Evil: The Rise and Fall of The Burning part 1

Evil: The Rise and Fall of The Burning part 1


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Evil: The Rise and Fall of The Burning part 1 by Michael D'Orazio

A comprehensive look back at the life of an ordinary guy, who grows up in turmoil, and ends up with an opportunity to become something more than what he expected. Walking the hallways of high School not knowing where to go, the author ends up with friends that come out of no where, and start to encourage him to step away from normalcy and take a trip into the land of alternative music. Looking back the author realizes the things that we remember most are the bad times, unless they are worthwhile and spectacular.

This book is a memoir of michael d'orazios early life which was crucial to his personal, and artistic developement. Includes the early years, the rise and fall of the band "The Burning" in the lated eighties, early nineties, recording sessions, etc. Contents 1. From the Beginning 2. Recollections of Childhood 3. Making Friends Losing Friends 4. My First Crush 5. Disciplined at Home 6. 8 Years at the Swim Clubs 7. Picked on in the Locker Room 8. Attending High School 9. Riot Street Party 10. Me, The Metal Head??? 11. My First Band 12. The Burning 13. My First Real Girlfriend 14. The Burning's First Recordings 15. The Band Plays Live 16. Back at Ian's Recoding Studio 17. The Last Show, and the End of the Band 18. The Father, the Son, the Murder Machine 19. Secrets, the Underground Bar 20. The Freak'in Out Sessions 21. The Case of Jake Meyer Contributors thus far:Michael D'Orazio, Marguerite Earhart

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ISBN-13: 9781456550042
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/01/2011
Pages: 64
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.13(d)

About the Author

Influenced by early eighties post punk music, Michael D'Orazio emerged from the late eighties goth/punk industrial club scene only to find himself lost with a guitar in his hand, and didn't how to play it. He started singing in class in high school in the mid eighties, and found himself in a band called "Feedback", from there he landed in a goth/punk band called "The Burning". This was a very exciting time in his life, and it is no wonder he found himself wondering what to do when it was all over. He went to art school to learn how to create kick ass illustrations, and between classes he practiced his guitar. It was a rocky road leaving friends behind only to find social disasters awaiting him. Stuck in suburbia, in pennsylvania during 2000-2008, all he did was attend local open mics creating music he felt would be comparable to what he experienced in his early years, which is gloom and doom. "There is nothing sure in this world" so says Billie Idol, and Michael agrees that too much too soon can ruin ones personality to such an extent that it may interupt the natural development of ones personality. He was spoiled with dark, and interesting music, and now that he is stuck in suburban hell, his ego won't allow himself to support some of the acts around him, cause he wen't through so much in the past. He should have been coddled like every other american child, and follow the sheep herd aspect of american society. but oh well he is spoiled what can he say. MichaelDOraziosGallery.com

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