Everyday Healing: Stand Up, Take Charge, and Get Your Health Back...One Day at a Time

Everyday Healing: Stand Up, Take Charge, and Get Your Health Back...One Day at a Time

by Janette Hillis-Jaffe


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Everyday Healing: Stand Up, Take Charge, and Get Your Health Back...One Day at a Time by Janette Hillis-Jaffe

Almost half of Americans struggle with illness--everything from heart disease, diabetes, and lupus to fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer or chronic pain. More than a third of our population is obese. As a nation, we are sick--and getting sicker, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Janette, who suffered with chronic illness for six years, knows how difficult it can be to get your health back.

So instead of prescribing a specific treatment, diet, or exercise routine, Everyday Healing provides daily action steps to help you eliminate old habits and establish new paths to health. It offers practical guidance on overcoming healing challenges--from organizing your kitchen in order to cook healthier meals and boosting your confidence that you can heal, to having a tough conversation with an unsupportive spouse.

Readers of Everyday Healing will find:

  • Personal stories and medical studies that demonstrate the power of each daily action step.
  • Tips to research and evaluate new treatment options effectively.
  • Tools to manage tough emotions and create a fabulous support team.
  • Organizing principles to routinize healthy eating, sleeping, and exercise.

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    ISBN-13: 9781601633705
    Publisher: Career Press, Incorporated
    Publication date: 07/20/2015
    Pages: 224
    Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

    About the Author

    Janette Hillis-Jaffe combines her personal experience as a patient with her background as a public-health professional to help others chart a course out of illness into health. Janette is a sought-after speaker, consultant, and coach, with a masters in public health from the Harvard School of Public Health. She has spent thousands of hours studying counseling, nutrition, the mind-body connection, and the U.S. healthcare system during her successful effort to heal from her own six-year debilitating autoimmune disorder. Having recovered her health, she lives in Sharon, Massachusetts and supports others to lose weight, ease chronic illness, recover from acute illness, and overcome persistent pain. For more information, please go to www.healforrealnow.com.

