Everybody Knows the Bluesacirc;euro;brvbar;: My Life With #217997

Everybody Knows the Bluesacirc;euro;brvbar;: My Life With #217997

by Lisa Childers


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Have you ever seen the Blues? Have you ever felt the Blues? Have you ever experienced the Blues? The Blues is not a song that recaps life's ups and downs. The Blues is hidden behind a fence that is studded with barbed wire, cement that is clean and thick, and doors that are locked and guarded by the upper class. The Blues I'm talking about are blue-jean pants and a blue shirt, worn by a man or woman whose mind was changed for a moment. But more than that, the Blues are the people who wear this uniform. You might call them prisoners; I call them people.

I am grateful for the Blues in North Carolina and Virginia who gave me inspiration to write. I acknowledge and salute each of you with a standing ovation, with my hat taken off in deep respect for your endurance.

To every man, woman, boy, and girl who has trekked over long roads, over mountains, and through valleys to see their loved ones who are incarcerated, remember that no road is too wide or too long for our God. It may appear that you are left alone, but the best is yet to come. Encourage your Blues as God will encourage you. He will carry you through life's valleys as you sit and wait for your Blues to return. Everybody knows the Blues. To every man and woman who wears the Blues each and every day, I stand strong with each of you in faith, knowing that the road that sits beyond the fence will soon get closer to you, until you will walk that road again. Until then, keep the Blues pressed, cleaned, and tucked in. Your obedience to the rules will soon pay off. Follow the rules and walk on the water that is called time, time that has been given to each of you. God will reach way down and pick you up. Study His Word, develop a relationship with HIM, and spend your time making a difference for tomorrow. When times feel hard to bear, know that trouble won't last always. When trouble comes your way, lift your head and know that change will come your way. God is not a man who would lie. He loves each of you. You may be burdened or down today, but this will not last always. Feel the change .

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Publication date: 07/28/2007
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