Every Dog Has Its Day

Every Dog Has Its Day


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Every Dog Has Its Day by L.L. Craft, Linda Cappel

Halloween will never be the same again!

A costumed psychotic killer calling herself 'Bad Kitty' is stalking the streets of Providence. She targets unfaithful married men and promises them exquisite pleasure, but delivers only brutal death.

Lead detective Josh Wilson, also a notorious adulterer, is one of her targets. He must race against time to stop her before she kills again. His trap is set, but will the hunter become the prey? Will he catch his elusive cat? Or will Bad Kitty prove that Every Dog Has Its Day?

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

"Police!" Josh hammered on the door. "Open up, now!"

He put his ear near the door, but couldn't hear anything. He rapped again.

"Sir, are you okay in there? Open the..."

"She's going out the window!" a voice cried from inside the room.

Josh stepped back, and kicked the door just under the knob. The force of the impact thrummed up his leg and into his hip as the door splintered and flew open. He stepped forward, gun in both hands, and in a second that seemed frozen in time, took in the scene.

A man was naked and tied to the bed with pink ropes, his erect shaft purple from the sex ring's pressure. At the foot of the bed was their killer. She was dressed in a short, tight leather skirt with knee-high leather boots, and a pink low-cut top. Her black mask covered her upper face, and included a set of pink ears and long pink whiskers.

"Get... Look out!"

As soon as he'd entered, her arm was moving forward. Lamplight caught the silver glint of the long blade as it spun through the air at his face. Josh threw himself awkwardly down and to the left. He landed on his knees, and was already bringing the gun back up when he heard a cry of pain behind him.

He glanced back into the doorway. Matt was on his ass, staring in shock at the long curved knife protruding from his shoulder.

The sound of breaking glass made him whip back. She was crouching on the windowsill. She swung her elbow into the frame, sending both wood and glass exploding out onto the fire escape.

"Get your ass down on the floor, bitch!" Josh leveled the gun at her from his knees. "I said..."

Her hands flashed out, and Josh dove to the side as large shards of glass flew toward him. One sailed over his head, but the second hit the floor and skipped upward toward his face. Josh let momentum roll him onto his back. The glass shattered next to him as he saw her scrambling onto the windowsill.

Josh squeezed off two shots. The first one went wild, hitting the wall to the right of the window. It sent a shower of plaster cascading down over the guy on the bed, who was screaming like someone from a horror movie. The second shot was much closer, hitting the frame just to her right. She yelped as chunks of wood exploded from the window, striking her.

Josh rolled back onto his knees and took aim, but she'd already darted out the window. He jumped to his feet, and turned to check on Matt. His partner had wrapped a handkerchief around the hilt to try and preserve any prints, and was gingerly pulling the knife from his shoulder.
"You all right?" he demanded.

"It didn't go deep. Go get her!"

He jumped to the left of the window, gun extended, looking out onto the platform of the fire escape. Seeing nothing, he spun around, checking the other side. "Wait for backup, then come after me!" he ordered.

He leaped out the window, and looked over the railing. A shadow moving on the alley floor made the hairs on his neck rise. Swiftly he spun to the right and brought his gun up. She was hanging from the bars of the landing above them.

She made a feline mewling sound, and viciously kicked his chest. The impact hurled him back into the railing. Fiery pain lanced through his shoulders and down his legs as he gasped in shock and landed hard on his ass.

Before he could catch his breath, she dropped lightly onto the landing between his outstretched legs. "Hello, doggie," she whispered, her lips curled over her teeth in a feral snarl.

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ISBN-13: 9781537013893
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/30/2016
Pages: 238
Product dimensions: 5.08(w) x 7.80(h) x 0.50(d)

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