Evolution, It Never Happened

Evolution, It Never Happened

by Patrick Amadasun
Evolution, It Never Happened

Evolution, It Never Happened

by Patrick Amadasun


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This book is about Evolutionary Biology and Medicine, and the findings were garnered from scientific evidence base research and proved that all current evolutionary theories are faulty. Darwin is wrong. Transmutation of Species is spurious. Natural Selection is misconstrued. Mendelian Genetic is fallacious. Population Genetic is erroneous. Molecular Biology is apocryphal. Gene-Centered view is defective. Sociobiology is unverified. Punctuated Equilibrium is fictitious. Macroevolution and Microevolution is mythical. Evolutionary biological theories will now be based on the new theories proffered in this book. Man did not and could not have evolved from Apes. This is a must-read book for over 2.5 billion Christians and all students and scholars over the world. Evolution from cellular organisms to multicellular organisms never happened. Period.

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ISBN-13: 9781735524184
Publisher: Patrick Amadasun - Us Paper Warehouse
Publication date: 12/01/2020
Pages: 206
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.69(d)

Table of Contents

There have been various hypotheses and theories proposed by different scientists and religious organizations with the intent to explain the origin of life; also, how living organisms evolve and interrelate on our planet. In this book, brief information on the various thoughts on evolution was presented in this chapter and forms the basis for the direction taken in this text that enables the illumination of a novel evolution theory based on some interesting research findings.

It follows, therefore, that the purpose of this book is to ascertain if the various existing evolution theories and hypotheses have any factual and scientific basis for their conclusions; and, present an alternative narrative that was derived from evidence base research. To this end, small experiments were carried out and presented in the following chapters. The conclusions from these experiments will forever change biology and evolutionary thoughts; and, will completely disprove Darwin and other evolutionary theories. It will cause brouhaha in the scientific world - that, evolution never happened. Furthermore, the research findings formed the basis for a new evolutionary theory created by the author and referred to as Amadasun's Theory of Absolutism.

Firstly, let's delve into the beginning of life on our planet and examine the various evolutionary thoughts in the scientific world. The origin of life has been so much shrouded in mystery that most scientists, including biologist, astronomers, geologists, etc., and different religious groups, have developed different theories in an attempt to explain this phenomenon. Religious organizations have hypotheses that were generated from the Bible which support their underpinnings in their attempt to explain the existence of life in the universe as written in the book of Genesis. Their theory was that life originated in this universe within seven days by a creator.

Scientists, generally, have disagreed with the creationist science because the belief is not supported by scientific evidence that could be tested by: (a) materialism - scientific explanations that are grounded in material cause and do not violate natural, law; (b) testability - that the predictions made cannot be tested against the material world; (c) that their belief is unchallengeable, even in the face of new scientific evidences that prove otherwise.

The belief of most scientists is that the origin of life can only be explained and comprehended in the context of evolution. This theory expressly states that all organisms are related through a descent from a common ancestor. This theory has become the core foundation of biology. It relates the animal kingdom in terms of physiology reproduction, biochemistry, and other functional systems of the organism as being inter-related and demonstrates an evolutionary trend on how life came into existence.

The Big Bang Theory further explain that after the earth's cooling, there were a lot of chemical and physical reactions taking place and the molecules formed did combine to form organic compounds and later form the living cell! Is this theory conclusively factual? Could life have evolved, or, originated this way? Why was this combination so orderly? Why was this combination so consistent? Why are there no different forms of life that are fully formed from other chemical elements instead of consistently organic elements? Why have we not fully observed such phenomenon again in the universe, thereby, creating another planet with live organisms on it? It has been over 4.6 billion years since this occurrence took place; why don't we see, or observed more of this phenomenon on a yearly, monthly or daily basis? If this phenomenon is right, why don't we have zillions of planets filled with lives?

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