The Everything Tantric Sex Book: Learn Meditative, Spontaneous and Intimate Lovemaking

The Everything Tantric Sex Book: Learn Meditative, Spontaneous and Intimate Lovemaking

by Bobbi Dempsey

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The Everything Tantric Sex Book: Learn Meditative, Spontaneous and Intimate Lovemaking by Bobbi Dempsey

Emerging from the ancient Asian tradition known as Tantra (which shares some similarities with yoga), Tantric sex is about the flow and exchange of energy, the movement of life. The Everything Tantric Sex Book unveils the origins, history, development, and practices of this esoteric tradition, showing you how to harness what many Tantrics believe to be the most powerful energy--sexual energy.

  • Breathing techniques and erotic rituals
  • How to maximize several types of orgasms
  • 24-hour foreplay talk
  • How to create a sensual space
  • Ways to maximize energy flow
  • Links to Tantric workshops
  • How to master Kama Sutra and Tantric positions

With The Everything Tantric Sex Book, you'll become a knowledgeable, artful lover in no time by discovering tips for nurturing long-term relationships and learning techniques for more pleasurable lovemaking.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781440524134
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication date: 07/17/2007
Series: Everything
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 530,564
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

Bobbi Dempsey is a contributing editor to Penthouse magazine and a regular contributor to Playboy, as well as the author of articles on sex and relationships and health/fitness for several national publications. She has attended several "Tantra for Women" classes and workshops. She is a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors. She lives in Drifton, PA.

Al Link and Pala Copeland have been practicing Tantric, Taoist, and other forms of sacred sexuality since 1987. They have been offering workshops since 1997, with three levels of Tantric training—introduction, intermediate, and advanced. Link and Copeland have authored four books, including Soul Sex: Tantra for Two and Tantra Step by Step: 28 Days to Ecstasy. They have also published a series of e-books and a CD of Tantra energy meditations, and have been featured on Discovery, the Life Channel, and the Women's Television Network, on Playboy Radio, and in Redbook, Ladies' Home Journal, body + soul, and The Wall Street Journal.

