Evolution of an Educator: From Nigerian Student to American College Administrator

Evolution of an Educator: From Nigerian Student to American College Administrator

by Joel O. Nwagbaraocha


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How does education shape a person's worldview and ultimate success? How does the traditional British education system that was imposed on many African territories compare to the education system in the United States? What role did Historically Black Colleges and Universities play during the Civil Rights Movement in the United States? What role do they and other kinds of non-traditional higher education institutions play today? There is one man who is uniquely qualified to answer these questions - Dr. Joel Nwagbaraocha.

Evolution of an Educator is the story of a man whose education began in the British Cameroons and Nigeria, continued at Norfolk State University, a traditionally Black University in Virginia, and finished with a doctorate degree at Harvard. From there, Dr. Nwagbaraocha went on to have a stunning career in education that included 20 years of consulting at Historically Black Colleges and Universities, serving as an academic administrator and professor at three colleges and as president of a Liberal Arts College, and another twenty-five years at Strayer University as faculty, Provost and Chief Academic Officer, and Interim President. His story not only offers a unique perspective on higher education institutions but also is a very personal story about an African man who came to America with few belongings and no family, and yet found a way to both shape his own destiny and impact the American education system by espousing the principles of equality, integrity, and hard work....

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ISBN-13: 9781525546259
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Publication date: 10/22/2019
Pages: 228
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About the Author

Dr. Joel Nwagbaraocha was born in what is today Limbe, Cameroon to Nigerian parents. One of eleven children, he was the "experimental guinea pig of the family" and sent to a variety of government and private schools, including a boarding school, to ensure he received a top education. This quest for an excellent education ultimately brought him to the United States, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics, a Diploma in Physics, and a Master's and Doctoral Degrees in education. He then used this education to shape and improve the education system itself.

Today, Dr. Nwagbaraocha lives in Columbia, Maryland with his wife, Patsy, who is also an educator. They have four adult children. Of his journey as an educator, he notes, "A fundamental lesson I learned is that higher education teaching and learning are essential human endeavors that result in further advancing civilization. It is crucial that this pursuit of excellence is unbounded by any such barriers as socioeconomic status, race, or creed."...

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