Evil Behind The Smile

Evil Behind The Smile

by Denis C. Wojcik


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ISBN-13: 9781452078632
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 10/06/2010
Pages: 292
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.66(d)

First Chapter

Evil Behind the Smile

By Denis C. Wojcik


Copyright © 2010 Denis C. Wojcik
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4520-7863-2

Chapter One

The doctor gathered the baby into his hands then turning the newborn around, holding the baby by its feet, he slapped the baby across the bottom. The newborn let out a cry, releasing fluid that was trapped in her lungs. The doctor, satisfied the baby was breathing on its own, handed the small figure to a nurse who cleaned and wrapped the baby in a soft blanket. She then handed the child to its mother.

The mother though very exhausted smiled at the small child and then her husband. Her husband beamed at the small figure wrapped in the blanket. He reached for the bundle carefully, holding it making sure not to drop her. Pulling the tiny baby close, he whispered "we are going to name you Jamie after my father and myself." The young figure began to cry and the noise began to increase as he tried rocking to soothe the wailing bundle. The more he tried to soothe, the more the baby cried. A nurse hurried into the room and took the baby from James.

"I think this one is hungry." she said cradling the bundle.

"Already? She was just born." asked Francine, the child's mother.

"She was born early in the morning and usually the mother's system would feed them. But, because she was born so early, her little system needs nourishment, were you going to breast feed?"

"No. I tried with my first child but didn't like it and I don't think she was getting enough."

"I will take her to the nursery and get her some newborn formula. I'll bring her back after she has had breakfast," the nurse replied as she turned and left the room.

The proud parents watched as the nurse left. James turned to his wife and said "How are you doing?"

"I am doing fine just a little tired."

"Do you want anything?"

"No. Just sit with me. I may fall asleep, if I do, let me rest."

"I will. I will go get Valerie from your mother's and bring her to see her new sister."

"No, don't do that, let mom keep her for while."


"I don't think Valerie was real happy to have a sibling."

"I thought she was excited about having a little brother or sister?"

"She acted like that because she wanted us to think she wanted one. But, I overheard her screaming at one of her dolls. That she was the one Mommy and Daddy loved best!"

"Really. When did she do this?"

"It was a few weeks ago, she didn't hear me coming down the hall when I was putting her clothes away."

"Why do you think she did that?"

"I don't know, Doctor Spock says it is normal for children to be jealous of new arrivals."

Mary Stemons placed the receiver back in the cradle. She had received a call from her son-in-law, James, telling her of the new arrival to the family. She was taking care of her oldest grandchild, Valerie, while the new mother and father took care of things and settled in before they would come back for Valerie. Mary smiled and looked into the other room at the four year old playing on the floor. She approached her, knelt down while the child played.

"Valerie, I have something to tell you."

The small child looked up at her grandmother and smiled "Are you going to buy me a new toy?"

"No, I am not going to buy you a new toy. But you do have a new playmate."

"I don't want a playmate Nonie. I want a new toy."

"Now Valerie, you need to be nice. Your mother and father will be coming to pick you up in a few days and they will have a new baby sister for you to be a big sister to."

Valerie stood up and looked eye to eye with her grandmother "I don't want a baby sister. They are my Mommy and Daddy and I don't want to share them. I hate that baby and I won't be nice."

"Valerie that is not the way a big sister should act. It is your responsibility to help take care of your sister. I will not have you saying that."

Valerie smiled at her grandmother and replied "All right Nonie."

Mary Stemons satisfied she had straightened the four year old, stood and left the room.

Valerie watched as her grandmother left the room, she kept the smile on her face and when she was out of the room. Valerie said softly to herself. "this baby isn't going to take my Mommy and Daddy away from me."

Chapter Two

It had been six months since Francine Morgan had brought her new baby girl home and she was exhausted. Jamie had the sweetest disposition for a baby. However, Francine couldn't leave the baby alone or she would cry seemingly for no reason. Francine was confused as to why this would happen, unaware that whenever Jamie was left alone, Valerie would sneak in and slap, pinch, or pull Jamie's dark black hair, once she screamed then Valerie would run to the other room.

Francine was sitting on the couch in her living room sipping a cup of black coffee, watching four year old Valerie playing with her toys. Six month old Jamie, was lying on the floor watching her older sister, Valerie turned towards the baby lying next to her and patted the baby's head. "Sweet baby" and smiled so her mother could see her.

Francine smiled "that is a good big sister" she said as she stood and went to the kitchen to refill her coffee. She rinsed her cup in the sink and poured herself a fresh cup.

"Whaaah" came a scream from the other room. Francine dropped the cup, and ran into the other room. Entering the room she saw Valerie standing over Jamie staring at the wailing baby. When she saw her mother enter the room she exclaimed

"I didn't do nothing!"

