Evaluation Illustrated: This is not an evaluation textbook.

Evaluation Illustrated: This is not an evaluation textbook.

by Chris Lysy


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This is not an evaluation textbook.

It is not going to teach you how to specify key evaluation questions. Or show you how to manage an evaluation. Or give you the definition for what is evaluation.

By picking up this book you are not going to learn how to do a cost-benefit analysis. There is no well-researched discussion on culturally responsive evaluation. This book will not help you differentiate between measurement and evaluation. You will not learn how to choose between formative, summative, and developmental evaluation. It will not teach you how to visualize data or tell data stories. This book will not make your reports better.This is not a book written by Peter Rossi, Donna Mertens, Michael Quinn Patton, or Michael Scriven.

It is a book of cartoons. These cartoons were drawn by an evaluator named Chris Lysy for an evaluation audience. They originally appeared at some time or another on a blog called freshspectrum.

You may have seen some of these cartoons on social media. You may have seen some in evaluation presentations. Or you may have seen some of these cartoons in textbooks written by people who have the kinds of credentials you might want if you were to publish some type of evaluation textbook.This book may help you explain evaluation or at least start a conversation.

  • Some of the cartoons tackle evaluation methods.
  • Some tackle ethical challenges.
  • Some cartoons make light of serious situations.It is the kind of book you give to a friend or colleague who has no clue what evaluation is or what evaluators do for a living.
  • It is the type of book you buy for an evaluation student. Because all the other books that introduce these topics cannot help but be a bit dry.
  • It is the book you give to all your clients. Not because they will find the jokes funny, they probably will not. But it will help you start a conversation.
  • It is the type of must have book for any evaluator.
  • It is the kind of book where you decide to buy two copies. One to read and the other so that you can tear out the pages and hang them on your cubicle wall.
  • This is the book you buy to make your evaluation presentations more fun, because in addition to having all of these cartoons to read and show off, you also get digital versions you can download and share royalty-free.

So no, this is not an evaluation textbook. But it is an evaluation book you should buy.

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Publisher: Indy Pub
Publication date: 08/27/2020
Pages: 124
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