The Evolution of Begging: Competition, Cooperation and Communication / Edition 1

The Evolution of Begging: Competition, Cooperation and Communication / Edition 1

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Springer Netherlands
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The Evolution of Begging: Competition, Cooperation and Communication / Edition 1

Begging by nestling birds has become the model system for investigating evolutionary conflicts of interest within families and their theoretical resolution provided by honest signals of offspring need. In response to the recent explosions of scientific papers on the revolution of begging; we have brought together twenty-four original contributions from major researchers in all areas of this dynamic field.

Organised into six sections: I: Theoretical approaches; II: Begging as a signal; III: Nestling physiology; IV: Sibling competition; V: Brood parasitism; and VI: Statistical approaches; this book is primarily aimed at research scientists and those at the graduate student level. For the first time, the theoretical and empirical literature on begging is fully reviewed. New ideas and data are also presented from a wide range of natural systems, and each chapter ends with suggestions for future study.

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ISBN-13: 9789048159970
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 12/06/2010
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2002
Pages: 508
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Table of Contents

Theoretical Approaches.
1. Models of Begging as a Signal of Need; R.A. Johnstone, H.C.J. Godfray. 2. State-Dependent Begging with Asymmetries and Costs: A Genetic Algorithm Approach; K. Price, et al. 3. Begging and Cooperation: An Exploratory Flight; D.S. Wilson, A.B. Clark.
Begging as a Signal and the Issue of Costs.
5. The Evolution of Complex Begging Displays; R.M. Kilner. 6. The Sibling Negotiation Hypothesis; A. Roulin. 7. Efficacy and the Design of Begging Signals; A.G. Horn, M.L. Leonard. 8. Energetic Costs of Begging Behaviour; M.A. Chappell, G.C. Bachman. 9. Begging Behaviour and Nest Predation; D.G. Haskell.
Nestling Physiology.
10. Appetite and the Subjectivity of Nestling Hunger; A.B. Clark. 11. Nestling Digestive Physiology and Begging; W.H. Karasov, J. Wright. 12. Hormonal Regulation of Begging Behaviour; H. Schwabl, J. Lipar. 12. Immunity and Begging; N. Saino, A.P. Møller.
Sibling Competition.
14. Begging and Asymmetric Nestling Competition; B. Glassey, S. Forbes. 15. Sibling Competition and the Evolution of Brood Size and Development Rate in Birds; R.E. Ricklefs. 16. Feeding Chases in Penguins: Begging Competition on the Run? J. Bustamante, et al. 17. Sibling Competition and Parental Control: Patterns of Begging in Parrots; E.A. Krebs. 18. Begging versus Aggression in Avian Broodmate Competition; H. Drummond.
Begging and Brood Parasitism.
19. Begging Behaviour and Host Exploitation in Parasitic Cowbirds; D.C. Dearborn, G. Lichtenstein. 20. Dishonest Begging and Host Manipulation by Clamator Cuckoos; T. Redondo, J.M. Zuñiga. 21. Breeding Strategy and Begging Intensity: Influences on Food Delivery by Parents and Host Selection by Parasitic Cuckoos; M. Soler. 22. Begging for Parental Care from Another Species: Specialization and Generalization in Brood-Parasitic Finches; R.B. Payne, L.L. Payne.
Statistical Approaches.
23. Logistic Regression and the Analysis of Begging and Parental Provisioning; D.S. Monk. 24. Statistical Challenges in the Study of Nestling Begging; S. Forbes.
Species Index. Subject Index.

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