The Everything Kids' Gross Cookbook: Get your Hands Dirty in the Kitchen with these Yucky Meals

The Everything Kids' Gross Cookbook: Get your Hands Dirty in the Kitchen with these Yucky Meals

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The Everything Kids' Gross Cookbook: Get your Hands Dirty in the Kitchen with these Yucky Meals by Colleen Sell, Melinda Sell Frank

Spending time in the kitchen might be a chore for busy mums and dads, but kids see the kitchen as a fun and exciting place to explore their creative sides. 

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781605502557
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication date: 07/17/2007
Series: Everything Kids
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 144
Sales rank: 975,397
File size: 5 MB
Age Range: 7 - 12 Years

About the Author

Colleen Sell is a mother of three and grandmother of four with considerable experience preparing gross food for and with children. She has compiled sixteen volumes of the popular Cup of Comfort book series, which has sold more than one million copies to date. A trained journalist, she is the coauthor of eight nonfiction books, including 10-Minute Zen. She lives in Eugene, OR.

Melinda Sell Frank is a professional artist, designer, and art director. She is currently the design manager for an infant bedding company. Throughout her career, she has participated in fine art shows and commissions, published illustrations in magazines and illustrated a series of educational publications for young children. She lives in Redondo Beach, CA.

Table of Contents

Introduction     v
An Icky Introduction to Cookery     1
Recipe Decoder     2
Gear and Gadgets     4
Cooking Lingo     6
How to Measure Ingredients     8
Appendage-Saving Kitchen Safety     10
Battling Bacteria     11
Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy!     13
Bizarre Breakfast     17
Squashed Gremlin Heads     18
Flies Floating in Bee Spit and Goatmeal     19
Chunky Crud Cakes     20
Crusty Rusty Toast     21
Upchuckola     22
Poop in a Scoop     23
Waffles Smothered in Pus and Scabs     23
Brain Scramble     24
Rolled Boogers and Snot     25
Moldy Mushroom Caps     26
Barfo Breakfast Tacos     27
What's for Lunch?     29
Grilled Sneeze Sandwich     30
Pickled Hambones     31
Chopped Fingers     32
Toe Jam Griddle     34
Boiled Octopus     35
Zit-Face Pizza     35
Cheesy Moose Veins     37
Fish-Eye Tacos     38
Bloody Maggot Soup     39
Pick'Em and Dip 'Em     40
Flat Worm and Seaweed Soup     41
Spit-Wad Sandwiches     42
Fart Fuel     43
Wacky Snacks     45
Bugs on a Weed     46
Oozing Pimples     47
Lizard Eyes     47
Frozen Walrus Tusks     48
Putrefied Eyeballs     49
Chicken-Fried Giant Grubs     50
Hot Fresh Hippo Turd     52
Funky Crunchy Skunk Bones     53
Ghoul Fingers     54
Pigeon Poop     55
Digging Up Dinner     57
Festering Burgers     58
Crunchy Pterodactyl Talons     59
Fishtails and Ear Wax Fondue     60
Skewered Road Kill     61
Tapeworms and Hairballs     62
Butchered Snake Bits     63
Baked Hog's Head     64
Rotting Mummies     66
Turkey Eye Pie     68
Chopped Fooey     70
Blubber Roll-Ups     72
Dragon Bile     73
Fish Eggs and Guts     74
Ralpharoni Alfredo     75
Sick Salads and Sides     77
Puke au Gratin     78
Lemony Lice      79
Sea Scum Drizzled in Eel Spit     80
Gangrenous Intestines     81
Wormy Apples     82
Monkey Vomit     83
Medusa's Dreadlocks     84
Caterpillars and Chiggers     86
Cow Cud     88
Diaper Dump     88
Rotten Eggs     89
Buzzard Innards     90
Spewed Salad     91
Disgusting Desserts     93
Troll's Toes     94
Barf Biscuits     95
Grubs in Dirt     96
Puppy Chow     97
Spurting Spider Cake     98
Bloody Bug Pops     99
Giant Snails     100
Mud Pie     101
Petrified Rabbit Poop     102
Armpit Hair     103
Moo Patties     104
Tongue on a Stick     105
Burps and Slurps     107
Slug Spit     108
Bloody Hairy     109
Septic Soda     110
Jungle Rot     111
Putrid Punch     112
Frozen Flotsam     114
Steaming Coyote Pee     115
Hot 'n Chunky Hershey Squirts     115
Gross Gags and Fun Stuff     117
Fake Barf     118
Fake Boogers and Snot     120
Fake Slime     121
Fake Wounds     122
Finger Paint     123
Smelly Play Dough     124
Gastronomical Glossary     128
Puzzle Answers     133

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