The Everything Wine Book: From Chardonnay to Zinfandel, All You Need to Make the Perfect Choice

The Everything Wine Book: From Chardonnay to Zinfandel, All You Need to Make the Perfect Choice

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The Everything Wine Book: From Chardonnay to Zinfandel, All You Need to Make the Perfect Choice by Barbara Nowak, Beverly Wichman

Sure, you can tell red wine from white wine, but where do you go from there? You know how complex the intricacies of wine stewardship can be: How do you make sense of the label and learn to identify a good wine by the way it looks or smells? The Everything Wine Book, 2nd Edition is your one-stop shop for conquering the world of wine-one grape at a time! In this completely updated second edition, you'll learn to:

  • Talk the wine talk like a sommelier
  • Understand and deconstruct wine labels, region by region
  • Master tasting techniques that refine your palate
  • Choose the perfect bottle for every occasion
  • Build and stock your own wine cellar
  • Tour the best wineries like a pro Complete with a pronunciation guide and glossary of terms, The Everything Wine Book the perfect vino companion for anyone-whether you're picking up a bottle for the first time or are a seasoned glass-tipper interested in learning more!

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    ISBN-13: 9781440523274
    Publisher: Adams Media
    Publication date: 08/29/2005
    Series: Everything
    Sold by: SIMON & SCHUSTER
    Format: NOOK Book
    Pages: 320
    File size: 946 KB

    About the Author

    Barbara Nowak and Beverly Wichman are also known as The Saucy Sisters, and hosted "Eat, Drink, and Be Saucy" on WAMB radio in Nashville. They live in Franklin, TN and Berwyn, PA, respectively.

    Table of Contents

    The Top Ten Wine Mythsx
    1A Brief History of Wine1
    Wine in the Ancient World2
    Wine in Europe5
    Wine in the Americas7
    Prohibition Wipes Out an Industry10
    The Wine Boom in the United States12
    2Categories of Wine: More Than Red, White, and Pink17
    How Wine Is Made18
    Red Wine21
    White Wine22
    Rose Wine23
    Sparkling Wine24
    Fortified Wine25
    Dessert Wine26
    Kosher Wine27
    Organic Wine30
    Vegetarian and Vegan Wine33
    3Types of Wine: What's in a Name?35
    The Grapes36
    Growing the Grapes38
    Naming Wines: Region vs. Grape42
    Made-Up Names44
    How to Read a Label46
    Is Vintage Important?49
    4A Primer on Red Grape Varieties51
    Cabernet Sauvignon52
    Pinot Noir55
    Other Red Grape Varieties61
    5A Primer on White Grape Varieties65
    Chenin Blanc68
    Pinot Gris71
    Sauvignon Blanc74
    6Wine Regions of the "Old World"79
    7Wine Regions of the "New" World95
    New Zealand98
    South Africa100
    New Frontiers108
    8Wine Regions of the United States109
    You're Not in France Anymore, Dorothy110
    New York115
    The "Other" 46121
    9Enjoying Wine: Tasting It and Talking about It123
    Why Wine Tastes Good: The Physiology of Taste124
    Winetasting Techniques from the Pros126
    Mastering the Lingo...Terms to Know127
    Recognizing "Flaws"129
    Do Critics Know Best?131
    10Wine and Food135
    The Dynamics of Food and Wine136
    Matching Likes to Likes137
    More Than Taste140
    Wine and Cheese: The Classic Match141
    Warning: Bad Matches Ahead142
    Fail-Safe Measures143
    Cooking with Wine144
    11The Cost of Wine: What Goes into the Bottle147
    Costs of Wine Production148
    More Winemaker Decisions150
    The Distribution System151
    The Changing Landscape of Wine Distribution153
    Demand for Wine155
    Price Influences Demand156
    From Wholesaler to the Table157
    12Shopping for Wine159
    Wine Stores160
    Discount Warehouses and Superstores162
    What Are You Looking For?163
    Strategies for Buying Wine164
    Screw Tops Make the Big Time167
    Box Wines Come Out of the Closet169
    Buying Wine Online170
    Rare Finds at Auctions171
    Keeping Track of What You Like172
    13Entertaining at Home175
    Choose Your Entertaining Style176
    Glassware Basics176
    Corkscrewing Around178
    Serving Tips179
    Serving Wine at Your Dinner Party182
    Wine for Cocktail Parties184
    Winetasting Parties186
    Holidays with Wines189
    Post-Party Tips190
    14Wine at Restaurants: You're in Charge193
    A Restaurant's Attitude Toward Wine194
    Deciphering the Wine List196
    Strategies for Choosing a Wine198
    Wine Etiquette200
    Getting the Most for Your Money204
    15All Things Bubbly207
    Champagne vs. Sparkling Wine208
    History of Champagne210
    Champagne Houses212
    Choosing a Champagne213
    Champagne by Any Other Name216
    Storing and Serving Bubbly219
    Champagne Leftovers221
    Champagne Recipes222
    16Dessert Wines and Fortified Wines225
    Sweet Wines in History226
    Late Harvest and Noble Rot226
    Ice Wines228
    17Establishing a Home Wine Cellar237
    Why Do You Want a Wine Cellar?238
    What Does a Wine Cellar Look Like?239
    Starting Your Wine Collection242
    Wines Worth Cellaring244
    Expanding Your Wine Collection247
    Where to Buy Collectible Wines248
    Managing and Maintaining Your Cellar252
    18Wine and Health255
    The French Paradox256
    What the Studies Say257
    Health Components in Wine260
    Wine and Weight Loss261
    Too Much of a Good Thing262
    The Hangover263
    Wine-Health Challenges267
    19Visiting a Winery269
    Types of Wineries270
    Planning Your Trip270
    Tasting Rooms272
    Tasting Room Etiquette274
    To Buy or Not to Buy276
    Experiencing Wine Country277
    Postcards from Winery Visits278
    20Wine Information Resources287
    Who Do You Trust?288
    Wine Magazines, Newsletters, and Web Sites288
    Have Wine, Will Travel290
    The Pleasure of Your Company294
    The Big Wine Marketplace295
    Is a Career in Wine Part of Your Future?297
    It's Time to Fly299
    Appendix APronunciation Guide301
    Appendix BGlossary307

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