Ever Changing Original Story: White Wolf

Ever Changing Original Story: White Wolf

by Michael Godey


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Illustrated Story: Synopsis Each character in this story embarks on a journey born from a sense that something is missing from their lives. The creatures, including Wolf, Raven, and Coyote, with the help of the Mother of Change, have the ability to journey into the dream states of the humans, through which all discover the meaning of change and growth through knowledge. The characters, both animal and human, question their natures, their needs, and their desires in an effort to develop an understanding about how each of their stories is interrelated, and further, how each story is part of the most fundamental story of all, that of the earth and the universe. The story begins with Wolf, which discovers Dog and Coyote feel too something is missing. Coyote when told by Mother of Change enters into a man's, Watcher of the Dog's, dream. Coyote discovers there was an original story. Wolf, dog and coyote agree to find the story only to discover whoever were those who wrote it did not agree on what it was even as the created it. These dreams revealed the story could only be understood by being felt. Their dreams and feelings revealed the story was still being created by them, as well as all creation. Wolf and dog noticed the story was being created unblessed. As creators of the story and they must create blessed stories. But Coyote is disappointed because she wanted to know the story exactly as it is, line for line, exactly as it began. Coyote returns to Watcher of the Dogs and in her dreams she sees him drawing the sounds of the wind. He draws shapes-hearts, circles, lines, even coyote-which become images of the "sights of Creation as they dance out of the hearts of the Great Circle and Star". Coyote began to understand she is part of the changing story which changed even as it was first told. Wolf continues to dream another part of the story where near Watcher of the Dog's house grows a great city at the foot of a great mountain by the river. The city's desires stress the river and the mountain. Watcher of the Dogs' children had learned how to forget. They danced and sang. They awoke and saw the sadness they created and had written unblessed stores of pain and war. They knew they must heal the mountain. Soon the three animals entered into the thoughts and dreams of men. Men began to let go of their most greedy wants. Along with the help of Mother of Change men begin to change their intentions. Soon the city was filled with blessed prayers. The animals could see the prayers in the sky. Dogs and wolf's action not only transformed men but both animals. The ravens begin to further assist man in creating blessed prayers and dissolving unblessed stories. The ravens succeeded in changing the hearts of men a few at a time, including the rulers with the assistance of the Watcher of the Dogs and the Mother of Change who transformed the rulers into clowns. As clowns they become better rulers, for they would now help transform others to better rule themselves without rulers. Finely the mountain, sky and river cleansed the land as the people watched. Unlike previous times they were not destroyed by the cleansing flood but watched it from the renewed mountain. The rulers threw their useless crowns into the river where someday their children would rediscover the jewels that were once in the crowns. Last they as well as all creation learned as they created more blessed prayers their actions became their prayers. At last the ever changing original story began anew.

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ISBN-13: 9781511791113
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/18/2015
Series: Ever Changing Original Story , #1
Pages: 28
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.07(d)

About the Author

Michael Godey currently lives in Tajique, New Mexico where he writes stories, writes songs, teaches, and does visual art. He has performed with Kathy Liden and/or solo in Moriarty, Mountainair and Sante Fe, NM, as well as organized various small musical events in the area, several of which were called "Music Until Dusk" Ten Points, Escabosa, NM, in June and on July 9th 2011 A Story that was published "The Imaginary Future of Animals" , the same as the title as the show beginning late May at Eye on The Mountain Gallery, he wrote and was published in "Mosaic, an Anthology", 2010, Bridge House Publishers, UK2010. His visual artwork has been shown in CA, FL, NC, NY, Italy, Iran, and here in New Mexico. For the last 1 ½ years Michael has sketched and make editorial comments of the goings on at the Torrance County Commission Meetings. He received his Master of Fine Arts in painting from the University of Florida in 1980.

The last 14 years have increased Michael's writing, musical and visual art interests in the spirit within animals including humans, of which 11 he has lived in New Mexico. He volunteered with Arts in Medicine, working in residence at Shands Teaching Hospital, 1995-2003. During that time he became a member of "Reflections", Playback Theater Troupe, Exhibition Coordinator for Arts and Medicine Show, Lake City Community College Art Gallery, Lake City FL 1999, artist for Juvenile Diabetic Unit, 1998. He also volunteered as art exhibition coordinator - Gainesville Welcome Center, Gainesville FL, 2003. In 2004, he moved to Tajique, New Mexico.
Music is available on Reverb Nation.
To see political sketches go to "Off the Band Wagon" on Facebook.
He has short story,
Awards include:
-Master Works of New Mexico, Painting - "Ravens and Dogs", Excellence in Abstraction Award, Hispanic Cultural Center, Expo New Mexico, Albuquerque NM, April 3, 2009
-The Depot Kiosk Design contest winner - The Powell Center for Construction and Environment with the City of Gainesville FL, 1999
-Suwannee Valley Regional, Mix Media - Judge's Award, Art Center, Lake City Community College, Lake City, FL. Juried Show, 1988

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