Table of Contents

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Practice Tantric Sex     xii
Introduction     xiii
Tantric Sex 101     1
What Does Tantra Mean?     2
The Basic Idea     3
Tantra's Bad Reputation     4
Why Westerners Need It     5
Is It All about Sex?     6
Neo-Tantra: What It Is and Isn't     9
Tantra in the Modern World     12
History of Tantric Sex     15
The Roots of Tantra     16
Tantric Buddhism     17
The Siddhas     19
Tantra's Dark Period     19
Taoist Traditions     20
Kama Sutra and Tantra     22
Nineteenth-and Twentieth-Century Revival     23
Important Figures in Tantric History     24
Tantric Symbols     25
Tantric Terms     27
The Spiritual Side of Tantra     29
Why Spirit Is Important in Tantra     30
Spirituality Versus Religion     30
Making a Connection Is Crucial     32
Consciousness and Tantra     34
Important Tantric Teachings     37
Understanding the Orgasm     39
Introduction to Orgasms     40
The Four Stages of Sexual Response     40
Orgasm Basics     43
Multiple Orgasms     44
Dry Orgasms     44
Orgasm Facts and Fallacies     45
Orgasms in Men     47
Orgasms in Women     47
Full-Body Orgasm     50
Simultaneous Orgasms     51
Enhancing Orgasms     51
Benefits of Orgasm     52
Getting Started     53
Are You Really Ready?     54
The First Steps     55
What Are Your Needs?     56
Advice from the Experts     58
Singles     58
Couples     60
Yoga, Exercise, and Meditation     65
Breathing Basics     66
Tantric Yoga     67
The Benefits of Yoga     68
Solo Yoga Moves     68
Couples Yoga     71
Why Exercise Is Important     73
Meditation Basics     73
Health (Ayurveda)     75
The Importance of Environment: A Sensual Space     77
Why Space Matters     78
What You Will Need     79
Essentials of the Perfect Sacred Space     80
Feng Shui and Vastu     84
Tips from an Expert     86
Massages, Oils, and Baths     89
Massage Basics     90
Sensual and Erotic Massage     92
Facial Massage     93
Sexual Massage     94
The Bath Ritual     97
Oils     99
Foreplay     103
What Is Foreplay?     104
The Importance of Foreplay     105
Types of Foreplay     105
Foreplay Talk     112
Twenty-Four-Hour-a-Day Foreplay Ideas     114
Singles and Safe Sex: Fun with Foreplay     114
Foreplay Dos and Don'ts     115
Kama Sutra and Sexual Positions     117
The Kama Sutra     118
Man on Top     119
Woman on Top     122
Rear Facing     123
Standing     125
The Benefits of Basic Positions     126
Woman on Top Variations     127
Sitting Positions     129
Rear-Facing Variations     132
Other Positions     133
Advanced Positions     137
Why Try New Positions?     138
More Esoteric Positions      138
Challenging Positions     140
Oral Sex Positions     141
Anal Sex Positions     144
New Environments     146
Position-Assisting Furniture     148
Positions for Conceiving     148
Positions During Pregnancy     149
Rituals and Ceremonies     151
Personal Rituals     152
Tantric Rituals     152
Modern Western Rituals     155
Sex Rituals in Other Religions     156
The Basics of Rituals     157
The Basic Secret Rite     158
The Rite of the Five Essentials     160
Chakra Puja     161
Chakras     163
Origins of Chakras     164
Understanding Chakras     165
Chakras and Energy     170
Opening Chakras     171
Tibetan Chakras     171
Influencing Chakras     172
Getting Your Chakras in Sync as a Couple     172
The Tantric Way of Life     175
Bring Tantra into Your Entire Life     176
Make Tantra a Way of Life     177
Treat People Right     179
Embrace a New Outlook on Life     180
Accept Your Newfound Openness     180
Share Tantric Teachings with Others     182
Monogamy and Safe Sex     185
Monogamy Basics     186
Couple as Guru     188
Truth and Vulnerability     188
Safe Sex     189
Making Monogamy Exciting     192
Monogamy Versus Polyamory     193
Toys, Props, and Extras     197
Toys and Their Role in Tantra     198
Introducing Toys to the Bedroom     198
Types of Sex Toys     201
Props     206
Clothing     206
Food and Wine     207
Buying Sex Toys     209
Books and Videos     211
Choosing Resources That Are Right for You     212
Books     212
Videos     214
Video Reluctance     216
Adjuncts to Workshops     219
Using These Materials to Learn     219
Setting Aside the Time Needed     221
Sex-ercises     223
Getting In Shape Together     224
Visualization     226
Kegel Exercises     226
Pompoir     229
Dance and Movement     230
Pelvic Thrusts     231
Especially for Her     235
Women as Goddesses     236
Treat Her Like the Goddess She Is     237
Treat Yourself as the Goddess You Are     238
The Art of Dressing     240
Become Even More Open and Orgasmic     241
Enhancing Her Pleasure     244
Increasing Libido     245
Especially for Him     247
Men as Gods     248
Ejaculation Mastery     249
Male Multiple Orgasm     251
The Nine Types of Male Movement     252
Premature Ejaculation     253
Erectile Dysfunction     255
Increasing Libido     257
Enhancing Male Pleasure     258
Tantra Workshops and Classes     261
Why Take a Workshop?     262
Who You Are and What You Need     262
Finding Classes or Workshops     266
Interviewing a Potential Teacher     267
Do Your Research     268
Maximum Benefit Before and After the Workshop     270
Things to Keep in Mind     271
Tantra for Special Categories of People     275
Who Is Tantra For?     276
Different Age Groups      276
Different Lifestyles     279
Physical Characteristics     280
Psychological and Emotional Issues     283
Glossary     285
Tantric Facts and Fallacies     290
Resources     292
Index     298

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