by Will Bontrager

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Do you know how long it took for you to become the person that you are?

Over 200 million years!

Evo, the entity, was there.

Early in the book, you'll find this idea: Modern-day humans - you and your family and your friends, the people you know and interact with - did not evolve from apes. But you and apes both have the same remote mother.

Evo, the book, is based on archaeological findings, beginning way back in time and ending on the day you open the book to read it.

Evo will tell you stories about the pre-humans of early days as they evolved through that horrendously huge amount of time - the luck, the correct decisions, the persistence - to end up with the you that you are.

This book is about your heritage.

And, as you'll find out, it is about your destiny.

Evo was there. Evo is here, now - perhaps looking over your shoulder to see what decision you will make after reading this book.

Read about the first laugh.

Read about what happened to the primitive evolving civilization of your ancestors when flint was discovered.

How do the actions of ants remind a child of the hit-or-miss changes of evolution? What would make a long-ago female walk away from another in an ancestral huff?

Find out.

In essence, evolution is change. It has no intelligence and no consciousness. It is not an entity. It is mindless.

Environmental changes, or changes in survival requirements, precipitate "devolution". Aspects of biological entities atrophy when no longer needed or used.

Evo talks about that.

Your ancient biological history is here, beginning before your ancestral family split (with the other side of the split evolving into the apes.)

Your future is alluded to.

You see, there is another family split in progress. It is well along. People are actively aligning themselves with one side of the split or the other.

Evo describes a way to make it more likely that you and your descendents will, in fact, end up with the side you prefer.

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Publisher: Will Bontrager
Publication date: 02/10/2021
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About the Author

Will Bontrager was raised Amish in Iowa and Wisconsin, USA. (There's lots to say about the Amish, but that's outside the scope of this particular bio. If interested, do a web search for "Old Order Amish".)

At almost 17 years of age, during year 1970, he left home to go to high school and experience the world outside the Amish community. He never returned to the Amish lifestyle.

His primary interests, other than interacting with people, are cooking, writing software, and writing both non-fiction and fiction.

He has been cooking pretty much all of his adult life, and is now writing about it.

He has been writing software exclusively for websites for a couple decades, since 1997. The software website with a lot of his non-fiction articles is Willmaster.com.

His non-fiction Amish recipes, fiction stories, tools for writers, and other interesting content are at the WillBontrager.com website.

Life is too fun to slow down.

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