Evaluation Studies Review Annual

Evaluation Studies Review Annual

by Linda H. Aiken, Barbara H. Kehrer


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ISBN-13: 9780803925069
Publisher: SAGE Publications
Publication date: 08/01/1985
Series: Evaluation Studies Review Yearbook Series , #10
Pages: 728
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 1.50(h) x 9.50(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction - Linda H Aiken and Barbara H Kehrer
The Changing Role of Social Experiments in Policy Analysis - David Greenberg and Philip Robins
Some Interim Results from a Controlled Trial of Cost Sharing in Health Insurance - Joseph P Newhouse et al
The Effect of Soinsurance on the Health of Adults - Robert H Brook et al
Results from the Rand Health Insurance Experiment
A Controlled Trial of the Effect of a Prepaid Group Practice on Use of Services - Willard G Manning et al
The Regionalization of Perinatal Services - Marie C Mc Cormick, Sam Shapiro, and Barbara H Starfield
Summary of the Evaluation of a National Demonstration Program
Hospital-Sponsored Primary Care - Stephen M Shortell, Thomas M Wickizer, and John R C Wheeler
Organizational and Financial Effects
Hospital-Sponsored Primary Care - Lu Ann Aday et al
Impact on Patient Access
An Alternative in Terminal Care - David S Greer et al
Results of the National Hospice Study
A Randomised Controlled Trial of Hospice Care - Robert L Kane et al
WIC Participation and Pregnancy Outcomes - Milton Kotelchuck et al
Massachussetts Statewide Evaluation Project
Some Comments on the Massachussetts WIC Evaluation - David Rush
Response to David Rush's Comments - Milton Kotelchuck et al
Science and Social Policy - Alfred Yankauer
The Cost and Effectiveness of School-Based Preventive Dental Care - Stephen P Klein et al
The Efficiency of Caries Prevention with Weekly Fluoride Mouthrinses - John W Stamm et al
A Review Essay — Comparisons of Public and Private Schools - Richard J Murnane
Lessons from the Uproar
Comparing Public and Private Schools - Richard J Murnane, Stuart Newstead, and Randall J Olsen
The Puzzling Role of Selectivity Bias
The Effects of Early Education on Children's Competence in Elementary School - Martha B Bronson, Donald E Pierson, and Terrence Tivnan
Changed Lives — The Effects of the Perry Preschool Program on Youths Through Age 19 - John R Berrueta-Clement, W Steven Barnett, and David P Weikart
Reviewing and Interpreting Study Outcomes over Time
Unintended Consequences - Susan Rose-Ackerman
Regulating the Quality of Subsidized Day Care
Overview of the Seattle-Denver Income Maintenance Experiment Final Report - US Department of Health and Human Services
The Effect of CETA on the Postprogram Earnings of Participants - Laurie J Bassi
The Youth Entitlement Demonstration - George Farkas, D Alton Smith, and Ernst W Stromsdorfer
Subsidized Employment with a Schooling Requirement
Information and Knowledge Development Potential - James F Gilsinan
The Public vs Private Sector Jobs Demonstration Project
Experimental Housing Allowance Program - Joseph Friedman and Daniel H Weinberg
History and Overview
The Supply Experiment - Ira S Lowry
Public Subsidies for Rental Housing Rehabilitation - F Stevens Redburn
A Productivity Analysis
The Pennsylvania Domiciliary Care Experiment - Sylvia Sherwood and John N Morris
I Impact on Quality of Life
Pennsylvania's Domiciliary Care Experiment - Hirsch S Ruchlin and John N Morris
II Cost-Benefit Implications
The Effects of a New Subway Line on Housing Prices in Metropolitan Toronto - Vladimir Bajic
Impacts of Subsidies on the Costs of Urban Public Transport - John Pucher, Anders Markstedt, and Ira Hirschman
The Efficacy and Cost-Effectiveness of Vehicle Inspection - Peter D Loeb and Benjamin Gilad
A State Specific Analysis Using Time Series Data
Juvenile Diversion - D Wayne Osgood and Hart F Weichselbaum
When Practice Matches Theory
Pretrial Release in Federal Courts - William Rhodes and Shelley Matsuba
A Structural Model with Selectivity and Qualitative Dependent Variables
The Specific Deterrent Effects of Arrest for Domestic Assault - Lawrence W Sherman and Richard A Berk
Ex-Offender Employment, Recidivism, and Manpower Policy - James B Jacobs, Richard Mc Gahey, and Robert Minion
CETA, TJTC, and Future Initiatives
Using Experimental Methods to Evaluate Demonstration Projects - Larry L Orr
Determining Participation in Income-Tested Social Programs - Orley Ashenfelter
Policy Implications of Using Significance Tests in Evaluation Research - Anne L Schnieder and Robert E Darcy
Methodological Issues in Health Surveys - Marc L Berk, Gail R Wilensky, and Steven B Cohen
An Evaluation of Procedures Used in the National Medical Care Expenditure Survey
Methodological Issues in the Meta-Analysis of Quasi-Experiments - Fred B Bryant and Paul M Wortman
An Analysis of Psychotherapy Versus Placebo Studies - Leslie Prioleau, Martha Murdock, and Nathan Brody
Policy Lessons from Three Labor Market Experiments - Gary Burtless and Robert H Haveman
Free Care, Cholestyramine, and Health Policy - David U Himmelstein and Steffie Woolhandler
The Day Care Triangle - Gordon H Lewis
Unexpected Outcomes When Programs Interact
The Missing Link in Applied Social Science - Richard P Nathan
Evaluation Research and Public Policy - Linda H Aiken
Lessons from the National Hospice Study

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