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Even More Journeys of a Lifetime

Even More Journeys of a Lifetime

by Len Coates


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When I wrote my first book “Journeys of a Lifetime” in 2004, it reflected how dreams of mine—of visiting unknown places in the UK, countries across the North Sea in Europe, and seemingly far-off continents of America, Africa, Asia, and Australia—became a reality.

That was mainly due to the advent of air travel, package holidays, and the massive growth of international travel in the second half of the twentieth century.

Nine years on from that book, in my second book, our traveling had continued, and in that time, having seen the arrival of four grandchildren, naturally they have joined in some of the journeys. At that time, our fourth grandchild just made the book with her name and date and place of birth.

Naturally, there was a need for another book so that she, as well as her brother and cousins, will all be able to read as they get older about their grandparents’ travels, and in particular, some of which included them.

Although places visited in the three years since the last book include some return trips to old favorites, this book reflects only the new places visited. In particular, India, the Middle East, the Far East, Eastern Europe, and nearer home the beautiful Northeast England, it reflects the visits of the grandchildren, featured more this time.

As we now have two grandchildren living in the Costa del Sol, as well as the Aussie part of the family, Spain, and Australia are now regular destinations. Although the UK is much smaller in area than those two countries, it is packed with wonderful places to visit, so trips at home are still often very much included in our travels.

Added to that, cruising has taken off in the last decade a bit like package deals to Europe did in the 1960s and has provided a very enjoyable new dimension to the journeys made. Cruises are featured several times in this book.

“More Journeys of a Lifetime” and now “Even More Journeys of a Lifetime” reflect the further growth in long-haul travel and the massive increase in cruising. Hope you enjoy my further travels around this small world of ours, going on from those early dreams of mine and continuing to do so!

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