"I didn't say you did. What happened?"

"I don't know she just started crying."

"She just began to cry for no reason?" Francine exclaimed as she rushed to Jamie.

"Mommy this baby is always crying. Can't we give her to Nonie?"

Francine picked up the baby and noticed a red mark on the back of her head. Looking back at Valerie she replied "No we can't give her to Nonie. How did this red mark get on the back of her head?" pointing to the red mark so Valerie could see.

Valerie didn't look at the spot her mother pointed to. She looked at her mother and replied "I don't know."

"Yes you do!"

"No Mommy I don't. I didn't do anything."

"Valerie, when I went in the other room, Jamie was lying next to you. What happened when I went in the other room?"

"Why are you on that baby's side mommy? I didn't do anything to it. I didn't want that baby to come here."

"Valerie that is not nice. I don't want you to talk like that again. This is your little sister."

"I don't care. I didn't want that baby here. I didn't want that baby here."

"Valerie, go to your room, now!"

"No! I will not" Valerie screamed kicking her mother in the shin and ran from the room.

"Ouch" Francine screamed. "Valerie how dare you kick me. Get back in here and apologize" she screamed at the young child as she ran into the other room. Laying the baby down on the floor, Francine ran into the other room looking for Valerie.

Valerie ran into her room and hid under the bed. She didn't like this baby and wasn't going to be nice to it. Valerie had spent the last four years by herself and she didn't want to share her Mommy and Daddy with it. She had been the apple of her Mommy and Daddy's eye, because she had been the first born.

Chapter Three

Francine didn't discuss Valerie's behavior with anyone. She felt with time, her behavior would change as the girls grew. Francine's doctor told her this type of behavior by a sibling was normal. She had been told it was even more common when the siblings were four years or less in age. James had not experienced much of the aggressive behavior demonstrated by Valerie toward her baby sister Jamie. Francine felt she would monitor it and see if the doctor was correct and the behavior would change as the girls grew older.

Jamie was almost a year old and she had been terrorized several times by Valerie but, Francine would rescue her just in the nick of time to avoid any serious harm. The more Francine would punish Valerie the more defiant she seemed to become towards her and the baby. But, no one told her parenting would be easy. She was thirty years old when she had Jamie and felt she could handle the two young children. They told her the first would be the perfect child and the second would be the difficult one. Francine disagreed with them. Valerie was not as difficult a child before Jamie came, but that could be expected considering Valerie was the focus of all her attention. Now, that Jamie was here Valerie wasn't getting much attention and Francine could tell she did not like sharing the attention. But her hope was over time Valerie would adjust to the new baby.

If and when she adjusted to the new baby, Valerie could become a good big sister. It wasn't hard for Francine to understand. This was similar to Francine's up bringing; she was nine years older than her sister. Her sister was adorable and Francine would protect her as if she was her own child. As she got older her young sister would follow her around and was such a delight to have. Francine knew once the girls got older this would happen.

James entered the kitchen, from the door that lead to the back yard where he had been doing yard work, Francine sat sipping an iced tea. Noticing her iced tea he said "That looks good."

Francine looked at the glass and replied "It is, would you like some?"

"Yes that would be great."

"Have a seat and I will get you one. How is it going out there?"

"It's going; I should be done in a little while. We have any plans this evening?"

"Well it's Saturday and I don't have anything planned. Did you have anything in mind?"

"I would like to go see the Fort Worth Cats play. The game begins at four and I thought we could take the girls."

"I don't want to take Jamie out in this heat just yet. She is only one year old and I don't think we would enjoy the game any better. But, it may be a good idea for you to do something with Valerie, I think she is feeling a little neglected."

"Why would she feel like that?"

"I haven't told you these things, but she doesn't seem too happy with baby Jamie."

"It's just sibling rivalry, its normal."

"I hope you're right, but It does bother me the way she responds to Jamie." Francine replied as she refilled her glass.

Chapter Four

Jamie Morgan was now seven years old and like her mother she was a beautiful child. Every time she and her family would run into a friend of her parents they would always respond to how beautiful Jamie was. Then they would realize Valerie, who was a preteen, was with them, they would awkwardly add Valerie to the discussion and follow it with "Well both your girls are pretty."

If they didn't excuse themselves short after this comment Valerie would make some commotion about needing or wanting to go. James Morgan didn't take kindly to Valerie's actions and when the friends had moved on James would sternly tell Valerie she was rude and should not treat people that way. Valerie would drop her head as if she felt bad. But, she was actually dropping her head so James wouldn't see the smile on her face.

Jamie would blush with the compliments for she thought her mother was the most beautiful women she had ever seen. Her sister Valerie was homely and resembled her father's appearance. Her father was a handsome man, but for an awkward pre teen it was an unattractive look. Though Valerie was eleven she had begun to fill out. Her breasts had sprouted and were more than adequate for a young girl. She was very proud of them and at any opportunity would draw attention to them.

