The Everything Health Guide to Depression: Reassuring advice to help you feel like yourself again

The Everything Health Guide to Depression: Reassuring advice to help you feel like yourself again

by Karen Brees, Simmons Linda L



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ISBN-13: 9781598694079
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication date: 03/01/2008
Series: Everything Series
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.77(d)

About the Author

Karen K. Brees, Ph.D., has been an educator for more than fifteen years and has acted as co-writer and editor in collaboration with mental- and physical-health professionals. As a university professor, she has assisted medical professionals in the pursuit of advanced degrees and taught numerous graduate-level courses in advanced research, instructional design, and communication skills. Brees is also a member the American Medical Writers Association and offers writing workshops in her local area. She lives in New Meadows, ID.

Technical Reviewer: Linda L. Simmons, Psy.D. is a licensed psychologist at the Midwest Christian Counseling Center in Kansas City, Missouri, where she specializes in treatment of adults with psychiatric disorders such as depression, anxiety, OCD, and PTSD. Dr. Simmons has thirty years of nursing experience and holds a graduate degree in psychology and holds M.A. and Psy.D. degrees in clinical psychology. She is the author of Interactive Art Therapy and Becoming Your Own Emotional Support System. She lives in Platte City, MO.

Table of Contents

Introduction     xi
A Broad Look at Depression     1
A Working Definition of Depression     1
What Are the Causes?     3
You're in Good Company     4
Society's Fear of Mental Illness     6
Moving Beyond the Stigma     7
Taking the First Step     8
Understanding Depression     11
Feeling Depressed Versus Having Depression     11
How Do You Know?     12
Anger Turned Inward     13
The Cycle of Depression     15
Identifying Serious Depression     19
The Importance of Friendships     21
Intervention     22
The Physiology of Depression     23
It's Not All in Your Head     23
Depressive Personalities     25
Genetics and Depression     26
Brain Chemistry     27
Neurogenesis     31
All about Endorphins     32
Depression's Many Faces     35
Major Depression     35
Dysthymia     37
Bipolar Disorder     39
Seasonal Affective Disorder     42
Postpartum Depression     45
Other Sources of Depression     47
Who Gets Depression?     49
A Few Statistics     49
Children     50
Adolescents     52
Women     56
Men     57
The GLBT population     59
The Elderly     61
What Intensifies Depression?     63
Alcohol Use and Abuse     63
Recreational Drug Use     67
Sleep Disorders     70
Stress     74
Trauma     75
Seeking Professional Help     77
The Historical Figures Behind Modern Therapy     77
Counselors     79
Medical Professionals     80
Specific Therapy Options     81
Choosing the Right Therapist     83
Working with Your Therapist     86
Prescriptions from Your Psychiatrist     87
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy     89
Origins of CBT     89
Characteristics of CBT     92
CBT for Young People with Depression     94
What to Expect from CBT     95
Your Responsibilities in CBT     97
The Long-term Picture     98
Pharmaceutical Treatments for Depression      99
Pharmaceuticals: Marvels of Modern Science     99
The Role of the FDA     102
Antidepressants Enter the Picture     103
Brand Names Versus Generics     105
Generic Antidepressants     108
Is Alternative Therapy Right for You?     111
Acupuncture     111
Yoga     113
Meditation     116
Spirituality     118
Hypnosis     121
Chiropractic     124
Biofeedback     125
Massage     126
Complementary Therapies: Herbals and Supplements     127
It's Only Natural     127
Traditional Remedies     130
Herbs in the News     132
Aromatherapy     135
Omega-3 Fatty Acids     136
SAM-e     138
Your Diet     139
Changing Habits     139
Shopping Lessons     141
Sugar     144
Salt and Sodium     146
Caffeine     148
Cholesterol and Depression     149
Pyramid Power     150
Putting It All Together     151
Essential Exercise     153
How Exercise Helps Fight Depression     153
Wary of Workouts?     156
Setting Goals     157
Exercise Explained     159
Getting Serious     163
Self-Help Strategies     163
Should It Hurt?     165
Other Illnesses and Their Role in Depression     167
The News: You've Got Something     167
Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD)     168
Stroke     171
Cancer     173
Depression and HIV     175
Parkinson's Disease     176
Diabetes     178
Thyroid Disease     180
Lupus     181
Sexuality and Depression     183
Is the Love Gone?     183
Body Image     184
Hormonal Handicapping     186
Sexual Side Effects of Medications     186
Sexuality and Different Kinds of Depression     189
It's All about Relationships     190
Want to Beat Depression? Consider Sex As Therapy!     190
Doing Your Homework     191
Communication     193
Some Final Thoughts on Sexuality     194
When Terminal Thoughts Arise     195
Depression and Suicide      195
Suicide Statistics     197
Risk Factors     200
Myths     203
Warning Signs     204
Antidepressants and Suicide     205
Getting Help     206
Electroconvulsive Therapy     208
Work Issues     211
Depression as Disability     211
Know the Law     213
Prepare Your Case     214
Strategies for Holding the Line     216
When You Work at Home     220
When Depression Is Severe     223
Depression and the Workplace-The Bottom Line     225
Helping Yourself     227
Naming Your Demons     227
The Power of Negative Thinking     229
Positive Self-Talk     233
This Is Taking Too Long!     235
Humor     236
Taking Responsibility     237
Coping Strategies     238
When a Loved One Has Depression     241
Everyone Is Involved     241
How Your Partner Is Affected     242
What Not to Say     243
What to Say     245
What to Do     247
Knowing Your Limitations     250
Dealing with a Loved One's Postpartum Depression     250
Dealing with a Child's Depression     252
Getting Help     253
What Does the Future Hold?     255
The Human Genome Project     255
Stem Cell Research     258
Current Research into Depression     261
Want to Be Part of the Future?     263
Clinical Studies in Depression     266
The Future of Depression     267
Glossary     269
Resources     277
Antidepressant Medications     283
Index     287

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