Everywoman's: Financial Freedom

Everywoman's: Financial Freedom

by Dee Lee


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ISBN-13: 9780028640099
Publisher: Alpha Books
Publication date: 01/16/2001
Series: EveryWoman's Money Series
Pages: 312
Product dimensions: 6.03(w) x 8.96(h) x 0.71(d)

About the Author

Dee Lee is a Certified Financial Planner, a Registered Investment Advisor, and the author of several financial books. Her weekly column appears in the Boston Herald, and she is often consulted as a financial expert for TV and radio stations across the country. A regular contributor to CNBC's Power Lunch, she has been featured in The Sunday New York Times and quoted in many national publications.

Table of Contents

1. Looking at the Bottom Line.
What This Book Will Do for You. Why Life Planning Is Essential. What You Need to Know as a Woman. Why Women Fail to Plan. Walking Through the Financial-Planning Process.

2. Identifying What You Want from Life.
What Dreams Do You Have? How Are You Going to Achieve Those Dreams? Women's Life Stages.

3. Figuring Out Where You Are.
Net Worth. Cash Flow. Managing the Unforeseen: The Emergency Fund. How Much of This Stuff Should I Keep?

4. Help! I'm Drowning in Debt!
I'm in Way over My Head. Good Debt vs. Bad Debt. Ridding Yourself of Bad Debt Without Bankruptcy. The Last Resort: Bankruptcy. What Does Your Credit History Look Like? Creating a Spending Plan. Painless Ways to Save.

5. Protecting Yourself and Your Assets: Buying Insurance.
Managing Everyday Risks. What Kind of Insurance Do You Need?

6. Pay Only What's Due to Uncle Sam, No More!
Understanding Your Tax Bracket. Tax Deductions. Tax Credits. Capital Gains Tax. Cashing In on the American Dream. Tax-Favored Investments.

7. Planning for the Golden Years.
What Does the Ideal Retirement Look Like? Achieving the Ideal Retirement. Are You on Track? Obstacles Along the Way.

8. Providing the Glitter for the Golden Years.
Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans. Self-Employment Retirement Plans. The High Cost of Waiting to Start. Making the Money Last as Long as You Do.

9. Social Security and You.
A Brief History. Is Social Security Going to Hell in a Handbasket? Your Benefits. Retirement Benefits. Disability Benefits. What Women Need to Know. Household Workers. Medicare.

10. Achieving Your Goals Through Investing.
Debt or Equity. What's a Stock? What's a Bond? What's a Mutual Fund? Risks and Rewards. Time Horizon Determines Risk Tolerance. Diversify, My Sisters. The Inflation Police. How to Measure Success. Using Benchmarks.

11. The Last Big Planning Hurdle: The Last Taboo.
Everyone Needs Estate Planning. What It Could Cost. Where There's a Will, There's a Way. Tell 'Em What You Want to Tell 'Em. Trusting Your Assets to Trusts. Estate-Planning Tools You Need While Here on Earth. How to Give It Away. Go First Class or Your Heirs Will.

12. What You Need to Know as Somebody's Wife.
Applying What You've Learned. Where Do We Keep Our Stuff? Taking a More Active Role. Understanding What He's Got.

13. What You Need to Know as Somebody's Ex-Wife.
Applying What You've Learned. Alimony. Child Support. The Team.

14. What You Need to Know as Somebody's Widow.
Applying What You've Learned. What to Do First. What's Needed Next. Probate and Taxes. What Not to Do.

15. What You Need to Know as Somebody's Daughter.
Applying What You've Learned. Approaching Your Mom. Eldercare. Long-Term-Care Insurance.

16. What You Need to Know as Somebody's Mother.
Applying What You've Learned. How Much Will It Cost to Raise a Kid? Paying for College. Teaching Your Kids About Money. Grandparents as Primary Caregivers.

17. What You Need to Know as Somebody's Partner.
Applying What You've Learned. Children. Documents That Can Make It Easier.

18. The Hired Help.
How Do You Get Good Help Today? What to Expect from the Help. What a Planner Expects of You. The Perfect Planner. Paying the Hired Help. What Will It Really Cost? Picking and Choosing. Checking Up on the Help.

Appendix A: Worksheets.
Appendix B: Glossary.


The Everywoman's Money[tm] series is one more expression of the Everywoman vision to educate and empower women to fund the lives they want to live, and to create and sustain financial well-being. These books, and all other Everywoman's Money[tm] products and events, are rooted in this mission.

Through the creation and presentation of the Everywoman's Money[tm] Conferences around the country, women are telling us what they want to know and how they want it explained. Women know their need to be money-smart is more essential than ever. They are emerging with new levels of assets, responsibilities, and opportunities, requiring them to have a thorough knowledge of how money works.

Just as they are experiencing new opportunities, women also continue to be challenged by some very real financial risks. At this writing, two thirds of America's poor are women, many of whom lived middle-class lives until a divorce or death of a husband sent them into poverty. Eighty-five percent of the elderly poor are women, and 100,000 of the 127,000 people over 100 years of age are, you guessed it, women. Collectively, women still earn only 75 percent of what men earn, and their in-and-out careers (because of caring for children and parents) produce smaller pensions. In other words, women in general have less money available than men to sustain a life that lasts longer than men's.

Women must compensate for this shortfall by getting smart about money and how it grows so they can have enough for long enough. This is why Everywoman's Money[tm] exists. It is why we are committed to "teaching money like it's never been taught before."

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