Everything Spanish Practice Book: Hands-on Techniques to Improve Your Speaking And Writing Skills

Everything Spanish Practice Book: Hands-on Techniques to Improve Your Speaking And Writing Skills

by Julie Gutin

Paperback(BOOK & CD)

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Everything Spanish Practice Book: Hands-on Techniques to Improve Your Speaking And Writing Skills by Julie Gutin

¿Habla espanol?

Are you ready to take your basic Spanish skills to the next level? Have you gotten all you can from your instructional textbooks? Do you like to learn in creative and fun ways?

With exciting audio narrated by Con Salsa Radio Host Peter Martinez and with over 200 exercises, The Everything Spanish Practice Book with CD has everything needed to master the Spanish language. Ideal for the beginner and intermediate speaker alike, this fun and easy-to-follow guide is a complete learning experience.

With emphasis on:

  • Proper Spanish grammar and usage
  • Vocabulary building techniques
  • Instructional keys to pronunciation
  • Comprehension and conversation skills
  • Writing clearly and effectively

The Everything Spanish Practice Book with CD is the ultimate resource for improving - and perfecting! - your Spanish.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781593374341
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication date: 01/28/2006
Series: Everything Series
Edition description: BOOK & CD
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 461,400
Product dimensions: 10.80(w) x 10.88(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Julie Gutin is a professional editor and writer with a BA in Spanish and Comparative Literature from Boston University. She was a volunteer teacher for the Boston Red Cross English-as-a-Second-Language Program, teaching English to native speakers of Spanish and Portuguese. She lives in New York City.

Table of Contents

Top Ten Reasons to Practice Your Spanishx
1Nouns and Articles1
What Is a Noun?2
Grammatical Gender2
Special Endings4
Exceptions to the Rule6
Singular and Plural7
Indefinite Articles9
Definite Articles10
Using Del and Al11
Proper Nouns12
Putting It Together14
Subject Pronouns20
Direct Object Pronouns21
Indirect Object Pronouns23
Reflexive Pronouns25
Reciprocal Pronouns27
Possessive Adjectives and Pronouns28
Demonstrative Pronouns31
Indefinite Pronouns32
Relative Pronouns34
Interrogative Pronouns36
Exclamative Pronouns37
Putting It Together38
3Adjectives and Adverbs43
Noun/Adjective Agreement44
Exceptions to the Agreement Rule47
Qualifying Adjectives49
Determinant Adjectives50
Making Comparisons54
Superlatives-the Best57
Adverbs of Manner58
Adverbs of Place60
Adverbs of Time62
Adverbs of Quantity63
Putting it Together64
4Prepositions, Conjunctions, and More67
Introduction to Common Prepositions68
Por and Para72
Prepositions of Location75
Prepositions of Time78
Prepositional Phrases80
Coordinating Conjunctions82
Correlative Conjunctions84
Subordinating Conjunctions85
Cardinal Numbers87
Ordinal Numbers91
The Alphabet and Spelling92
Diminutives, Augmentatives, and Absolute Superlatives94
Putting It Together97
5Verbs 101 and the Present Tense101
Present-Tense AR Conjugations103
Present-Tense ER Conjugations106
Present-Tense IR Conjugations109
Spelling Change Verbs112
Stem Changing Verbs115
Irregular Verbs119
In the Negative123
Active and Passive Voice127
Introduction to Verb Moods128
Using Ser and Estar130
Putting It Together133
6Verbs and Objects137
Direct and Indirect Objects138
Reflexive Verbs140
The Impersonal Se Construction143
Transitive and Intransitive Verbs144
Putting It Together146
7Past, Future, Conditional, and Perfect Tenses149
Preterite Past150
Imperfect Past157
Future Tense160
Conditional Tense164
Present Perfect167
Pluperfect Tense169
Preterite Perfect171
Future Perfect172
Conditional Perfect174
Putting It Together176
8Subjunctive and Imperative Moods181
The Present Subjunctive182
Irregular Present Subjunctive Verbs184
Using and Choosing the Subjunctive187
Perfect Tenses in the Subjunctive193
Imperfect Subjunctive196
The Imperative Mood199
Putting It Together204
9Verbal Constructions and More207
Present Progressive208
Past Progressives211
Hay and Its Other Forms213
Heading into the Future with Ir A215
Just Finished217
Saber Versus Conocer218
Past Participles as Adjectives220
How About That Weather?221
Talking Time223
Putting It Together225
10The Final Exam229
Basic Understanding230
Matching Nouns with Articles and Adjectives232
Pronoun Review235
Using Adverbs237
Prepositions and Conjunctions240
Choosing the Correct Verb Tense242
Getting In the Mood247
Making Sense of Spanish250
Appendix AVerb Tables253
Appendix BSpanish to English Glossary263
Appendix CEnglish to Spanish Glossary281
Appendix DAnswer Key299

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