The Everything Enneagram Book: Identify Your Type, Gain Insight into Your Personality and Find Success in Life, Love, and Business

The Everything Enneagram Book: Identify Your Type, Gain Insight into Your Personality and Find Success in Life, Love, and Business

by Susan Reynolds


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The Everything Enneagram Book: Identify Your Type, Gain Insight into Your Personality and Find Success in Life, Love, and Business by Susan Reynolds

Each of us wears our personality like a disguise-but with the Enneagram, you can strip away that mask and reveal your true self. A timeless tool used by corporate trainers, counselors, and mental health professionals, the Enneagram defines nine basic personality types. Which are you?: Evangelical Idealist, People Pleaser, King of the Hill, Creative Seeker, Masterful Hermit, Loyal Guardian, Optimistic Dreamer, The Dominator, Peaceful Lamb.

In The Everything[Registered] Enneagram Book, you'll learn what your type is, how it affects your perception of yourself and others, and how you can use that knowledge to best effect. Author Susan Reynolds' Jungian approach helps you apply the secrets of the Enneagram to your relationships, your work, even your love life. With this engaging, enlightening guide, you'll gain the self-awareness you need to transform every aspect of your life-and become the person you were born to be!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781598692761
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication date: 07/17/2007
Series: Everything Series
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.84(d)

Table of Contents

Top Ten Things You Need to Know about the Enneagram     x
Introduction     xi
What's Your Type?     1
Why This Test Works     2
Enneagram Questionnaire Part 1     3
Scoring     9
Enneagram Questionnaire Part 2     9
Scoring     23
An Introduction to the Enneagram     27
The Fundamental Questions     28
What Is the Enneagram?     28
Personality by the Numbers     32
The Promise of the Enneagram     36
Schools of Thought     40
Meet the Enneatypes     43
Sound Like Anyone You Know?     44
Type 1     45
Type 2     46
Type 3     48
Type 4     49
Type 5     50
Type 6     51
Type 7     52
Type 8     54
Type 9     55
Jung's Theory of Personality     57
The Elements of Personality     58
What Is a Persona?     61
What Is a Shadow?     61
What Are Complexes?     62
How Your Personality Functions     63
Introversion and Extroversion     66
How It All Ties into the Enneagram     69
The Dynamics of the Enneagram     71
How It Works     72
Wings     73
Security Point and Stress Point     75
Stages of Psychological Health Within Enneatypes     79
Self-Actualized, Highly Functioning Personalities     80
Ego-Driven, Reasonably Functioning Personalities     81
Pathological, Highly Dysfunctional Personalities     82
Where to Begin     83
The Three Primary Instincts     85
The Three Instincts     86
Enneatypes and Instincts     87
How Instinctual Centers Work     89
Heart or Feeling Instinct     92
Head or Thinking Instinct     93
Gut or Physical Instinct     94
Enneagram Type Two: People Pleaser     97
Emotional Origins     98
Ego-Driven Twos     99
Pathological Twos     102
Self-Actualized Twos     103
The Process of Individuation or Self-Actualization     105
Balancing the Opposites     107
Enneagram Type Three: King of the Hill     111
Emotional Origins     112
Ego-Driven Threes      113
Pathological Threes     115
Self-Actualized Threes     116
The Process of Individuation or Self-Actualization     117
Balancing the Opposites     120
Enneagram Type Four: Creative Seeker     125
Emotional Origins     126
Ego-Driven Fours     127
Pathological Fours     129
Self-Actualized Fours     130
Balancing the Opposites     134
Enneagram Type Five: Masterful Hermit     139
Emotional Origins     140
Ego-Driven Fives     141
Pathological Fives     143
Self-Actualized Fives     144
The Process of Individuation or Self-Actualization     145
Balancing the Opposites     148
Enneagram Type Six: Loyal Guardian     153
Emotional Origins     154
Ego-Driven Sixes     154
Pathological Sixes     156
Self-Actualized Sixes     157
The Process of Individuation or Self-Actualization     158
Balancing the Opposites     161
Enneagram Type Seven: Optimistic Dreamer     167
Emotional Origins     168
Ego-Driven Sevens     169
Pathological Sevens      170
Self-Actualized Sevens     171
The Process of Individuation or Self-Actualization     172
Balancing the Opposites     174
Enneagram Type Eight: The Dominator     179
Emotional Origins     180
Ego-Driven Eights     181
Pathological Eights     183
Self-Actualized Eights     184
The Process of Individuation or Self-Actualization     185
Balancing the Opposites     187
Enneagram Type Nine: Peaceful Lamb     193
Emotional Origins     194
Ego-Driven Nines     195
Pathological Nines     197
Self-Actualized Nines     198
The Process of Individuation or Self Actualization     199
Balancing the Opposites     201
Enneagram Type Ten: Evangelical Idealist     207
Emotional Origins     208
Ego-Driven Nines     209
Pathological Ones     211
Self-Actualized Ones     213
The Process of Individuation or Self Actualization     214
Balancing the Opposites     217
The Wing Subtypes     221
Wings     222
Twos with a One Wing     222
Twos with a Three Wing     223
Threes with a Two Wing     224
Threes with a Four Wing     225
Fours with a Three Wing     226
Fours with a Five Wing     227
Fives with a Four Wing     228
Fives with a Six Wing     229
Sixes with a Five Wing     230
Sixes with a Seven Wing     230
Sevens with a Six Wing     231
Sevens with an Eight Wing     232
Eights with a Seven Wing     233
Eights with a Nine Wing     234
Nines with an Eight Wing     234
Nines with a One Wing     235
Ones with a Nine Wing     236
Ones with a Two Wing     237
Twos, Threes, and Fours in Love     239
How Type Affects Relationships     240
The Feeling Triad in Relationships     241
How Twos Fit in the Triad     241
What It's Like to Love a Two     242
How Threes Fit in the Triad     244
What It's Like to Love a Three     245
How Fours Fit in the Triad     247
What It's Like to Love a Four     248
Fives, Sixes, and Sevens in Love     251
The Thinking Triad in Relationships      252
How Fives Fit in the Triad     252
What It's Like to Love a Five     253
How Sixes Fit in the Triad     255
What It's Like to Love a Six     256
How Sevens Fit in the Triad     258
What It's Like to Love a Seven     259
Eights, Nines, and Ones in Love     261
The Gut or Physical Triad in Relationships     262
How Eights Fit in the Triad     262
What It's Like to Love an Eight     263
How Nines Fit in the Triad     265
What It's Like to Love a Nine     266
How Ones Fit in the Triad     268
What It's Like to Love a One     269
The Enneatypes at Home     273
The Two Parent     274
The Two Child     274
The Three Parent     275
The Three Child     276
The Four Parent     277
The Four Child     278
The Five Parent     279
The Five Child     280
The Six Parent     281
The Six Child     281
The Seven Parent     283
The Seven Child     283
The Eight Parent     285
The Eight Child     285
The Nine Parent     287
The Nine Child     287
The One Parent     288
The One Child     289
Enneagram Resources     291
Bibliography     296
Index     299

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