Evening Time Laborers: Resurrection of Hitler

Evening Time Laborers: Resurrection of Hitler

by Gary Wilson

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Evening Time Laborers: Resurrection of Hitler by Gary Wilson

This novel is about how we are in the evening time according to the Bible; the evening time is not corresponding to the natural time when the sun starts to go down, but this book is revealing how spiritual darkness will start to overtake the world before Jesus comes for his church. The prophecies that the Bible predicts are arranged in the novel to show how these prophecies will affect people and what Christians will go through whereas the enemy starts to encroach his wickedness and power against God’s people to take control of the whole entire world. The Bible already tells us what is going to happen in the last days before his imminent return; a group called the Evening Time Laborers are going to stand against the powers of hell and share the gospel to a lost world, but they are running out of time. They are going to labor in the evening time while the anti-Christ is starting to expose himself and is trying to take his seat as a one world leader for seven years; this new leader is no other but Hitler resurrected. The End Time Laborers are faced with reaching the world before the anti-Christ; this fiction novel is filled with action, romance, and excitement; and these are some of the things people will experience as we draw closer to the end time. The Bible has several scriptures about prophecy that the world will face in the near future; even Jesus warns in the book of Matthew chapter 24 that natural disasters would happen before he comes to take his church. Mother Nature will go off course for no apparent reason and many signs and wonders will start to appear as a sign to warn people of his soon return. Many bible scholars and ministers have different interpretations about the rapture; some believe the rapture will come before the Great Tribulation and others believe the rapture will come in the middle of the tribulation while others believe the rapture will come at the end of the Great tribulation. You have to research on your own and make your own decision when Jesus will return for his church; I am not going to give my opinion on which one is right, but one thing is certain. Jesus is going to return for his church and the Great Tribulation is just around the corner. In-addition, the Great Tribulation will last seven years and during this time; the Anti-Christ will reign as a King of the whole entire world, and he will try to get everybody to worship him as God, and receive his mark that is 666. If the rapture happens in the middle or end of the tribulation; many Christians will suffer and be executed without mercy according to the book of Revelation. This dramatized noel will reveal the importance of laboring before darkness takes over because trying to work for Christ during the Tribulation will be almost impossible.

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