Everything a Girl Needs to Know About Her Periods

Everything a Girl Needs to Know About Her Periods

by Jane Feinmann



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Everything a Girl Needs to Know About Her Periods by Jane Feinmann

A book that will help young women prepare for—and cope with—menstruation. Parents, advisors, and young women who have seen this book agree that its contemporary design and down-to-earth text make it as appealing as it is instructive.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781569065556
Publisher: Sellers Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 12/01/2003
Pages: 143
Product dimensions: 6.44(w) x 6.26(h) x 0.52(d)
Age Range: 9 Years

Table of Contents

How to use this book6
Section 1Body basics
You have your first period when...8
The first period--the signals10
The first period--more signals12
Why you have a period14
What starts my periods?16
The two big hormones18
From childhood to puberty: the outer signs20
From childhood to puberty: the inside story22
From childhood to puberty: more on the inside story24
Periods are good for you26
Your first period28
Section 2Day-by-day
The whole month day-by-day30
Days 1&232
Days 3&438
Days 5 to 744
Days 8&950
Days 10 to 1256
Days 13&1462
Days 15&1668
Days 17 to 2074
Days 21&2280
Days 23&2486
Days 25&2696
Days 27&28104
Keeping a record112
Section 3Help!
Help! answers to your questions116
How many periods will I have?118
My periods aren't regular119
What if I don't have a period?120
My periods are too heavy122
What should I wear--a tampon or a pad?124
How do I use a pad?126
How do I use a tampon?128
What can I do to relieve cramps?130
What should I eat?132
What if I'm a vegetarian?134
Food chart136
What's an internal exam?138
Words, words, words, a glossary140

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