Every Tallit Tells a Tale

Every Tallit Tells a Tale

by Debra W. Smith (Editor)


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ISBN-13: 9780976811800
Publisher: Stella Hart, Incorporated
Publication date: 01/28/2005
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Diana Drew


The Tallit: A Brief History & Overview

Debra Smith

My Journey from the Fringe to the Fringes
Debra Smith

Diana Drew

A Tallit Imbued with Hope
Howard Siegel

Through My Mother's Tears
Linda Hoffman Kay

My Father's Tallit
Rabbi Evan Radler

My Grandfather's Tallit
Robert Grayson

The Tallit Mitzvah
Marcia Bronstein

The Curtain of Heaven
Shoni Evan BenDavid

A Special Tallit Ritual for Brianna
Rabbi Amy Small & Ava Schlesinger

Last Letter from My Father
Frada Sklar Wallach

A Beloved Father's Tallit
Sheldon Scholl

Tallit Traditions
Rabbi Edward Goldstein

The Cavaricci Tallit
Rabbi Joel Soffin

Rebel without a Shawl
H. Lewis Stone

Papa's Tallit
Anne Krasner

Weddings and Wilderness
Dave Bean

My Mom's Tallit
Farrell Bloch

I Gave My Mother a Tallit for her Birthday
Beth Levin

A Tallit That Still Speaks to Me
Harold Kalter

The Flea Market Tallit
Patricia Ann Wilson Reber

Tallit Links
Helen Ray Gelman Rib

Sheltered Under a Tallit
Dorothy Talmadge

The Past Generation is Forever
Marden David Paru

The Faces of My Family
Ruth Israely

A Family Heirloom
Shirley Lockshin

Harriet R. Goren

Diana Drew

A Momentous Decision
Aileen Grossberg

My Tallit Speaks
Bernice Todres

My Tallit Enfolds Me
Sheila Rubin

Tallit for a Late Bat Mitzvah
Davi Walders

To Daven Like a Man
Mindy Sandel

With Strings Attached
Felice Sachs

Singing in Her Heart
Dolly Grobstein

The Shelter of Peace
Sondra Levin

A Hug from God
Sandy Rosenfield

Only the Right Tallit Will Do
Rabbi Judith Edelstein

A Tallit (or Two) to Call My Own
Sharon Barkauskas

What My Tallit Means to Me
Sara Shapiro-Plevan

As Natural as Breathing
Rabbi Elyse Wechterman

"Ouch," Said the Torah, or the Power of the Tallit
Susan Marx

An Invincibility Cloak
Sandy Sussman

Diana Drew

The Full Circle Tallit
Francine Miller

Shoshanna's Tallit
Paula Barber

The Hebrew School Project
Muriel Hertan

A Tallit Wrapped in Memories
Rosanne Bornstein

The Tallit We Invited to My Daughter's Bat Mitzvah
Lori Cohen

A Tale of Two Tallitot
Shirley Musikant

Louis's Tallit
Deborah Green

Poppa's Tallitot
Marilyn Waxman

Shoshana & Her Tallit
Sherri Roberts

A Tallit Uniquely My Own
Rabbi Beverly Weintraub Magidson

The Intricacies of Fashioning Tallitot
Menorah Rotenberg

Finding My Way
Cantor Geri Zeller

These Are the Fringes That Bind Us Together
Susan North Gilboa

A Tallit's Purpose Becomes Clear
Hannah Sue Margolis

The Picture-Perfect Tallit
Toby Gang

Rediscovering a Tallit
Deborah Lurie Edery

Allison's Bat Mitzvah Tallit
Helene Goodman

Diana Drew

Tallitot at Auschwitz
Davi Walders

A Tallit Rescued from the Ashes
Estelle Sofer

My Special Tallit
Rabbi Yisrael Gordon

Life's Hidden Messages
Marshall Botkin

The Adventurous Life of My Tallit
Harry Arpadi

Diana Drew

The Forty-Two-Year-Old Tallit
Yitz (Ira) Rubin

From Israel with Love
Laurie Kimmelstiel

A Tallit from the Holy Land That Sanctifies a Family
Rabbi Andy Koren

A Day of Mixed Feelings
Riette Thomas Smith

The Gift
Allan Rabinowitz

Blue and White and Respected
Batsheva Pomerantz

* * *


Against All Odds
Debra Smith

Debra Smith

About the Editor

What People are Saying About This

Shoni Evan BenDavid

"A man's tallit is his refuge from a world of frustration, confusion, and constant needs. When he puts on his tallit, it is as if he wrapped himself in the curtain of heaven, as if the Creator's wings were protecting him and giving him comfort. In this place of shelter and seclusion, he then prays to G-d for himself and his family."
Israel From "The Curtain of Heaven"

Rabbi Elyse Wechterman

"Taking on the mitzvah of wearing a tallit was as natural as breathing. Not so with other mitzvot-kippot, tefillin, regular prayer. Many of those felt foreign and male. But a tallit-with its wings of protection and its ability to turn any space into a private shelter with the flick of a wrist-how subtle, how comforting, how feminine, how me."
Attleboro, MA From "As Natural as Breathing"

Debra W. Smith

"My tallit and I have matured together and the aging process shows on both of us. I have more wrinkles, aches, and gray hairs; my tallit is frayed, worn, and stained with lipstick from the kisses it receives as we regularly prepare to meet G-d together in prayers of praise, petition, and thanksgiving. My tallit and I have come to share a history. Whenever I put my tallit on, it molds to my body; likewise, I mold to its form as it continues to shape my Jewish identity."
Long Valley, NJ From "My Journey from the Fringes to the Fringe"

Howard Siegel

"Ely knew that . . . he would have many more opportunities in America [than in his native Kiev], and he was grateful that his parents had given him this precious chance. Still clutching the tallit, Ely found that the images of his parents, relatives, and friends had faded. It seemed like such a long time ago that his parents had been anxiously clutching his shoulders, whispering prayers and advice. He was now alone on the high seas; however, he had his tallit, and that would have to see him through many seasick days before he reached New York harbor. Something told him to hold onto that tallit-not to lose it, or leave it behind-that future generations would want and need it."
Cleveland From "A Tallit Imbued with Hope"

Davi Walders

"That cold September, the wind blew off the steppes across Oswiecim, but could not touch the thousands of tallitot filling glass museum cases.

Black and blue stripes on white graying like ash hung from crossbars; their tzitzit lay in dust on the floor. Row after row like guards, so many, unkissed, unworn "
Chevy Chase, MD From "Tallitot at Auschwitz"

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