Every Man's Essential Guide for Healthy Living: Confidence Around Women

Every Man's Essential Guide for Healthy Living: Confidence Around Women

by Joshua Wilson


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Women LOVE Confident Men...Do You Have Confidence?
This book doesn't presume to know why you want confidence around women. Perhaps you want to get married and live happily ever after. Maybe you become a stumbling idiot whenever a pretty woman is within a twenty-foot radius and seek to fix that. Some no doubt just want to get laid. Whatever your motivation, we'll guide you in marketing yourself to women and engaging them without going to pieces.

What Is Confidence and Why are Women Attracted to It?
Confidence is a feeling that one can rely on something. Will that something be you? Confidence is not concrete or tangible, but you know it when you see it. How many times have you seen a guy who knows exactly what to do? He controls the room simply by the way he walks and talks with others. This is confidence, and women LOVE this.

Confidence is not a parachute you can deploy when a woman approaches though. Confidence is armor you must wear all times which will grant you strength and courage in the face of uncertainty whatever form it may take. It's a way of life, a byproduct of carrying yourself a certain way and living a certain way. Do it all the time and it will serve as a fine marketing tool in connecting with women. Gaining confidence is about altering your perception and finding peace in wearing your own skin.

The reason women find confidence so sexy is...

...because confident men make life easier for them. They cause less drama than insecure or irresponsible men. Confident men know how to get things done. They are direct and don't play childish games. When you choose teams for fantasy football, don't you look for players with good stats? Ladies consider confidence an important stat in selecting a potential mate.

Some Things You Will Learn:
  • Why women are more attracted to confident men
  • The effects that smiling, eye contact, and other body language can have
  • How to get a phone number and when to call
  • The difference in being cocky vs. confident
  • Simple tricks to make you more confident
  • How to utilize pick up lines
Chapters in This Book Include:
  • Chapter 1: The confident man's lifestyle
  • Chapter 2: Becoming Confident
  • Chapter 3: Getting Digits
  • Chapter 4: The Date
  • Chapter 5: Respecting the Female Condition

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ISBN-13: 9781537359649
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/28/2016
Series: Be Healthy, Be Confident, Achieve Personal Growth , #2
Pages: 44
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About the Author

Everything I write about, I've discovered and worked through on my own accord. I want to share these experiences, learning opportunities, and straight out failures and successes with other people so that they may learn from the general human experience. This and much more is my goal for the Every Man series. We are a community of men and learners out to just experience life in a successful and fulfilling manner. Through my series, I hope to just give my personal advice as a friend and someone who has "been there, done that."

Aside from writing this series, I am an average man with what I feel is a worthwhile goal and life. I have a creative, strange, beautiful, and constantly surprising wife. I work your average 9-5 job. I enjoy a beer and a round of golf in my spare time. In all reality, I am nothing far from your "every man." Hence the series and hence my goal.

My main goals as a writer are to connect, relate, and better your experience through the information I have gained during my own. I aim to have a conversation about livelihood and what you and I can both do to try and make it just a little more worthwhile and something we can all be proud of.

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