Everyday Safety for Primary and Nursery Schools

Everyday Safety for Primary and Nursery Schools



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ISBN-13: 9780415228190
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 12/28/2001
Edition description: SPIRAL
Pages: 128
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Malcolm Griffin is a former headteacher who later went on to become responsible for the management of health and safety in a London Borough. He now works as an independent consultant providing advice and training to LEAs and schools

Table of Contents

Part 1Understanding AD/HD1
1.AD/HD: What it is, and what it isn't3
AD/HD defined3
Pseudo AD/HD: what looks like AD/HD, but isn't AD/HD?5
How many people have AD/HD?6
2.AD/HD in the Classroom: Teacher and Student Perspectives8
Common classroom problems associated with AD/HD8
What it feels like to have AD/HD9
3.AD/HD and Other Problems18
AD/HD and Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties (EBD)18
Assessing AD/HD19
AD/HD and other problems--behavioural, emotional and educational19
4.Biology, Brains and AD/HD21
AD/HD and the brain I: the psychology of AD/HD21
AD/HD and the brain II: the biology of AD/HD24
AD/HD and families: genetics and AD/HD24
5.AD/HD and Destiny25
What happens to people with AD/HD?25
AD/HD and the bio-psycho-social approach: AD/HD is a product of nature and nurture26
Part 2Principles and Practices for Intervention with AD/HD31
6.The Multi-Modal Approach to Intervention33
Educational, medical and other professionals working together33
The role of medical intervention34
The contribution of school staff to a multi-modal approach to AD/HD35
Establishing a whole school approach36
Partnership with child and parents41
Evaluating progress42
7.AD/HD in the Classroom: Basic Principles and Practices45
Establishing the right relationship45
The right setting47
Promoting effective learning48
Managing behaviour51
Thinking positively about AD/HD55
Part 3AD/HD in Action: Case Studies57
8.The Different Faces of AD/HD59
The types59
9.AD/HD with Oppositional Defiance63
10.AD/HD with Detachment68
11.AD/HD with Impulsivity72
12.AD/HD with Obsessions76
13.AD/HD with Learning Difficulties81
14.AD/HD with High Ability85
15.AD/HD with Conduct Disorder89
16.AD/HD: Combined Type94
17.And in the End: Caring for the Carers98
Appendix 1DSM IV: Diagnostic Criteria for AD/HD104
Appendix 2ICD 10: F90 Hyperkinetic Disorder106

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