Events and Personalities in Polish History

Events and Personalities in Polish History

by Paul Super


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EVENTS AND PERSONALITIES IN POLISH HISTORYBY PAUL SUPERCONTENTS On the pronunciation of Polish names Chapter 1 During the Rise of Poland The conversion of Poland to Christianity Boleslaw the Brave, first crowned King of Poland The thread of the story The Teutonic Knights The Tartar Invasions Kazimierz, well called the Great Queen Jadwiga, who sacrificed self and founded an Empire The battle of Grunwald, the defeat of the Teutonic Knights The Act of Horod, a unique treaty Wit Stwosz, mediaeval sculptor Chapter 2 During Polands Golden Age King Zygmunt I, peace and enlightenment Queen Bona Zygmunt II August The Reformation in Poland The Union of Lublin Four stars in the sixteenth century firmament Jan Zamoyski, greatest Pole of Polands greatest age The election of Henry of Valois Stefan Batory, king indeed The long reign of Zygmunt III Warsaw becomes the capital A Polish prince is Czar of Russia Poland reaches its greatest extent Chapter 3. During the Decline and Fall The Cossack and Tartar wars First use of the liberum veto The Swedish invasion Jan Sobieski saves Vienna August II, Polands worst king Stanislaw Poniatowski, Polands last king The Bar Confederation and General Pulaski The first partition of Poland The Educational Commission The Constitution of the Third of May, 75 The second and third partitions Kosciusz ko Chapter 4. During the Period of the Partitions Prince Jozef Poniatowski and Napoleon The Uprising of 1830 The movement for Independence The Uprising of 1863 The preservation of the Polish spirit Adam Mickiewicz, poet Jan Matejko, painter, Henryk Sienkiewicz, novelist Interpreters of Polish spirit through music Fryderyk Chopin Stanislaw Moniuszko Ignacy Jan Paderewski The spirit of Polish youth Chapter 5 The World War and the Great Deliverance Marshal Jozef Pilsudski, creator of modern Poland Conclusion References for further reading

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