be noticed among the already standing perfection until the act resulted in another gift of building on the offering beauty still developing.

Was she the one truly in control of the developing sub-routines and not him? As if, voluntarily on own her, was offering him a choice? What had been at one time beyond any further consideration by him to what was such a perfected presentation of her projection continued to surprise even his own formalized expectations. As he watched the sequences of her improvements she perpetually with no finalization in his assumed preconceptions of her, would unfurl yet another refinement. Each time he ran her formula from its start once again to its finish there would be a new beckoning accent for him to consider. He wasn't sure if he was losing his mind to his methodology or to the long hours working from one point of her form to the other that had taken years. His reoccurring methodology of going forward and back again had taken its price on him. Just as Dr. Chanis his working confederate had warned him of becoming if he did not give himself rest. He had reached the maximum of tolerance many times before in the developing design of her form and again he found himself returning as he could not come to a completion. He was being led deeper and deeper into his creation. Was he or she the developer of her rapture?

Through all previous breakthrough points occurring in her construction, he had to recover in between his attempts in spite of his enthusiasm. And half rested still unable to remove himself from his work, set out once more. He would become overly tired from his experience to remain functioning but once he started again he was energized with her ability to overwhelm him. He felt the depletion from the pressure afterwards. While in the fringe of the rapture he was not able to depart for food or rest but would remain at his design console where he applied the next addition to her self-momentum. He told himself, at re-occurring moments amid his amazement, she must be a new form of life. In checking his analysis's disregard to such an outcome of probable danger, the finalizing of her geometry was lending itself to a fractal entity that brought with it other never seen before properties. Was this altered assumption of his a form of madness? That it was possible that he was totally within the rapture and only thought he was the only one responsible for adding his own adjustments? He would become concerned as a part of him cautioned him, 'he may not be in control of his bias any longer much less his ability to remain in control of his sense of direction to established safety protocols'. He had seen neurotic insanity before and the victim was always oblivious to what was happening. They had responded to the question of their actions that they had opened a door to rightness. Nothing could have been further from the truth when the evidence showed the societal break in their motives.

Because of this documented research in his field of societal biology, when he would review the coded formulas of his creation from the first construction of her artifice to the present, he was somewhat relieved in the created entity's passiveness. There were no markers there in her growth that even hinted at a mutation. And if not for the cross referencing in his notes to this probable progression there was quantitative evidence supporting his direct involvement to control each of the refinements that were applied.

But he still had his doubt for something about the hint of her unforeseen participation had not been sufficiently answered to his complete satisfaction in how it was occurring. There could be an awareness developing. It was possible a beginning to contemplation by her to her identity that was being allowed by the self-learning aspect needed for programing her longevity. If so he could sub-program this aspect of her development for her access to be inserted at a later stage of her development. This toying with his intellect was entertaining to him and he decided it may be used to fall back on as a self-preservation aspect for her form to be introduced at a later period. But his ordered mannerisms told him that it was just an oddity unexplainable at present. His time spent in the search for the answers to his creation's totality was proclaimed seemingly impossible for such a case relating to virtual life. He was stepping on never before seen or developed sciences to the depth he now involved himself. The rewards to his efforts were coming rapidly now that he had broken the seal of her secret makeup. Especially so early on in her creation. Still the fascination of such a thing excited him and he made note of it so as to refer to variables of external criteria when his creation developed that vulnerability and needed a deeper layer afforded to her protection.

The on-going experimentation would be run through as long as it was necessary. And after he witnessed to confirm one last additional embellishment, he would press the laws of reality for verification of the creations longevity. He was the originator of her potent capacity and creator of the forms draw. But he had not thought a spontaneous cooperation could voluntarily come into play from her created entity. He wasn't able to comprehend just how this was happening yet. The prompted suggestions were as far as he could observe beneficial and not an impediment to the approaching final result.

Looking back it was the first of many subtle side effects that would later arrange to lead him and then come back to check and see if he followed this path and so wait for him to choose and apply the offered suggestion. Once he approved the additions she would rotate in the design engines field symmetrically and present to him her latest refinement. He would then find himself as if he too was elevated next to her side as the rapture affect grew in strength to envelope him at his engineer's drafting screen. His mind would transport him within the aura of her projection to an arms distance of her virtual gaze as if they were dancing. As a father dances the ritual gift time with his daughter at her wedding, Dr. Shesgal Ollemanhalu would come to be known as her father and their Great Guardian. The one responsible for her immaculate conception that all surrendered before.

Only much later would the rapture he experienced repeatedly from the artifice be comprehended and understood by him. She was as having a replicated sentience near as to a soul than like any other living person perceived by him. The greater population would have to be seen by her just so for the chance of the reconstruction of his civilization to succeed. But Shesgal knew as her creator that she was for all their purposes a virtual and therein laid the contradiction to his scientists' training for objectivity. He had not foreseen the alternate turns that his investigation into the probabilities of creating her artificial life would produce. But none the less her significance would garner the needed power to save them. In her radiance a way would come to point to their survival if they would only continue to believe once the rapture had left them in introspection.


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