Every Man Sees You Naked

Every Man Sees You Naked

by David M. Matthews
4.5 8

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Every Man Sees You Naked 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
schauml96740 More than 1 year ago
Everything you wanted to know about men and were afraid to ask! “Every Man Sees You Naked” by David M. Matthews leads you on a ‘journey through the seamy underbelly of the male mind’. Have you ever wondered why do men not express emotion through talking? What a man is looking for in a woman? Or how do I talk to my man so he understands me? The answers to these questions and more can be found in this compact and witty book. While most books on this topic are written by medical professionals or academicians, this book is written by a different kind of expert. Mr. Matthews’ expertise is based on his experiences as a member of the male species. Therefore, the language is written for a general (albeit female) audience, and is refreshing in its blunt honesty.   The author’s use of wit and sarcasm keeps the tone light and fun. For example, he discusses why men don’t typically express their feelings, with the sole exception being sports events: And the only acceptable outlet for all our emotions is athletic competition…So next time you see two grown men standing in the stadium bleachers, shirtless, painted blue, and hysterically bumping bellies with each other, you’ll understand that this is the male emotional equivalent of a pint of Chunky Monkey and a good cry. May I offer a cautionary note about the language used; it may not be for all ears and eyes as a lot of slang terms for sexual intimacy are employed to get the point across. Those readers with delicate sensitivities have been warned. But in the end, if you are a female in any type of relationship with a man (coworker, friend, boyfriend, husband, etc) this is a good (and perhaps necessary) read.  Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. © 2013 by Laura Schaumberg
bookaddict33 More than 1 year ago
You may be thinking 'Who needs a guide to the way men think?' and I'll admit I thought it too. But then I thought about all the times my husband has baffled me because he didn't understand something or about the silly arguments we get into because of a simple misunderstanding. So, I decided to give David Matthews' book a try and I'm glad I did. In his book, Matthews goes over common myths women have about men, what men want from women, both in bed and in a relationship, dating scenarios, and much more. He answers some questions from real women and some of those answers may just astonish you. Some of Matthews' claims were predictable (Men like sex.) but some just blew me away. Matthews will tell you things most men would deny because they think you wouldn't approve. Matthews is straightforward, entertaining, and brutally honest. He understands the way men and women think and is able to illustrate the differences between the two with examples. He is somehow able to translate between the men thought process and the women thought process. I'm definitely looking forward to reading his next book. While reading Every Man Sees You Naked: An Insider's Guide to How Men Think, there were times that I was surprised, and even appalled at times, by the claims Matthews makes. So, I asked my husband to verify the information I was skeptical of. Of course I had to convince him I wanted his honest answer and promise that I wouldn't get mad at him for anything he said in response. Everything he said reaffirmed what Matthews had claimed. It also opened up some very interesting conversations. Every woman should read Every Man Sees You Naked: An Insider's Guide to How Men Think. You will walk away feeling like you have a better understanding of the men in your life, or at least how they think. It will more than likely help you with your relationships. Before I read this book, I knew that men and women think differently, but I didn't really understand how men think and how their thinking differs from ours. While there may have been a few things I would have been more comfortable not knowing, the vast majority of the information is extremely useful and priceless for any woman in a relationship with a man or wanting to be in one.
crazypsychobooklover More than 1 year ago
Yes Virginia, men can be pigs. But didn't we already know that? Written with truth, humor and more than a bit of satire and pathos, author David Matthews tells us that what we already thought is true; to some degree. Then he further clarifies the why for us all. In an enteraining and enjoyable way, he explains why they think this way, and perhaps how women may also be at fault for this thought process. As a woman, you either know it, accept it and work with and around it, or you spend a lifetime looking for something that doesn't really seem to exist. Does he paint men as shallow, sex-driven critters? Yes. Does this reflect poorly on them? Sure. While many women and probably some men will be insulted and consider this to be a step back for us all, taking exception to everything written; even more of us will laugh and recognize our loved ones and ourselves within. And what's wrong with laughing at human nature now and then? I loved this book, and wish I had come across it years ago, back when I was young, naive and innocent (ok, maybe I was never that naive or innocent)but it can help you take the blinders off and look at the game of relationships and the dating game in a more realistic manner. I heartily recommend it to anyone with a sense of humor about life.