    Table of Contents

    Introduction 15

    Practice 1 Take Charge 27

    Day 1 Get on the Fast Track to Better Health 28

    Day 2 Reject Hopelessness 29

    Day 3 Tell Yourself the Truth 31

    Day 4 Jump In: Feel the Pain-Feel the Rewards 34

    Day 5 Jump In: What if You Accepted Your Reality? 35

    Day 6 Become a Badass 37

    Day 7 Choose an Inspiring Destination 39

    Day 8 Melissa's Story: Shoot for the Stars! 41

    Day 9 Embrace Change 42

    Day 10 Jump In: What's Stopping You? 44

    Day 11 Be Action-Oriented 45

    Day 12 Commit 47

    Day 13 Jump In: How Committed Are You? 48

    Day 14 Set Limits to Set You Free 50

    Day 15 Make Your Choices Count 51

    Day 16 Activate Your Body's Healing Powers 53

    Day 17 Be the Boss of Your Healthcare Team 56

    Day 18 Ziesl's Story: It Was Up to Me 57

    Day 19 Be Curious 59

    Day 20 Make Good Hires 62

    Day 21 Binyamin's Story: Don't Be Afraid to Fire Your Doctor 64

    Day 22 Make Meetings Productive 65

    Day 23 Manage Your Information 68

    Day 24 Put First Things First 71

    Day 25 Jump In: What Are Your Big Rocks? 72

    Practice 2 Nurture Your Heart 75

    Day 26 How Emotions Matter 76

    Day 27 When Feelings Rule Your Decisions 77

    Day 28 Identify the Tough Emotions 79

    Day 29 Use Your Neocortex 80

    Day 30 Let it Out 81

    Day 31 The Healing Benefits of Tears and Laughter 82

    Day 32 Listening Partnerships: Not Your Average Conversation 85

    Day 33 Let Structure Create Safety 86

    Day 34 Practice Deep Listening 88

    Day 35 Rachel's Story: Thinking My Way Through Breast Cancer 90

    Day 36 Reach for the Joy 93

    Day 37 Increase Your Joy 94

    Day 38 Find Joy Through Connection 96

    Day 39 Create a Life You Want to Show Up For 98

    Day 40 Liza's Story: Choosing Joy 99

    Practice 3 Believe 103

    Day 41 Cultivate Your Inner Quarterback 104

    Day 42 Understand the Placebo Effect 105

    Day 43 Become a Wholehearted Optimist 107

    Day 44 Christina's Story: Confidence in My Recovery 109

    Day 45 Jump In: Choosing Optimism 111

    Day 46 Surround Yourself With Positive People 112

    Day 47 Integrate Useful Feedback 113

    Day 48 Cultivate Trust 114

    Day 49 Replace Negative Thoughts With Positive Ones 117

    Day 50 Notice Your Inner Critic 118

    Day 51 Kick the Negativity Habit 121

    Day 52 Jump In: Flip Your Negative Thoughts 122

    Day 53 Jump In: Fire Your Inner Critic 123

    Day 54 Make Stress Work for You 124

    Day 55 Choose Your Response to Stress 125

    Day 56 De-Stress Your Life 127

    Day 57 Jump In: Prioritize Your Life 128

    Day 58 Discover the Relaxation Response 130

    Day 59 Practice the Relaxation Response 131

    Day 60 Imagine a Fabulous Future 133

    Day 61 Jump In: Use Visualization to Turbo-Charge Your Healing 135

    Day 62 Be the Awe-Inspiring Hero of Your Own Life 137

    Day 63 Talk About the Hardest Thing 139

    Day 64 Believing at the End of Life 141

    Day 65 Kris Carr's Story: Accepting Fear and Embracing Joy 143

    Practice 4 Connect 145

    Day 66 Deepen Your Relationships to Deepen Your Healing 146

    Day 67 Be a Leader-Ask for Help 147

    Day 68 Do You Really Need Help to Heal? 148

    Day 69 Notice That You Are Not Alone 150

    Day 70 Get Out of Your Way 152

    Day 71 Jump In: What's Getting in the Way of Getting Connected? 154

    Day 72 See the Support Around You 155

    Day 73 Choose a Primary Support Person 156

    Day 74 Hold Hands When You Head Into the Health-Care System 160

    Day 75 Outsource the Details 162

    Day 76 Healing Is Expensive-Ask for Help 164

    Day 77 Find a Role Model 166

    Day 78 Getting Support to Recover From Cancer Treatment 169

    Day 79 Getting Support to Lose Weight 170

    Day 80 Jump In: What Support Could You Use to Heal? 171

    Day 81 Four Steps to Ask for What You Need 173

    Day 82 Step 1. Inflation-Pump Up Your Self-Worth 174

    Day 83 Jump In: Inflation-Some Quick Reminders That You Are Worth It 175

    Day 84 Step 2. Explanation-Don't Suffer Alone 176

    Day 85 Jump In: Explanation-Tell Your Story 177

    Day 86 Step 3. Education-Share Information 178

    Day 87 Step 4. Invitation-Make the Ask 179

    Day 88 Gift Your Loved Ones With You 181

    Day 89 Jump In: Map Your Healing Support Team 183

    Day 90 Jump In: Notice Your Deep Connections 184

    Practice 5 Create Order 187

    Day 91 How Can Order Help You Heal? 188

    Day 92 Marilyn's Story: Know What's Important 190

    Day 93 Organizing Is Holy, Healing Work 192

    Day 94 Jump In: What's Your Relationship to Order? 193

    Day 95 Debbie's Story: Embrace Home-Care as Self-Care 195

    Day 96 Make Space for What Matters 197

    Day 97 Set Up Your Space Like a Kindergarten Classroom 199

    Day 98 Five Steps to Organizing Your Space to Help You Heal 201

    Day 99 Create New Systems 203

    Day 100 Renovate Your Routines 204

    Resources 207

    Notes 211

    Index 217

    About the Author 223

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