Everyday Aspergers: A Journey on the Autism Spectrum

Everyday Aspergers: A Journey on the Autism Spectrum

by Samantha Craft


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Through 150 entries, Samantha Craft presents a life of humorous faux pas, profound insights, and the everyday adventures of an autistic female. In her vivid world, nothing is simple and everything appears pertinent. Even an average trip to the grocery store is a feat and cause for reflection.

From being a dyslexic cheerleader with dyspraxia going the wrong direction, to bathroom stalking, to figuring out if she can wear that panty-free dress, Craft explores the profoundness of daily living through hilarious anecdotes and heart-warming childhood memories.

Ten years in the making, Craft’s revealing memoir brings Asperger’s Syndrome into a spectrum of brilliant light—exposing the day-to-day interactions and complex inner workings of an autistic female from childhood to midlife.

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From the Publisher

"There has never been another book like Everyday Aspergers. In prose that is alternatingly playful, witty, brave, heartbreaking, and encouraging, Samantha Craft explores her experience of life on the spectrum in meticulous and comprehensive detail."—Steve Silberman author of NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity

"The information is current and prolific. Her self-reflection, intelligence, humor, and faith are refreshing. This is one book that I’ll be recommending in my ‘what next’ sections with my clients. Everyday Aspergers will no doubt serve as a helpful resource to many.”—Tania Marshall, MS psychologist and gold-winning author of I Am AspienWoman and I Am AspienGirl

"The humor and light touch is disarming, because underneath light observations and quirky moments are buried deep truths about the human experience and about her own work as an autistic woman discerning how to live her best life."—Ned Hayes author of The Eagle Tree

“‘The Encyclopedia of Aspergers’—written by someone who lives it every day. Funny, honest, touching, and real, Everyday Aspergers is a book that can be turned to again and again—for reference, support, and for reassurance. I recommend it highly.”—Rachael Lucas author of Sealed with a Kiss and Wildflower Bay

“This book is stunning, beautifully written with a raw and arresting honesty that illuminates the details of living and being autistic/Aspie. Dip in and out or read right through, you will find something that resonates with you as being autistic is being human.”—Emma Goodall, PhD author of Understanding and Facilitating the Achievement of Autistic Potential and The Autism Spectrum Guide to Sexuality and Relationships and coauthor of The Guide to Good Mental Health on the Autism Spectrum

"Craft shatters a number of myths around things like autism and empathy, creativity and love. It was moving and meaningful on many levels. If you are on the autism spectrum yourself, or know, love, or care for someone who is, I strongly recommend this book."—Jeanette Purkis autistic advocate, artist, and author of Finding a Different Kind of Normal and The Wonderful World of Work and coauthor of The Guide to Good Mental Health on the Autism Spectrum

"Samantha Craft has put together a series of personal stories which offer an amazing insight for Aspergirls specifically. Her journey of acceptance, inclusion, and understanding of her own identity is inspirational and I will share this book with all of my clients on the spectrum."—Frank Gaskill, PhD author and host of the Dr. G. Aspie Show

"Everyday Aspergers will—no shimmer of doubt in my mind—help generations of people in need of a familiar voice.”—Jasmin Egner autistic actress, autism and mental health advocate

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ISBN-13: 9781909320574
Publisher: Explainer HQ Ltd
Publication date: 12/10/2018
Edition description: Revised
Pages: 532
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