Everybody's Baby, No One's Child: A Memoir

Everybody's Baby, No One's Child: A Memoir

by Elaine H. Claypool


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Everybody?s Baby, No One?s Child is a candid and insightful story of a challenging life and triumph over odds. Elaine Claypool?s memoir covers nearly eighty years of personal experience, and includes the vast societal changes during that span of time.

This is a story that begins with an unconventional childhood in which Elaine was swept away from the life she had known. In her teenage years she lived in Washington, DC, Japan, New York, Belgium and returned to DC, all within six years time. During that period she had a close encounter with a war, took care of her family during a crisis, and was self supporting at age eighteen.

A life changing journey full of hurdles continued that included grief and rebirth in her midlife, but she was determined to overcome difficult occurrence and have a meaningful and successful life. This open and poignant story of her life, told with forthrightness and in good grace, has much to tell about the power to overcome, the importance of forgiveness, and spiritual triumph.

Elaine hid parts of her history for decades. It took a very long time to know that all of our experience is meaningful and for a reason. Now aware of the importance of her hard earned learning, and being at peace with her past, she shares her life lessons in this memoir.

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ISBN-13: 9781491744437
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 09/15/2014
Pages: 396
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