Everything Begins Elsewhere

Everything Begins Elsewhere

by Tishani Doshi


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In this, her first poetry collection since the award-winning Countries of the Body, Tishani Doshi returns to the body as a central theme, but extends beyond the corporeal to challenge the more metaphysical borders of space and time. These new poems are powerful meditations born on the joineries of life and death, union and separation, memory and dream, where lovers speak to each other across the centuries, and daughters wander into their mothers’ childhoods. As much about loss as they are about reclamation, Doshi’s poems guide us through an ‘underworld of longing and deliverance’, making the exhilarating claim that through the act of vanishing, we may be shaped into existence again. Everything Begins Elsewhere was followed by her third collection, Girls Are Coming Out of the Woods, in 2018.

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ISBN-13: 9781852249366
Publisher: Bloodaxe Books
Publication date: 05/24/2012
Pages: 96
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.20(h) x (d)

About the Author

Tishani Doshi: Tishani Doshi is an award-winning poet, novelist, journalist, and dancer of Welsh-Gujarati descent. She was born in Madras, India, in 1975. She received her masters in writing from the Johns Hopkins University and worked in London in advertising before returning to India in 2001 to work with the choreographer Chandralekha, with whom she performed on many international stages. She has written for newspapers such as the Guardian, International Herald Tribune, The Hindu Times and the Financial Times. Her debut collection of poetry, Countries of the Body (Aark Arts), won the ForeWord Prize for Best First Collection. Her first novel, The Pleasure Seekers (Bloomsbury, 2010), was longlisted for the Orange Prize and shortlisted for the Hindu Fiction Award, and has been translated into several languages. She lives in Madras.

Table of Contents

I Everything Begins

Dog in the Valley 5

Ode to Drowning 6

Lesson 1 Building a Bridge between the Past and Future 11

Xuanzang Contemplates the Wonder of Sugar on His Return Home after Sixteen Years 12

Cutting Broccoli 14

Lesson 2 Learning Mudras in Bhutan 15

Turning Off the Lights 16

Falling, 1968 18

Seasons 20

Evensong 22

That Woman 24

Lesson 3 Stillness 26

The River of Girls 27

Ode to the Walking Woman 28

Another Man's Woman 30

II Elsewhere

Buffaloes 37

Michael Mangal's Dream 38

After the Rains 40

Found Poem 41

Fisher-Price Men 42

Lesson 4 Zero, or Infinity (Ramanujan) 43

Evening on an Indian Railway Platform 44

The Dream 45

The Adulterous Citizen 46

The Immigrant's Song 48

Madras Morning 50

Lesson 5 Saying Goodbye to Love in Butoh Class 51

Lines to a Lover from a Previous Century 52

The Magic of the Foot 54

Love Poem 56

Lesson 6 How Not to Age 57

Lament-I 58

Lament-II 60

Walking Around 62

Lesson 7 How to Dream a Beautiful Death 64

Homeland 66

Memory of Wales 68

The Art of Losing 70

Visiting My Parents in Summer 73

Love Poem Disguised as an Elegy 74

After the Dance 76

About the Author 78

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