When she could she would do anything to defy her parents' wishes. Jamie would spend many evenings in her room playing with her dolls as her sister and parents would argue over something Valerie did or something she wanted.

Jamie was in her room playing with her Chatty Kathy. It was one of the new dolls on the market and she had wanted it for a long time. She had received these new dolls for Christmas and Jamie was very excited when she opened the present with the brand new doll. Jamie was changing the doll's clothes when her sister Valerie burst into the room.

"What are you doing Jamie" she asked as she ran and jumped on the bed.

"Playing with my doll" Jamie replied concentrating on the doll and not looking at her sister.

"Only little babies play with dolls" Valerie teased.

"No they don't. My friends all have dolls and they aren't babies."

"What friends? I don't see you bring them around to play."

"I don't bring them around because you always pick on them or make fun of them so they don't want to come back."

"That's a lie! I don't do that. They don't want to come back because you play baby games."

Jamie stood up and faced her bigger sister and shouted "You're lying; they don't want to come here because of you."

"You're a little liar" shouted Valerie.

Their father James rushed into the room "What is all the shouting about?"

"She started it" Valerie said before Jamie could respond.

"That's not true. Valerie says my friends don't want to come over because I play baby games" Jamie said defending herself.

"Valerie is that true?" asked James.

"No I didn't say that, she is making it up."

"I am not" shouted Jamie.

"Stop! Valerie go to your room!" James stated pointing toward the door.

"I didn't do it. You are always taking her side you never believe me," shouted Valerie as she stomped out of the bedroom.

James shook his head as he watched Valerie leave the room. "Jamie I don't care what happened, but I want you to get along with your sister."

"But dad she was lying."

James cut her off "I don't care what she said. Don't listen to her. Promise me you will get along with your sister."

Jamie dropped her head and quietly said "I promise."

James nodded and left the room. As he walked down the hall he passed Valerie's room. Valerie cracked the door, peeking out and smiling as her father passed the door.

Chapter Five

Early in the morning Jamie woke to a loud noise from the other room. She jumped out of bed and opened her door wide enough to look down the hall hoping she could see what caused the noise. It was dark and there was nothing in the hall. The door at the end of the hall slowly opened and she saw her father cautiously enter the hallway. Jamie saw a dark object in his left hand as he held it out in front leading him into another room. Jamie waited until her father disappeared from the hallway. Jamie slowly walked down the hall until she came to the door way leading into the next room. She caught a motion out of the corner of her eye. Turning toward her parent's room she saw her mother motioning her to come to her. Jamie took two large silent steps and was in her mother's arms.

"What's going on mom?" Jamie whispered.

"We heard a noise coming from the other room. Your father took his gun to see what caused it."

They both jumped when they heard the loud shouting coming from the other room. "What are you doing?" they heard James shout.

Jamie and her mother ran into the room James was shouting and it stopped them in their tracks. Valerie was sitting in her father's makeshift office located on the opposite side of the house from the bedrooms, going through the small lock box that contained cash and valuable papers, she was removing them and filling a paper sac with the contents.

"I'm not doing anything wrong." Valerie replied as loud as her father's question.

"I asked you what you are doing in here and why are you in that box."

"I thought I heard someone and thought I would take the money so they didn't get it." replied Valerie.

"How did you know there was money in that box?" quizzed James.

"I saw you put some money in it the other day."


"The other day."

"Why are you placing the money into that paper bag?".

"I wanted to make sure it was safe." "So, it was going to be safer in that paper bag than in the lock box?"

"Yes, they wouldn't look in this paper bag in my room. They might think it was a lunch."

"Are you sure you weren't going to take it?"

"Why would I do that, how do you know Jamie wouldn't have done that?"

"Jamie wouldn't do that; she wouldn't take things that aren't hers."

"Yes she would, she would have done the same thing"

James shook his head "Why didn't you call me when you heard something?"

"I didn't want to wake you." Valerie replied sheepishly.

"I think next time you take that chance and wake me. I almost shot you!"

"Okay daddy. I will next time."

Francine charged ahead and embraced Valerie "You could have been shot don't do that again." Looking at Jamie she said "don't either of you do something like this again."

Jamie looked at her mother and replied "I didn't do anything mother. Valerie is the one who was...."


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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Could have been an interesting read but did not build interest in any of the characters. Story line was built around one sister hating the other because she wanted to be the center of the parents' attention. So the chapters were one episode after another of hateful deeds. Parents were not very smart and couldn't see the evil daughter for what she was. Would have held my attention if the author had more knowledge of the psychology behind severe personality disorders. Or if the family was in therapy to cope with the evil within the oldest child.