MaryFagan More than 1 year ago
This peek inside the male mind exposes all the raw, outrageous facts you either hoped, or tried to believe, weren't true. And you know what? I'm fine with it. How can you laugh your way uproariously from cover to cover (3 times) and not emerge with some level of acceptance? Yes, when I finally passed the quiz at the end with 100%, I realized once again that knowledge is indeed liberating. You see, it's NOT KNOWING that makes the mysterious unacceptable. Once you understand, you can deal with it. It's that "Aha!" moment that opens the door to clearer communications and logical discussions. Well.at least you're now closer to being on the same page. Yes, it's ruthlessly frank, all crudities included - normally stuff I find offensive. But ya gotta love this guy. Such honesty and incorrigible wit! This was a very attitude-changing experience! David M. Matthews rocks!
janemaritz More than 1 year ago
My first reaction: "Men are jerks! If this is really what they are like, then why waste any time with them?!" My second reaction: "So that's what my husband has been trying to tell me, only in a subtler (or not so subtle) way." And thus went my feelings throughout the book: disgusted, then enlightened, then disgusted again. The book was highly entertaining, well written, easy to read, and humorous. That being said, it was a bit graphic for my taste. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone but a closest friend, let alone actually talk to people about it. Call me pretentious, but I would find it embarrassing. And I wouldn't want to meet the author in person. I would constantly be thinking about what he was thinking about and be completely embarrassed. At least I can live in denial with most guys! On the other hand, this book just might help out a few male/female relationships, or at least open up communication between the man and the woman. Maybe even mine. (Not that men would care about improved communication unless sex is involved.) And if it did that, then this book has deserves a good review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
One of the great struggles in life for women is understanding how men think, and the reasons behind their behavior. In David M. Matthews' Every Man Sees You Naked: An Insider's Guide to How Men Think, this mystery is cleared up for us. Men like sex. This discovery may validate some of the man-haters, but this inside information may come as a shock to some women. Though written by a man, the book is most definitely geared towards women. Not only does the author understand the male mind, he appears to understand the female mind as well. This is shown by the presented scenarios, and the explanations he gives to some of his points as he seems to realize how sensitive and easily offended women can be. Every Man Sees You Naked is divided into several chapters with David giving insight into the various topics that divide men and women. One of the most excellent examples of this is the Mythbusters chapter. Men and women are often accusing and assuming things about each other. Matthews breaks this down by stating the several misconceptions and "setting the record straight." Matthews not only describes why men think and behave the way they do, he also offers speculation into why men and women have such a hard time understanding each other. "Men and women speak a different language." The book is not quite Men Are From Mars, since it's primary aim is not to focus on both men and women. It is aimed at women who want to better understand men. I found Every Man Sees You Naked: An Insider's Guide to How Men Think to be an enjoyable and quick read. There's even a fun quiz to see what you've learned. The book should be read with an open and inquiring mind, and a good sense of humor. Anyone offended with the book and its claims should really just keep reading the first chapter over and over again.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This excellent book is jam-packed with insight. While this author entertains throughout with funny, creative thoughts -- the information provided here is so clear, so useful...and such an eye-opener! Up until now, it's been women, struggling & struggling to understand men without a manual that gives it to us straight. Now we have that manual! In addition to it being entertaining, this book is in a riot of a fast-moving format. I'm thinking this should be 'Required Reading' for any young woman just entering the dating world any woman re-entering the dating world after a long time away, or any close friend or co-worker who is driving you crazy talking endlessly about how much she loves her guy, but just can't understand him or the things he does. Enough already, give her a copy of this book -- and she'll finally get it too!!