Evolutionary Biology: Volume 7

Evolutionary Biology: Volume 7

by T. Dobzhansky (Editor)


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ISBN-13: 9781461569466
Publisher: Springer US
Publication date: 10/08/2012
Edition description: 1974
Pages: 314
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.03(d)

Table of Contents

1. Paleobiology of the Precambrian: The Age of Blue-Green Algae.- Morphology and Classification of Cyanophytes.- Assessment of the Cyanophytic Fossil Record.- Quantity of Fossil Evidence.- Quality and Geological Distribution of Fossil Evidence.- Conclusions.- Origin of Blue-Green Algae.- Mode of Origin.- Paleobiological Evidence.- Phylogeny of the Cyanophyta.- Coccoid Line (“Coccogoneae”).- Filamentous Line (“Hormogoneae”).- Evolutionary Conservatism in the Cyanophyta.- Summary.- References.- 2. Five-Kingdom Classification and the Origin and Evolution of Cells.- Plants and Animals: Botanists and Zoologists.- Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes.- Phylogenies and the Fossil Record.- Synopsis of the Symbiotic Theory of the Origin of Eukaryotic Cells.- The Five-Kingdom System of Classification.- References.- 3. Biochemical Parameters of Fungal Phylogenetics.- Genotype: Phenotype-Protein Bridge.- Biochemical Parameters.- Cell Wall Chemistry.- Analysis of Ribosomal RNAs.- Base Composition of DNA.- Metabolic Pathways.- Evolution of Enzyme Systems.- Enzyme Aggregation and Gene Clusters.- Peripheral Biochemical Properties.- Sterols.- Biochemical Evolution of the Fungi—Commentary.- Evolution of Fungal Glutamic Dehydrogenases.- References.- 4. The Phylogeny of Angiosperms—A Palynological Analysis.- Phylogeny and Evolution in “Preangiosperms”.- Thallophyta.- Bryophyta.- Pteridophyta.- Gymnospermae.- Evolutionary Trends in Preangiosperms.- Phylogeny and Evolution of Angiosperms.- References.- 5. Gene Flow in Seed Plants.- Potential Gene Flow.- Pollen Flow.- Animal-Mediated Pollen Flow.- Wind-Mediated Pollen Flow.- Water-Mediated Pollen Flow.- Seed Flow.- Wind-Mediated Seed Flow.- Animal-Mediated Seed Flow.- Actual Gene Flow.- Population Structure.- Neighborhood Analyses.- F-Statistics Analyses.- Stepping-Stone Model.- Models Employing Computer Simulation.- Conclusions.- References.- 6. Artemia: A Survey of Its Significance in Genetic Problems.- Speciation in the Genus Artemia.- Mechanisms of Differentiation Between Infraspecific Variants.- Mechanisms of Polyploidization and Heteroploidization.- Phylogeny of the Polyploid and the Heteroploid Mutants.- Geographic Distribution.- Phenotypic Variation and Salinity.- Transmission Mechanisms.- Generalities on the Chromosomes of Artemia.- Mechanism of Sex Determination.- Transmission in Parthenogenetic Mutants.- The Mutants.- Mode of Action of the Pigmentation Genes—Aging Effect.- Ommochromeless.- Gene Interactions.- Radiosensitivity.- General Remarks.- Artemia and Speciation in Animals.- Sex Determination in Artemia.- Gene Action.- Radiosensitivity.- References.- 7. Politics and the Evolutionary Process.- On the Nature of Politics.- Politics and Cybernetics.- “Power” in Political Systems.- Communications and Politics.- On the Origin and Development of Human Politics.- Behavior as a Cause of Evolution.- Toward an “Evolutionary” Theory of Cultural Evolution.- The Future of Politics.- References.- 8. Morphological Transformation, the Fossil Record, and the Mechanisms of Evolution: A Debate.- I. The Statement and The Critique.- II. The Reply.- References.

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