Evangelical Faith Movement in Ethiopia: Origins and Establishment of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus

Evangelical Faith Movement in Ethiopia: Origins and Establishment of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus



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ISBN-13: 9781932688399
Publisher: Lutheran University Press
Publication date: 07/28/2009
Pages: 196
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.75(d)

Table of Contents

Preface to the English Edition 7

Preface to the Amharic Edition 11

Foreword 13

Chapter 1 Christianity in Ancient Ethiopia 15

Geography and the People 15

The Pre-Christian Religions 21

The Eunuch of Queen Candace and Philip the Apostle 25

The Introduction of Christianity to Axum 26

The Syrian Monks and Expansion of Christianity 28

The Contributions of the Zagwe Kings 30

Christianity in Mediaeval Ethiopia 31

Chapter 2 Christian Reformation Movements in Europe 35

Martin Luther and Protestantism 35

Reformation Movements from Augsburg to Augsburg (1518-1555) 41

The Development of the Protestant Church 42

The Protestant Confession of Faith Presented to the Diet of Augsburg 43

The Thirty Years War Ensuing from the Augsburg Peace (1618-1648) 45

Reform Movements in the Ethiopian Church, Fourteenth to the Sixteenth Centuries 46

Chapter 3 The Expansion of Islam and Christianity in Medieval Ethiopia 50

The Weakening of Medieval Ethiopia's Contacts with the Outside World 50

The Ethiopian Wars of the Sixteenth Century Provides an Opening for Jesuits 54

The Rejection of the Jesuit Teaching 57

Susenyos's Acceptance of Roman Catholicism 58

Susenyos's Deposed for Accepting Roman Catholicism 60

Expulsion of Jesuit Missionaries from Ethiopia 61

Problems Emanating from the Jesuit Interlude 62

Chapter 4 Protestant Revival Movement and Mission Organizations in Europe 64

Spiritual Revival and the Emergence of Protestant Mission Organizations in Europe 65

The Danish Halle Mission 66

The Moravian Brothers Missionary Church 67

The Church Missionary Society 67

The German Hermannsburg Mission 68

The Swedish Evangelical Mission 69

The Norwegian LutheranMission 70

The United Presbyterian Church of North American Mission 71

The American Lutheran Mission 72

The Danish Evangelical Mission 73

Chapter 5 Protestant Missionaries in Ethiopia 74

Protestant Missionary Perceptions of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church 74

Objectives of Protestant Missionaries in Ethiopia 78

Protestant Missionary Attempts to Revitalize the Ethiopian Orthodox Church 80

Translating, Distributing, and Teaching Holy Scriptures 81

Integrated Missionary Activities 83

Chapter 6 The Impact of the Renewal Effort and a New Missionary Vision 85

Early Missionary Knowledge about the Oromo 94

The Vision of Missionaries to Reach the Oromo with the Gospel 98

Prohibition of Missionaries from Reaching the Oromo People 100

Chapter 7 Socioeconomic Conditions and Religious Traditions in Southern Ethiopia 102

Expansion of the Kingdoms of Shawa and Gojjam 103

Intensification of the Slave Trade 107

Traditional Religions of the Peoples of Southern Ethiopia 111

Islam among the Oromo and Peoples of Southern Ethiopia 117

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Southern Ethiopia 120

Chapter 8 Protestant Missionary Ventures into Oromo Areas 128

The Swedish Evangelical Mission 128

The United American Presbyterian Church Mission 137

The German Hermannsburg Mission 141

Indigenous Missionaries 149

Oromo Protestant Missionaries 152

Contributions of Evangelicals within the Orthodox Church 156

Chapter 9 Mission Organizations in Ethiopia before the Italian Occupation 163

The Falasha Mission 163

The Swedish Mission Bible True Friends 166

The Seventh Day Adventist Mission 168

The Sudan Interior Mission 169

The Bible Churchmen's Missionary Society 171

The Swedish Evangelical Mission at Adwa 173

Chapter 10 Protestant Missionaries and Local Evangelicals during the Italian Occupation 177

Expulsion of Missionaries and Emergence of Local Evangelical Leaders 178

Evangelical Christians during the Occupation 185

Conditions of Evangelical Christians in Wallaga 186

Conditions of Evangelical Christians in Addis Ababa and Adwa 195

Conditions of Evangelical Christians in Kambata, Hadiya and Walayita 198

Chapter 11 Ethiopian Evangelicals and Protestant Missionaries in Post-Liberation Ethiopia 200

Cooperation among Ethiopia Evangelicals in the Post-occupation Period 202

The Council of Ethiopian Evangelical Churches (1944-1958) 205

Return of the Former Missionaries 209

The Decree Regulating Mission Activities in Ethiopia 210

New Lutheran Missions in Post War Ethiopia 215

The Norwegian Lutheran Mission 215

The Danish Evangelical Mission 219

The American Lutheran Mission 220

The Impact of the Missionaries on the Council of Ethiopia Evangelical Churches 223

The Ethiopia Lutheran Missions Committee 224

The Prospect of a Unified Ethiopian Evangelical Church Declines 225

Chapter 12 The Establishment of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus 229

The Contributions of the Lutheran Missions Committee 231

Ethiopian Lutherans Meet World Lutherans 234

Opposition to a National Ethiopian Evangelical Church 238

Drafting Constitution and Byelaws of a National Evangelical Church 244

Founding Conference of the EECMY 250

Endnotes 255

Bibliography 281

Index 291

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